The battle for American Sovereignty creates family disagreements

Well, as happened in the Revolutionary War and in the Civil War, this fight for the sovereignty of our nation has placed intra-family relationships on the front burner.

Mark Magruder vs Mac Magruder and Don Goldwater vs Barry G., Jr. are just the first and highest profile examples of this struggle that will surely affect many families.  Mark and Don have decided to place the future of the nation above personal lucre, while Mac and Barry G, Jr. have place personal lucre and friendships above the interests of the nation and the will of the people.

Our friends at seeingredaz  are on top of this story. 

To join the battle, go to azgrassroots for information on how to get involved.


  1. Magruder is starting the fight as we should expect from people who have no respect for the rule of law. First he calls Pearce a racist, then he accuses him of refusing to negotiate in good faith.

    Pearce has more integrity in his little finger than Magruder has in his entire body. For a scofflaw to accuse Pearce this way just shows the level they will be willing to go to in order to further the amount of filthy lucre in their pockets.

  2. kralmajales says

    Wow…again…this is fascinating. This doesn’t look like a fight that is going to heal or go away in the meantime. I know there must be party operatives that are very worried about this.

  3. How would you know that since you are not in the party? I would refer you to Jefferson, but you already know all about that.

    If you think this is interesting, you should spend some time looking at the Edwards/Clinton/Kucinich imbroglio. Now that is fascinating.

    Why is it that John is the prettiest and Dennis has the most integrity?

  4. And Edwards wife is going after Hillary just hoping she will strike back at the poor, long-suffering Elizabeth.

    As for who’s the prettiest, have you seen Mrs. Kucinich? Now that is a story! One glimpse into her political beliefs and Teresa Heinz Kerry will look like Anne Coulter!

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