Tens of Thousands of Ballots still to be Counted.

ballots.jpg     The Arizona Daily Star is reporting that there are still 258,000 ballots statewide that have not yet been counted. The Tucson Citizen is reporting that there are 53,000 uncounted ballots in Pima County. The final count may affect the race for LD 26 Senate as well as other elections around the state. 

Thursday 11-9-06, 1:05 pm

Thanks to the Truth Squad for noting that there are 341,000 uncounted ballots statewide. The Star article was not very clear but the Citizen mentions the figure at the end of their story.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Actually, the article says 221,000 in Maricopa County alone. Maricopa County says 250,000 including provisional. Pima has 51,000. And the SoS office is now saying 340,000 statewide.

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