The border is one fire – literally.

chertoff.jpg     Things are really heating up along the U.S. / Mexico border. The smugglers (drug and human) are setting fires to distract Border Patrol efforts to secure the border. I wonder if Michael Chertoff considers this an issue of homeland security?

Update: The Tucson Citizen has detailed coverage of the 1,200-acre fire burning in the Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge. The article states that the fire was caused by campfires set by illegal immigrants.


  1. Am I the only one who thinks Sheriff Joe would be a better choice for the head of the DHS than Screw-off (oops! I mean Chertoff)?

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    I think a drunken monkey would do no worse a job than Screwoff. At least monkeys do not lie.

  3. These diversionary fires set by illegals in our national forest are heartbreaking.

    But Clint Bolick of the libertarian Goldwater Institute, chastises American citizens who support securing our borders as “going nativist.” He calls the millions of lawbreakers, “our natural allies.”

    Guess he has missed the information coming out of La Raza, MEChA and from the Aztlan proponents, who believe in “liberating Aztlan.” That’s America folks! Their longtime aim has been to “repatriate” large chunks of this country.
    Sorry Clint, you’re wrong on this one!

    This morning, Laura Ingraham, did a commendable job of taking Bolick to task on her conservative and nationally syndicated radio program. (KKNT 960 AM). She’s also an author and lawyer who worked as a speech writer for the Reagan White House. Bright as a new penny, she was in rare form. It was a joy to wake up with her—-so to speak.

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