Thank You John Kerry!

John Kerry

With Republicans appearing to sag in the polls as Election day draws near, who can we expect to lend us a bump other than John Kerry?

Yesteday in the midst of a military-hating crowd of indoctrinated college students at Pasadena City College, John Kerry made the following statement:

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

Today, Kerry is trying to brush it off as saying it was a joke or that he was actually referring to President Bush. But there is a more profound revelation here. John Kerry, has manifested his real dislike of our military men and women. Kinda brings back the statement that ended up clobbering him in the 2004 election cycle: “I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.”

Expect Kerry’s recent display of affection to be all over the news the next few cycles as Republicans take advantage of Kerry’s words to improve their election outcomes across the country.

With enemies like John Kerry, who needs friends?


  1. If the GOP were smart they would play the video portion for this as a 30 second tv spot in all states…

  2. Prediction: GOP keeps BOTH the House and Senate

  3. Yet again, Kerry is swiftboated and called a troop-basher by people who never wore a uniform. The comment was obviously directed at President Bush and Kerry’s rebuttal to all this crap was spot on. That’s what will garner attention. A Democrat not slinking away when they are smeared? Yeah, the media is going to eat that all up.

  4. Pardon me Tim, but I wore a uniform and I have a masters degree and I believe Kerry is dead wrong and owes all veterans an apology.

  5. Randall Holdridge says

    Big backlash on this, folks, beware; have you seen what the Tennessee polls have done since the RNC tried to trash Harold Ford, Jr. with racist innuendo?

    Don’t you think the Nation is about sick of all this false macho posturing and fake moral piety?

    Gosh, isn’t the Sonoran Alliance just a little bit sickened by it. Take an overview of your posts for the last week or two.

    Faith, hope, charity, these three abide … but there’s no hope and no charity on offer, and the faith on offer trumpets itself on street corners, utterly co-opted by love of worldly power and riches. And even the most blase people, who certainly never spent forty days in the wilderness, smell the reek of bait this stale.

  6. Corker is up by 8 in TN you fool. Read today’s polling at

    Nice try

  7. Randall Holdridge says

    Nice dodge, Eph, but obvious,

    1) there are several polls out, at least 2 showing Ford now ahead;

    2) my comment raises serious issues you ignore. By the way, I’ve noticed that this is your usual approach to anything that might require sincerity, depth, real patriotism.

    You’d have to think for yourself for a change, so I’m not surprised.

  8. CNN has Corker up by 8 as of today, yes CNN

    ’nuff said.

  9. Randall Holdridge says

    ’nuff said?

    You truly don’t want to talk about the issues do you? You’re truly a patehtic bean counter are you? So, the most recent Rasmussen poll shows Ford ahead, balh, blah, we all know which poll counts, and I’ve already said on this site I think it unlikely that Ford can ovecome the native Tennessee racism fueled by RNC advertsing.

    This pleases you, does it Eph? You have a pro-life, Christian Democrat — who happens to be black — to be defeated by a Republican who won’t make his personal financial and tax records public, and who had undoubtedly outright lied about the crime statistics when he was mayor of Chattanooga? And you’re pleased are you?

    But you won’t even touch the larger issues of decency ahd integrity I raised, will you.

    The Gate is Narrow, Eph.

  10. “You have a pro-life, Christian Democrat ”

    People are so naive.

    There is nothing left to add on this topic

  11. Randall Holdridge says

    It may surprise you, Eph, but there are lot of pro-choice Christian Republicans.

    And there a lot of pro-life Christian Republicans — decent and conscientious people — who would have to think it through pretty carefully it was their teen-aged daughter who got pregnant in high school.

    Anyone who will follow this comment thread through from the top will see that you are living in an echo-chamber of your own making. You don’t undertake any serious point, you give no sign of being a serious or thoughtful person.

    And yet you suppose somehow that you are going to be able to stampede the majority of Americans in your preferred direction, disarm any objections or opposition? Ironically, that’s what the Confederacy thought, too, and you’re still helping them fight their rear-guard action, l50 years later.

    You call me a fool?

  12. I really don’t see the right to life issue as a Christian or even faith issue. For me it is a human rights issue. The US Supreme Court (7 of 9 men) decided for the rest of the country that the law does not have to coincide with science. Someday when the lawyers realize that science should be a strong basis for public policy the two will synchronize and those lives that are out of sight (and conveniently, out of mind) will be protected.

  13. Randall Holdridge says

    By the way, Eph, do you really think that every Southern voter doesn’t understand perfectly well that when we’re debating abortion or Terry Schiavo, or Monica Lewinsky — we’re debating the stalking horses for race relations. Do YOU not understand this?

    What is it about the “Southern Strategy” that the two great, or at least sly, politicians, Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson, didn’t make perfectly clear to you in their memoirs and White House tapes?

    Or are you just really utterly naive (you say this about me) and totally unread in post WWII U.S. political history?

  14. Randall Holdridge says

    DSW #12 —

    Taking you at your word, the abortion issue is to be considered as a matter of Human Rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights then, the world-approved document to which the United States of America is a signatory and thus bound by the U.S. Constitution provision for international treaties, would seem to give wide latitude for individuals to make determinations about their own bodies health and safety, and to be free from state or religious coercion of individual conscience.

    You’ll find that jails around the world are full of women and their attorneys and spokesmen who have asserted these rights under international law.

    I understand that you will assert that these same rights might be asserted on behalf of the unborn, but the unborn at any stage of zygotic development are not a protected category in the statement of international human rights, and I will simply point out that while religious orthodoxy in legitimate theocracies is to be respected under the UDHR as having the force of law, elsewhere not.

    Obviously there are many definitional and procedural questions to be resolved here, and there are tricky questions of priority of claims, yet the fact is that the unborn have no overriding universal claim under established international human rights doctrine.

  15. Randall Holdridge says

    Has anyone else noticed that Eph ends every comment with the assurance that there’s nothing more to be said; that Eph always has the last and infallible last word? That no one else in the world might have a worthy thought or information to add?

  16. BREAKING NEWS @@@@



  17. DSW #4-

    Why should he owe veterans an apology when he is clearly criticizing Bush’s policies in Iraq? He wasn’t attacking veterans, he was being blunt about how many in our armed forces are there because they have few other opportunities in education or a career.

    And by people who never wore a uniform, I was referring to the hierarchy of the Republican Party, most of whom never wore a uniform and many of which dodged the draft through deferments. You know, their “other priorities.”

  18. And by people who never wore a uniform:

    Like Bill Clinton

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