Tempe Mayoral Candidate Michael Monti Endorses Lisa Gray for Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party

Arizona Party Builders

Phoenix – Recent Tempe Mayoral candidate Michael Monti has announced his endorsement of Lisa Gray and her Arizona Party Builders team for Maricopa County Republican Party leadership.

“Republican candidates need all the support they can get from the Party,” said Monti, who narrowly lost his 2012 race against Democrat Mark Mitchell for Mayor of Tempe. “I don’t want to see us lose another winnable race like mine. I have chosen to endorse Lisa Gray and her Arizona Party Builders team because I believe that their diplomacy, experience and ability to unify the party behind candidates is exactly what our Party needs to stay relevant and help candidates win in all areas of the county – be they red, blue, or somewhere in-between.”

“I’m truly honored that my team has Michael Monti’s support,” said Gray. “If our Party is to be relevant, we must provide the kind of grassroots support that our candidates need to win races. This includes having a cohesive plan, trained and equipped PCs, and financial resources. We have provided these resources in our districts, and will bring them to Maricopa County when we are elected.”

About Lisa Gray
Lisa is a grassroots, conservative leader in the Northwest Valley, working with Republicans and Tea Party activists. She has served as LD9 and LD21 District Chairman, LD9 Second Vice Chairman, Sun City Republican Club President and Northwest Valley Tea Party Co-Leader. She was also a plaintiff against Proposition 121, which was not only detrimental to the Republican Party, but to all Arizona voters. 

Lisa Gray and her team, Paul Brierley, 1st Vice Chairman; Rene Lopez, 2nd Vice Chairman; Colleen Lombard, Secretary; and Walter Dudley, Treasurer, represent a broad segment of the County and have a combined 45 years of grassroots Republican leadership experience. They are known as the Arizona Party Builders because of their focus on building the Party to win elections. 

The Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) statutory meeting will take place tomorrow, January 12, 2013. All Maricopa County Precinct Committeemen are eligible to vote. To learn more about Lisa, her team and the details of their plan, please visit www.AZPartyBuilders.com. 



  1. Team LaFaro prevailed. Here’s what I wrote down as the results were announced:

    A.J. LaFaro received 53.3%.
    April Riggins received 0.9% more votes than Paul Brierley.
    Jose Borrajero received 57.3%.
    Jeni White received 56.6%.
    David Ludwig received 56.4%.

    Thank you.

  2. Sgt. Flapjaw says

    Maybe Michael Monte should think twice about running for anything again. He just endorsed the slate that ran [and lost] against a huge Tempe Base of people that worked very hard on his failed campaign. Adios Michael!!

  3. tommygarage says

    I am BEWILDERED at this endorsement. It mattered not in the end but leaves me uneasy. I did not see Mrs. Gray anywhere near the Monti for Mayor effort but AJ put in hundreds of hours on it. The PC’s knew the truth.

  4. Atilla's Hunni says

    I was more than happy that Team LaFaro won. But Lisa and her Party Builders did not even bother to congradulate the winners. Is this the way she was trying to run the County?

    • Maricopa GOP says

      That is very consistent with how she operated as a District Chairman..She misinformed, misled, was spiteful and only worked with her little group of vindictive pc’s that she personally recruited to keep her in power. What you saw today was a small indication of how she would perform as county chairman.

      Interesting to note that SA does not have the story of the results. You can be sure that there would be banner headlines if the results were reversed.

      • I know two former PC’s that left LD21 when Paul Beirley was Chair. They would be greated at the door telling them they did not even have to show up. That is how the McCainiacs ran their district, the same district that shoved Marne Haney to the side. I guess Paul took lessons. He ran the district as his fifedom. Keep in mind it was two different former PC’s that did not know each other, I asked when going around to get signatures for my PC ballot.

        • Gregg Pekau says

          I’ll gladly post this under my real name and not hide behind some psuedo account CD9. Your claim is utter B.S. Paul ran a great district that encouraged EVERYONE to attend and to participate. He BUILT his PC base, not excluded it. To tarnish his image or his work with your lies is uncalled for. Disagree with his politics (which I never saw him as chair push his own political agenda) but do not slander his reputation with lies.

          The facts of his tenure are this
          # of PC’s grew
          He raised thousands of $’s
          we did multple voter registration/reregistration drives
          we worked/partnered with other districts and counties to spread the word and build unity.

          AND – for his term as district chair – LD21 received the award from the state party for Most Outstanding District.

          So go take your lies somewhere else. He lost – it was close – but don’t distort reality.

        • Sgt. Flapjaw says

          I was a member of LD21 the whole time that Paul was Chairman. It was not obvious to us conservatives that Paul was partison toward us. He ran a balanced and fair meeting open to all points of view. There were PC’s of all ideologys in attendance and he showed no bias.
          An ideal Chairman makes it difficult to [while running district business] tell what persuasion he or she is politically. Paul did that very well, and I never heard of anyone being turned away. It could have happened with out my knowledge of course, but I think not.
          Now I did not support the Gray slate because I could not support her, and I did see that the A.J. slate was more to my liking as far as ideology and political allies were concerned.
          So just saying CD9, I think Paul did a good job, better by far than his predecessor Brooks.
          Now there was an unabashed rino establishment guy.

        • Harris Shirley says

          Few are aware that Paul’s politics reflect those of his late mentor Bill Konopnicki. Paul became a county chairman under Bill’s oversight several years back.

          His organizational skills however were honed through his religious organization where such team building skills are taught to every missionary. And, if you’ve lived in AZ for any length of time you should know by now that keeping a good poker face and an even keel is a hallmark of the L.D.S. Being even tempered and reserved is part of the culture. To that point it is a very good characteristic. (Unfortunately that same cultural underpinning was Mitt Romney’s un-doing because voters thought he seemed aloof – which he certainly wasn’t).

          Lisa lost because in spite of her terrific organizational and visionary skills, Lisa failed to overcome the uneasy feeling held by many that beneath her exterior was a highly ambitious and highly vindictive individual.

          How will the new leadership do? That’s hard to tell at this point, but until this party stops fighting itself and begins to focus on where they should – nothing will change.

    • Ah, so Gray not offering congratulations to the victor or even a concession bothers you.

      Reminds me of the outcry when Russell Pearce didn’t do that either.
      Both times he’s been beaten in the last few years.


    My take is that Gray and Lopez were the bad apples while Brierley, Lombard and Dutton were proof of the old adage – one bad apple spoils the bunch. This should be a lesson in being aware of whom you are partnering with. Your reputation is sometimes damaged through no direct action, but rather by your associations.

    • Atilla's Hunni says

      I am new to LD 17, the old LD 21. I never heard anything good about Brierley or Lopez. As far as Gray is concerned, I have had much to say about her underhanded tactics also her and her Husbands connections to Andy Tobin. But I have always like Colleen, she is an honest hard working Conservative, but I wanted a team who would work together and I know Jenni White also, Jenni has excellent credentials and has run her district well.

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