The “Green” Team

Arizona Democrats are fielding the most “green” team in Arizona history for the Corporation Commission: Sandra Kennedy, Paul Newman and Sam George. But we aren’t talking about saving the environment. This team is “green” because its nominees are famous for evading Border Patrol agents after allegedly smoking marijuana in county-owned vehicles and getting rich by promoting pro-dope ballot initiatives in Arizona.

The “Solar Team” TV ads were funded by Sam George’s personal wealth and matching Clean Elections funds (George has already pumped over $300,000 of his own money into the campaign). Sam Vagenas, formerly a professional smear merchant for Dick Mahoney, changed his name to “Sam George” in the hopes that voters wouldn’t discover who he really is. Even though “George” was one of the authors of the Clean Elections law, he has decided to game the system by running as a team with two other Democrats, boosting their chances with matching funds provided by his large infusions of cash. Incredibly, Arizona Democrats passed over the vastly more qualified and ethical Kara Kelty in favor of unpopular, far-left candidates who have been roundly criticized by the three most left-wing newspapers in Arizona: the Phoenix New Times, the Tucson Citizen and the Tucson Weekly.

Consider this: Even the Tucson Citizen could bring itself to endorse only two Democrats in the ACC race, even though three seats are open. The Citizen wrote that Sandra Kennedy (who is also “green” because she places shamrocks on her signs even though she is not Irish) “showed a dearth of knowledge on ACC issues…We were unimpressed.” The Republic could not bring itself to endorse her, either. Kennedy is in favor of carbon taxes, which would mean a higher electric bill for all Arizonans – including seniors and those on fixed incomes.

The Citizen wrote it was “troubled that [George] changed his name in 2004 from Sam Vagenas…As Vagenas, he helped get two pro-marijuana ballot issues passed in Arizona, though the Legislature later gutted them. State investigators also linked him to fake ‘internal memos’ circulated during the 2002 gubernatorial race, falsely claiming Janet Napolitano, as attorney general, covered up the Colorado City polygamy crisis…Two years ago, when he lost election to the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board, Sam George sued election officials and fellow candidates to demand a recount. The election tally didn’t change.”

In fact, Sam “George” Vagenas sued Sen. Bob Burns’s wife, and a host of others, in an effort to change the outcome of a race for the CAP Board – a race in which he placed dead last. The “Solar Team” tried unsuccessfully to knock Rep. Marian McClure and fellow Democrat Kara Kelty off the ballot earlier this year by trying to disenfranchise citizens who signed their petitions, hiring a small army of attorneys to do so. They also had flunkies make phony, intimidating calls to petition-signers from a non-existent “Signature Verification Department.”

Small wonder that the Tucson Weekly calls George/Vagenas “sleazy.” According to the New Times, George’s third pro-dope initiative “would have freed medical marijuana users to deal drugs to kids – and actually required the Department of Public Safety to give out pot, for free.”

The link to the front-page Phoenix New Times expose on Sam George is here:

Sam George’s history of dirty tricks against Matt Salmon and Napolitano are documented here: “His commercials hurt us very badly,” Salmon said, referencing George’s sleazy tactics against him in the 2002 governor’s race, and George’s attempts to promote anti-Mormon sentiment.

As for Paul Newman, here is the story about his allegedly smoking pot while driving a county-owned vehicle, and his attempts to evade Border Patrol when a drug-sniffing dog discovered the dope:

It is becoming increasingly clear to embarrassed Democrats that these three are entirely unfit to hold public office and do not reflect well on the Arizona Democratic Party. The Republicans in the race had better get ready for dirty tricks that would make even James Carville blush.


  1. Is this the same team known as, “The Dope Smoker, Dope Pusher and Dope.”

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