The Battle for Arizona: Endorsement Brings Stormy Weather To Grand Canyon State

Here is a link to the latest Caleb Report put out by Life Decisions International. Douglas Scott, another former Executive Director of Arizona Right to Life, heads LDI based in Virginia, published the latest newsletter which details much of what happened in the Arizona Right to Life endorsement. Already almost a dozen leaders of the organization have denounced the PAC decision and endorsed JD Hayworth. Here is an excerpt:


Arizona Right to Life (ARL) is facing intense criticism over the decision of its political action committee (PAC) to endorse U.S. Senator John S.McCain III in his bid for a fifth term.McCain actively promotes taxpayer funding of embryonic stem cell experimentation and has never been an enthusiastic supporter of pro-life initiatives. His career pro-life voting record averages at 77 percent—a figure that dropped to just 33 percent one year.




  1. Jane 001 says

    Instead of so many good people resigning, chairman Walt Opaska should have been petitioned to resign after such a serious breach of trust. Once you disregard your mission and make decisions based on money and influence, you have to wonder what that person is really all about.

  2. Jane is right; what took place is wrong…..

  3. JD Fanatic says

    How dare they endorse McCain. I used to be pro life, but I love JD so much that I just sent a contribution to Planned Parenthood.

  4. Faithful Lifer says

    Whoa, Fanatic! Let’s not fall off the cliff. AZRTL is already attempting to ‘right’ itself. Let’s give the PAC a chance to clean up their act.
    Admittedly, they can afford no more egregious calls like McCain’s and they know we are all watching. Their new guidelines obviously need a serious review if they can fail so miserably right out of the gate. For the sake of the Pro Life community, especially our innocent victims, let’s keep this in serious prayer.

  5. Marne Haney says

    AZRTL’s Chairman, Dr. Carolyn Gerster, is recovering from some health challenges, and I understand she was not present for this vote. She made some very favorable comments to me about JD Hayworth when he, his wife, Mary, and I all attended the banquet last March.
    Dr. Gerster is a true Heroine for Life; please keep her continued recovery in prayer.

  6. Marne:

    But the rest of AZRTL’S leaderhip, while undoubtedly sincere, is not known for its sagacity!

    Back in 2006 Len Munsil, with major ties to AZRTL allowed John McCain to run his campaign….into the ground!

    One never got to see Len in t.v. ads! We were treated to one blurb after another by John McCain telling us what a great guy Len was!

    The only issue Len got excited about was the workding of a state capital war memorial!!

    Meanwhile McCain’s supporters formed the backbone of “Republicans for Napolitano”!

    While John is now convenitently pro-life through August, Cindy and Meghan are busy working the other side of the street.

    Look for another “gang of fourteen” if the GOP captures the Senate.

    But don’t blame the RINOs! They’re doing what they have to for survival purposes.

    But the feckless types, who run all too many social conservative movement p.a.c.s, must be replaced by thinking adults!

    No wonder “Roe” has stood in place for nearly forty years!

  7. Jack Hammer says

    Word has it that more than a few AZRTL office types are as equally enthusiastic about Open Borders as they are for the sanctity of innocent life!

    If so, that would explain a lot about the decision to “dis” J.D.


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