The Angry Americans

Now THAT’S  what I’m talking about!

It appears that the sleeping giant is waking.


  1. That’s funny. I can’t think of anything more socialist than Big Daddy Government buying my mortgage because I made a bad decision.

  2. I’m for the guy in the stands……and then, after he speaks, we get Mr. “Ho-Hum”…come on John — GET MAD, GET AFTER HIM!!!


  3. One has to appreciate that for every one of the folks who openly display their anger in the public arena as these folks did, that there are 10+ more quietly seething at home simply awaiting the approproate catalyst to send them pouring into the streets in open defiance of this corrupt system. Perhaps it is long over due.

  4. kralmajales says

    Yep…and most of them are voting…participating…and are going to vote Democrat.

  5. JaneAZ,

    Socialist or not, the distribution of the funds in this and in any number of future bailout plans would seem to be valid uses of Congress’ spending powers. If we really oppose uses like this, I think we’ve got to try to put a bill before Congress to try to limit future expenditures of funds to support failing industries.

  6. kralmajales says

    Hi Jane,

    I can think of something more socialist. How about government paying corporations to build bombs, fighter jets, and other weapons?

    How about govt. paying private companies to operate prisons?

    How about govt. paying creating local monopolies for cable companies and Clear Channel owned radio stations?

    How about govt. paying private corporations to build a border wall?

    Oh…and drill baby drill? Govt. subsidies to oil companies.

    I think we agree Jane, just giving you some more ammo on socialism.

    OH…but yeah, govt. spending on education, healthcare, and the welfare of our citizens is someone socialism and all above is not for most on this blog.

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