The Tea Party Race of the Year

Steven Robinson

In this election year there exists numerous forces that converge to create the “Mother of all Political Tsunamis”!  From the TARP vote in 2008, the Stimulus vote that spawned the famous Rick Santelli Rant where he called for a New Boston-style Tea Party; Obama’s all out assault on the doctor-patient relationship, and his radical restructuring of the Health Care system; the attempted stranglehold of American industry with the “Cap and Trade” legislation; to the repeated exposes of Democrats’ scandals, and ultimately, the emergence of the Tea Party Movement; this election cycle unlike any other, including 1994 and 2006, will result in the most spectacular political change since the early 20th Century. A brief history lesson is in order.

Beginning in 1896, with William Jennings Bryan, the Progressive movement began the political transformation of our country, into the big government, high tax, statist party that produced Woodrow Wilson and both Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt.  And this radical transformation occurred in one short generation when, by 1912, all three presidential candidates, Wilson, Taft and Roosevelt were Progressives.

Over the past 75 years, Progressivism/Neo-Marxism has propelled us to this place and time.  We face alternatives like never before: will we complete the “Fundamental Transformation” into the statist, socialist country Obama envisions?  Or, will we remember how our country achieved its unparalleled greatness, and ultimately return to those values that made our real progress possible?  This is the choice we face today, never have our options been more clear.

That brings us to the election that can define our movement, if we’re up to the task.  We have seen some profound Primary elections thus far, Sharron Angle in Nevada, Mike Lee in Utah, and Marco Rubio in Florida; which have placed the Tea Party’s powerful influence on full display. Yet, the one election that can best define the Tea Party influence occurs on August 24th, in Arizona.  The race that can stamp our movement, is the Republican Primary between Arizona’s powerful, Progressive Senator John McCain with all the power of his incumbency, and his challenger, the “Consistent Conservative” JD Hayworth, who in spite of his twelve year in congress, JD is really considered a “grassroots” or Tea Party candidate. 

Capitalizing on his popular afternoon drivetime show on KFYI 550-AM, Hayworth entered the race, after intense urging from his listeners, strong encouragement from conservative Republicans, and powerful allies like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Senators Ron Gould and Russell Pearce.  Even before JD entered the race McCain, fearing his entry  and concerned with JD’s support, began running commercials attacking Hayworth, EVEN on KFYI!  So the stage was set. Now this race really can shape and propel the Movement for years to come; primarily because never has the choice been more clear. Another remarkable aspect of this race, is the veritable David and Goliath nature of the candidates.  In spite of his twelve years in the House, JD is the huge underdog, partly due the McCain inspired DOJ investigation after his loss in 2006; that ultimately proved to be devoid of any suspicion of wrongdoing .  Grossly underfunded, with none of the progressive media support, nor national endorsements like  his opponent, JD faces a daunting task.  McCain has everything going for him, money, endorsements, savvy campaign managers; indeed everything but the popular support by Arizonans, who are fed up with John’s constant selling Arizona down the river.

And the reasons for their disgust with McCain are clear.  Both candidates have more than rhetoric; they have legislative records, which very clearly illuminate their values and political philosophy.  McCain’s record is clear and obvious, no honest evaluation leads us to any other conclusion other than he is a Progressive.  McCain’s ratings and evaluations from independent conservative groups are abysmal.  Just look at his grades from the NRA, American Conservative Union and the National Journal.  With a C- from NRA, a pathetic 82% (73% for 1999-2008) lifetime rating from ACU and overall terrible rating showing him slightly more conservative than our Maine ladies Snow and Colling. For an allegedly staunch conservative, they are pathetic.  Perhaps that is why he attempted to obfuscate his record stating, “I never considered myself much of a Maverick.” Clearly the John McCain’s record disappoints everyone who supports a more conservative agenda: principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and national sovereignty.  Perhaps that agenda is best exemplified in the phrase: “Restore our Constitutional Republic.”

The list of people that are very disenchanted with McCain, and certainly oppose his re-election is a “Who’s Who of conservative talk show hosts and political analysts.  Such luminaries include the king of Conservative talk, Rush Limbaugh, who recently stated, “The era of John McCain is over!”; the hottest cable show’s Mark Levin, author of “Liberty and Tyranny” the wildly popular Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, and Ann Coulter. All of them have roundly condemned and parodies the 2008 GOP candidate for president.

By contrast, JD Hayworth has tremendous support among conservatives and Tea Party leaders throughout the nation.  Additionally local officials, including ‘America’s’ Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County GOP Chair, Rob Haney and Executive Director Tom Husband have also endorsed Hayworth.  There exists overwhelming support for JD among conservatives.

Yet, it’s not enough just to desire McCain’s departure from the US Senate.  The Tea Party movement should support a true conservative in Congress.  JD’s record should meet our expectations.

When you examine him with the same standards, JD outshines the four-term incumbent.  With an ‘A’ rating from NRA, a 98% lifetime ACU rating and a very positive National Journal scorecard, it’s obvious that JD Hayworth is the Tea Party candidate with the record to prove it.

JD, through his afternoon drive-time radio show on KFYI has clearly established his support for, and solidarity with the Tea Party movement.  He promoted the original Tea Parties in Arizona, interviewing the organizers, talking about the hot topics, and keeping his large audience aware of events over the last year.  Now he often speaks to Tea Party groups throughout the state, as he campaigns.  He’s quite at ease, meeting with Tea Partiers in often small group settings, though  crowds are as large as 300 or more. The Arizona Tea Party movement has called JD a friend .

Lastly, the critical issue that catapulted Arizona to the forefront of American politics this spring is Illegal Immigration and Border Security after the Arizona Legislature’s passed SB1070.  Hayworth has been at the forefront of this huge battle, even writing a book on the subject.  By contrast, McCain is a “Johnny-come-lately” to protecting the border, IF you believe him, that is. If you do, I have ocean-front property in Sierra Vista or Yuma for sale!

If Tea Party Nation and other groups make this race their highest priority, and the Arizona voters elect JD Hayworth as the Republican nominee for US Senator, and ultimately the Senate, the strength of the movement will be unquestionably established; the nation, no the world will stand up and take notice.


  1. SuzanneC says

    Congradulations are in order Steve. Your post is spot on. I also truly believe if we all stand behind JD we can win the primary and start the process of bringing our Country back to the Republic Benjamin Franklin gave us.

    JD Hayworth was the very first promoter of the Tea Parties here in Arizona, on April 15,2009 he broadcast his radio program from the very first Tea Party in Arizona down in front of the Capitol. I hear some say they have never seen JD at a Tea Party Meeting, till February 2010. First off JD had a job and was on air till 7:00 PM. Till a very Powerful Senator, John McCain, went after the private citizen to get him off the air.

    The only thing I disagree with is your vernacular. I refuse to call these Politically Correct Libderals, progressives. That is a poll tested name for them, the general public likes that name better than Liberal, please tell me what are they if not Liberal? I for one will never call them P.

  2. Michael Holliday says

    Well said Steven.

    Need I say more?

  3. Lets be honest, people are backing JD only because he is against illgal immigration. The Haney crowd is single issue purists. They HATE illegal immigration (stress illegal).

    When JD was in the Congress, he was a pork-barrel big spender. McCain is a fiscal hawk, JD is not.

    Still, I support JD.

    McCain is a self-absorbed jerk, eager to knock the Republican party to please the NY Times and CNN crowd.

    Vote for JD. But come on, JD is no Tea Party guy.

  4. Can we start calling it, instead “Progressive Left,” to better convey the misuse of the concept “progressive” and go back to the latin roots, which better conveys the twisting of words and purposes: “Progressive Sinister.”

  5. Walt Stephenson says

    Let’s see, JD was the first person to support the tea parties. Was that before or after he invented the internet?

  6. SuzanneC says

    Walt, I went to the very first Tea Party rally at the capitol because JD’s radio program was on a remote from there. And yes JD andBruce Jacobs were the first out there with any support for the Tea Parties. And no that was Al, the bore, Gore who invented that, but then nasty is as nasty does?

  7. Oberserve says

    gopgal is spot on.

    JD is no teaparty guy no matter how you try to slice, dice or spin it.

    That said, he’s the only game in town to defeat McCain which is a higher priority.

    So, my vote and my $s are going to JD.

    But don’t kid yourself.

  8. Jacobite says

    To begin with, the Tea Parties (taxed enough already) were extensions of the Libertarian Revival begun by the Ron Paul movement.

    Of course they’ve grown and have taken a genuine populist direction which has attracted people as diverse as Sarah Palin, Scott Brown (at least till elected) Jim DeMint, Dick Armey and J.D.

    This is to be expected with any movement which resonates to a mass audience.

    And in Arizona it has geared toward popular resentment over the fact that the government along with elites of both parties have been hostile to the enforcement of immigration law.

    Democrats want politcal hegemoney through cheap votes while the GOP business elites want a steady supply of cheap, unskilled labor for the tourist and construction industries.

    J.D. in this reagard has broken the elitist mold. John McCain and his fellow Republican Congressional incumbents have not!

    That’s what this battle and other Republican primaries throughout the state are about!

    Pure and simple!

  9. Walt Stephenson says

    I was at Trent Humphries “Tea Party” in Tucson along with about 2500 other folks quite a while before the Capital.

    Whether or not JD advertised the first “Tea Party” in Phoenix, I’ll take your word for it.

  10. Walt,

    On February 15, 2009, JD Hayworth and Bruce Jacobs organized a protest outside Dobson High School in Mesa, Arizona. The event was pulled together in a matter of two weeks (maybe less). Hundreds of people showed up to protest the visit of President Barack Obama. Here is the photo gallery featured on KFYI-550 (

    Four days later, on February 19, CNBC Business News Editor, Rick Santelli announced on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange that perhaps traders should dump their derivatives in the Chicago River under the theme of a “Tea Party.”

    On the afternoon of April 15, 2009, JD Hayworth broadcasted from the Arizona State Senate lawn as drive time broadcaster for KFYI. Leading up to that event, JD provided a voice to Tea Party leaders including Tom Jenney and Keith Sipmann. There are photos of that demonstration as well: ( and (

    So I think its accurate to say the JD Hayworth was with the Tea Party before it was even formed here in Arizona! But not only has he been a part of it, he has given it a voice and credibility here in Arizona!

    One final note: I served as the grassroots coordinator for the Arizona Chapter of Americans for Prosperity in 2009. In fact, I assisted in the organization of the Tea Party Movement here in Arizona. I also served as the Executive Director of Arizona Right to Life for six years (longest serving ED). I had dealings with Senator McCain. I think those credentials qualify me to have a strong opinion about John McCain’s position on several issues and why I support JD Hayworth in his bid to replace John McCain.

  11. James Davidson says


    You write:

    “Beginning in 1896, with William Jennings Bryan, the Progressive movement began the political transformation of our country, into the big government, high tax, statist party that produced Woodrow Wilson and both Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt. And this radical transformation occurred in one short generation when, by 1912, all three presidential candidates, Wilson, Taft and Roosevelt were Progressives.”

    Bryan was for free coinage silver but the 1896 Democrat Party platform was hardly statist. It opposed:

    1. Paper money, reserving coinage to gold and silver,

    2. High tariffs

    3. “Foreign pauper” immigration, and

    4. Federal borrowing in peace time through the issuance of bonds.

    Among other things, it supported:

    1. Reducing the size of the federal government

    2. The Monroe Doctrine as a permanent aspect of American foreign policy, and

    3. A silver and gold standard, but not a gold standard alone.

    Bryant was a devout Christian and prohibitionist, fought against Darwin, opposed all foreign entanglements, and despised the control Wall Street and the railroads then held over Midwestern farmers. If they can be related to anyone today, his views as a presidential candidate probably came closest to Ron Paul’s. Later, after his last run for the presidency, he drifted closer to more modern-day liberalism and the Populist movement.

    Your second historical erorr was to label Taft a progressive. He was not.

    As for Theodore Roosevelt, he campaigned as a progressive, particularly in 1912, but governed primarily as a conservative.

  12. Walt Stephenson says

    Interesting chronology. Trent tells me we had ours in the morning and yours was in the afternoon. It’s irrelevant who was first as we both believe in the ideals set forth in the movement. I have been at fundraisers with JD before he thought of running for Senate. Both my wife and I have socialized with him on an occasion after the event. I have known McCain for a number of years and have a very different perspective on the two candidates than you do. I am a Viet Nam Vet and have been in Law Enforcement for over 35 years dealing with politicians on a daily basis. My choice is John McCain.

    I will support whatever candidate wins the primary and we will beat the Democrats.

  13. Radical American Patriot says

    James Davidson you correctly quote me where I say that with Bryan the progressive movement “began the political transformation of our country”. I did not say all of his positiions were statist though. But he did indeed believe, based on his Christian beliefs, that government should indeed take care of the poor. In fact here’s a quote from his 1986 “Cross of Gold” speech: “There are two ideas of government. There are those who believe that if you just legislate to make the well-to-do prosperous, that their prosperity will leak through on those below. The Democratic idea has been that if you legislate to make the masses prosperous their prosperity will find its way up and through every class that rests upon it.” This is very much a modern Democrat ideal.

    He also totally supported income tax in his speech. He indeed promoted all the socialist values through his public efforts. And INDEED Bryan was viciously attacked and vilified for his opposition to the more radical elements of progressivism including his appearance and ‘crucifixion’ at the Scopes Trial.

    Regarding Roosevelt, he may have been conservative by modern standards, but HE was NO conservative. I’ll saved discussion concerning Roosevelt and the Scopes Trial for another time!

  14. Radical American Patriot says

    Walt, I’ve spoken to both Diane and to Kelly about JD’s support of the Tea Party rallies. He did indeed interview them and announced the times and place of the Rallies. He also was certainly heavily recruited to run by leaders of several current Tea Party groups. As I’ve also stated, his ratings stand JD in very good stead with many in the Tea Party Movement, though NO ONE has a ‘perfect’ voting record!

  15. James Davidson says


    Andrew Jackson could have said what Bryan said in his cross of gold speech. The De,ocrat Party has claimed (falsely) to be the party of the people since Jefferson beat Adams in 1800.

    More telling are the positions taken by the Democrat Party in the convention that nominated Bryan. They were for free trade, a smaller federal government, no “foreign pauper” immigration (to use their term,) and no federal borrowing in peace time. Yes they supported an income tax, but the reason is that the federal government derived most of its income them from high tariffs, which favored the manufacturing interests of the New England and New York, and hurt the small farmers of the Midwest and South.

    It is a fact that Theodore Roosevelt governed as a conservative, by the standards of his day, though his rhetoric was often populist. Were his econmic policies laissez-faire? No, but no president’s policies could be so described. He is easily ranked among the most brilliant ever to sit in the White House. He also received the medal of honor posthumously, and is the only president to receive it. His son, General Theodore Roosevelt Jr., also received it and died in France in 1944.

    You did not ‘fess up you were wrong about Taft. I’m waiting.

    To my fellow conservatives:

    It is important for us to get the facts and history right. We owe ourselves, and the rest of the country, the truth and nothing but the truth. Anyone who says otherwise is no conservative.

  16. Radical American Patriot says

    Hello Jim,

    I do love interacting with other students of history. Perhaps we are reading different books or relying on different experts.

    I am curious however, about your interest in Bryan. On one hand you say that his platform was very people oriented, which partly is true since the Populist Party supported him. He was more the ‘noble socialist’ than a hard-core elitist progressive which dominated the Republican Party. Remember the WASPs elitists showed complete disdain for the Catholics and the Jews, hence chasing them into the Democrat Party.

    I am surprised, though by one point. You say that the Democratic Republicans beginning with Jefferson and Madison are really not the party of the people, then you tell me that the Bryan platform was very ‘conservative.

    I have utilized the research of one Gary North Professor emeritus from Cal-State Northridge I believe. He has recorded an excellent DVD series about the implosion of Evangelicalism in the public square beginning with the Scopes Trial and ending with the Supreme Court Ruling in 1973, Roe v. Wade; which awakened evangelical activism.

    Dr. North describes Bryan as the most radically left candidate for president ever (until Obama of course!) I just Googled his name and found this website, which definitely appears to substantiate my claim. Just look at 5th parargraph.

    “Under Bryan’s influence, the Democratic party underwent a dramatic change. The earlier Jacksonian legacy was one dedicated to limited government, but the party from 1896 onward promoted a more expansive role.”

    Perhaps you should do some more research!

    Regarding Howard Taft, have you ever taken a close look at his record on the US Supreme Court? Do you want me to Google his name as well?

    I would ask: what is your source materials. After all, you were NOT a contemporary of those times, were you? LOL(just being lighthearted!)

  17. James Davidson says


    May I clarify?

    1. The Democrat Party has long claimed to be the “party of the people” but that claim has not been historically true. From its founding until well into the 20th Century it was the party of Southern elitists, first the slave-holding plantation-based southern aristocracy, later their descendants after the Civil War. True, from 1820 to 1860, it got votes and once was even dominant in parts of the North, but it was no accident that eight of the 12 presidents serving after Jefferson and before the Civil War were southern slave owners and two of the 12 (Pierce and Buchanan) were northerners with southern sympathies who aided the expansion of slavery. For more than half of the 20th Century the Democrat Party sheltered and nurtured the power of southern racists in Congress. Wilson was the most racist president to sit in the White House since the Civil War. Beginning with Wilson, power began to seep from the Southern racist elite to the current coalition of elitists. Yet I would in no way regard the current Democrat Party as the party of the people. It simply traded one set of interests for another. One constant, however, has remained for more than a 100 years. That is, since Cleveland, when in power, Democrat presidents have served Wall Street well. Big Business and Big Government have had a long running love affair.

    2. I never said Bryan was a conservative. He certainly was not so regarded in his day. My point was that when he ran for the presidency his platforms were not “statist,” to borrow your term. I do say that advocating, as his platforms did, a smaller federal government, no borrowing in peace time, no “foreign pauper” immigration (to use the platform’s term,) and free trade, and opposing American intervention overseas, seem most compatible on today’s scene with Ron Paul. Is Paul a libertarian or conservative? You make the call. They are not the same in my opinion. Bryan did support an income tax, which would put him at odds with Paul, but he certainly did not originate the idea. That form of taxation was first introduced in the Lincoln administration to fund the Civil War. The Supreme Court later declared an income tax on interest, dividends, and rents to be unconstitutional. It upheld an income tax on wages. Go figure.

    3. I differ from the professor you cite in how much significance I would give to Bryan. My view is that he was ineffectual. I regard Wilson as much more significant in the evolution and transformation of the Democrat Party into the leading Big Government Party in America. Don’t get me wrong. Today’s Republican Party is also a Big Government Party, the question is degree.

    4. Taft was not an intellectual force on the Supreme Court. He is more known for reforming the Court’s jurisdiction and administration, for which his reputation for making the Court more functional and effective is well deserved.

    My source material? I was a contemporary of those times. Ha Ha.

  18. Gerry S. says

    It is clear, and always has been that JD was not a tea party guy. JD may have tried to link up with tea party in thoughts of some more votes. JD’s history on voting for earmarks while in Congress, and this infomercial ad, clearly depict JD of the less then fiscal conservative. JD is far from the fiscal genius he tries to paint. JD is the one who has an ego the size of Texas and will do whatever he can to fill his own pockets.

  19. Radical American Patriot says

    Gerry S., What’s clear is the YOU are NOT a Tea Party guy!! It’s also apparent that you are a John McCain progressive. Reading what you write is much like hearing McCain’s “Snakes in Guam” or “You’re one of us” commercials. You have not heard him speak at any Tea Party events. However, I’ve heard him several times, including one only today! You have your opinion, which is worth what I’ve paid for it: Nothing! After all you’ve had NO personal contact with JD, that much is clear.

  20. Hayworth is not Tea Party Material unless the Tea Party group was specifically formed with the intent to endorse Hayworth – what a joke RAP (radical american patriot).

    Hayworth’s H.R.3938: “Enforcement First Immigration Reform Act of 2005” what a porker bill this is and Hayworth states (just again on July 5) that SB 1070 was modeled after it – take a hike Hayworth, you had twelve years and didn’t get it done. Got fired and wrote a book on what you didn’t do (that didn’t sell well at all).

    The Grassroots movement in America wants less government. Look at this bill and its progressive increases in federal employees in multiple areas stepped over five years – wouldn’t you think at year two or three there would be no need to add more judges and lawyers and etc., this is Tea Party material?

    Hayworth’s Immigration-Reduction Grades 1994 to 2006
    Get a grip people, Hayworth after 12 years gets a grade of “C”, Harry Mitchell has the same grade. All Hayworth is focused on is the Mexican Border – all else are welcome – look at his voting record.

    Yours truly RAP

    • Radical American Patriot says

      I wondered how long it would take for you to reply to this JPD!
      Your ignorance or deliberate ‘misleading’ of JD’s Tea Party support is not at all surprising. Your false, dishonest and deliberately misleading posts (LIKE the one above) regarding JD Hayworth are LEGION! (Kinda like the number of demons in the movie by the same name!) This post is exactly what I’d expect from you.

      Honest and aware observers here in Arizona have seen, over the past 18 months know exactly that JD has promoted the events heavily on his radio show, interviewing leaders on KFYI; broadcasting live from last year’s Phoenix Rally on April 15th. He also spoke at a Tucson event last October. BOTH of these event were BEFORE getting into the race. Throughout his campaign he HAS spoken to dozens’ of Tea Party groups, as small as 15 or 20, to as large as 300! I know, because I’ve been to several of them!

      So please, JPD quit with your dishonest diatribes and postings, designed to mislead fellow Arizonans. YOUR words and actions (and those of YOUR Senate candidate!) ARE far closer to those of our incumbent RINO McCain, or our Marxist-in-Chief President, than they are to ANY honest Tea Party candidate!

  21. SuzanneC says

    Oh JPD, we know you are a supporter of the spoiler. And we all know who the spoiler is, little man tall hat. JD Hayworth was alwasy out there for the Tea Parties, supporting the Tea Parties and promoting the Tea Parties, long before it was cool. And yes I remember it well the protest with JD and Bruce, and I still miss Bruce, there is no more radio without Bruce and JD.

    JD Hayworth wrote the book, “Whatever it Takes”, and he endorses closing the borders and no pathway to citizenship. Befoe the march that was going to “bring us to our knees”, I knew they were here, and I for one was not engaged in the arguement. I felt they mostly only came here to work. Well honey that march opened my eyes, I am now out there as an opponent of amnesty and a pathway to citizenship. I am for deporting all of them if they are here illeglly, I am for making sure they have no birthright citizenship. Now JPD, does that mean I get a “C’ from NUMBERS USA? Oh well. Lets see, what does Deakin support, since he was not involved in anything till he decided to run for office, ask the illegals immigration movement, Jimmy Lee was lost in the park, he was not even a PC till 9/09. Now that was activism, oh he said no one asked him, no one asked me, but I found out how to become one and did. But I guess Jimmy Lee is used to being led around.

  22. Supporting tea parties and being tea party material are two different things. Where are all of the Representatives Tea Party endorsements to support his claim of BEING THE TEA PARTY candidate? Tell us about these deliberate and misleading claims of being the tea party candidate where honest and aware observers here in Arizona have witnessed – it’s a joke. Tea Party Groups formed for the sole purpose to endorse Hayworth are not tea party but GOP front groups. Who cares about the tea party anyway – it’s a frame of mind shared by those who far outweigh actual members of – wake up – they are not buying it!

    No Child Left Behind, The Patriot Act, The 2005 energy bill or Cap & Trade Pilot as per Hayworth, string immigration all voted for by US House Representative Hayworth incumbent 3 years removed is what the people of Arizona are looking at besides his inability to stop his slid in the polls.

    Make fun of Deakin all you want – scares you don’t it?

    Hayworth is not Tea Party material.

  23. I think it’s ludicrous to depict Hayworth as a TEA Party candidate, or somehow suggest he was involved with the movement at its outset. True, he may have given tacit acknowledgement of its leaders and principles during his tenure as a radio broadcaster (which only means he was doing his job well); but, to me, “capitalizing” on those efforts later on as a candidate only reveals a penchant for classic political opportunism. By contrast, Jim Deakin was out on the stumps speaking to all sorts of groups (not only at GOP events) about those same principles long before anyone had ever heard of “TEA Parties”–I know because I was at such a meeting when and where I first heard him. And I have personally met and spoken with both men.

  24. I was also misinformed about the tea party movement until I found a great site that made me understand it better. I met alot of friends there and must admit I was impressed with the way they think. I assumed they were all crazy people then I found out why they are the tea party movement. It is because they worry about the United States and the constitution.


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