Tax Hike Schweik can’t win

One of the most effective ways to win an election is to pick a popular issue in which your opponent has no flexibility and hammer them over it.

This year’s elections take place against a backdrop of high prices at the pump, which in turn affect the cost of goods and services throughout the economy.  The best solution, particularly in the short run, is to increase the supply of oil.  Thanks to their slavish devotion to the environmental lobby, most Democrats are unable to advocate solutions that will actually work.  Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife refuge, which is the size of South Carolina, would merely require an area the size of Los Angeles International Airport.  It is supported with near unanimity in Alaska, by both business and labor alike.  Still, the whims of radical environmentalists half a world away dictate Democratic party policy on this issue.

I applauded District 5 Congressional candidate David Schweikert when he took Congressman Harry Mitchell to task on energy prices, particularly his support of energy taxes.  The problem here is not the message, but the messenger.

While in the state legislature, Schweikert supported an 8 cent tax increase on diesel fuel (reported in the Phoenix Gazette, “Jobs Riding on Reduction of Trucking Tax,” February 16, 1993, Associated Press).  This measure would have raised the tax to .26 cents a gallon, “one of the highest rates among Western states.” By way of explanation, Schweikert says “A tax collected at the pump catches all truckers equally and eliminates much of the opportunity for fraud,” said Rep. David Schweikert, R-Scottsdale, another sponsor.

Many of the Congressional District 5 activists are concerned over the lack of nuance between the positions of the many fine candidates in that race.  As a sponsor of a tax increase, of the price of gasoline, no less, David Schweikert has a distinction, if not one that a Republican candidate would ordinarily want.

CD 5 activists should choose someone who hasn’t tried to raise taxes to carry the fight to Harry Mitchell this  Fall.


  1. Publius,

    Why don’t you put up the whole article. It’s available over at Espresso Pundit. Also, a piece of advice, when you are trying to fabricate an attack on a candidate, putting the headline “Jobs Riding on Reduction of Trucking Tax,” and then claiming it was a tax increase is probably a good giveaway that something is fishy. Next time just make the headline up. It’s not really that much different than what you did in making this story up and it will throw people off your trail.

  2. Trashy post here. Publius, we don’t know who you are, but the editors here do. Why you’re pushing out a hit on Schweikert just before the ballots go out is for them to discover. Espresso Pundit is all over your a** on this one and I suspect this post won’t be up for long. You’re embarrassing this blog with this post and making all of SA’s authors look bad.

    Nice job putz.

  3. I am out of ideas for pseudonyms says

    David Schweikert used to wear diapers. He may also shower in the nude, but I can’t prove it. Still, either is enough for a headline.

    Speaking of proof, since when does an 8 cent tax increase raise a tax to .26 cents?

  4. I am out of ideas for pseudonyms says

    Let’s start at the beginning. “One of the most effective ways to win an election…” Are there ineffective ways?

  5. It amazes me that the author thought so little of the readers on this blog that he thought he could get away with just making things up. But hey Publius, look on the bright side, your work did get picked up in Espresso Pundit.

  6. Oh my gosh, The whole site is in a uproar. The SA, Davids own blog has finally revealed some truth the rest of the republicans know about David. He is a liberal at heart. He was endorsed by the AFL-CIO and now this. A gas tax he was in favor of!! We better get our replies in quick before this gets removed!!!

  7. roger maris says

    Nice job Publius… Perhaps when SA decides that your work here is not up to snuff, you can send it to World Weekly News…

    Area 51 isn’t that far away…
    (to bad this one was already scooped. )

    or better yet…

    You could bust the scoop that Ogsbury was endorsed by BAT BOY… and only with HIS help did he walk 19,000 doors….

  8. Or better yet Publius, why don’t you let us know where you got your faulty oppo – could it be from your wife who works at the Dem party?

  9. Everyone needs to take a step back and really think about what it means to support David. He has no real political history unless you go back 15 years. Take a look at his most recent attempt to prove he is a conservative. He let 3 school districts spend themselves into BK and did nothing while our property taxes shot through the roof. David could’ve used his “Power” and “influence” and fought to not allow the tax increase, but he was too busy buying favors for this race. I can’t trust for David to fight for me in Congress when he didn’t fight for me here.

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