Tall Tales by Wild Bill Konopnicki

Today’s Sonoran “Cactus Prick” award for audacity in campaign fallacies goes to Bill.   We’ve received more than a few phone calls about his latest radio ad … but first we have to ask, did he create the Sonoran Weekly Review as a media outlet for his carbohydrate laden campaign lard?

Here’s a quote from one of his ads, “Bill Konopnicki is a proven, constitutional conservative.

Really?   According to the Goldwater Institute’s 2009 Report Card, Bill Konopnicki averaged a “D+” overall as a legislator, one of the lowest scores on the Republican side of the isle, but in the specific category of Constitutional Government he rated a flat out “D”.

Amazingly his score overall for 2009 was 3pts lower than what he earned in 2008!  Knowing an election is around the corner, he still couldn’t bring himself to join his own party.

Here’s another direct quote from his radio ad, “He [we’re assuming that’s Bill] understands how to fix the budget problem.”

Again, the record doesn’t support his fallacy, in 2009 he earned a flat out straight “D” in Goldwater’s Tax & Budget rating.  It is an interesting side note that Bill is one of the few Republicans to have voted against a balanced budget in favor of Napolitano’s whooping $1B stretch-of-the-revenue-imagination a few years back.  I’ll bet that taught Jake Flake to not trust Bill.

And another quote from Bill’s Tales of Fancy, “Bill opposes bigger government, party politics at taxpayer expense” … what was the old expression?  ROTFLMAO

In both categories, Tax & Budget and Regulations Bill earned yet again another “D” for his efforts.  Guess he just doesn’t get it.

It gets better yet … “Bill …  believes that excellence can be achieved if you care more than others, risk more than others … Bill Konopnicki is a leader who has listened to your concerns, has represented you and your issues has studied the issues with you and for you” I guess that’s a pretty amazing feat since he has one of the worst attendance and voting records in the 2009 session.

And I’m still wondering what he’s risked?  … but it sounds nice anyway.

“Bill Konopnicki has the only proven voting record.” Again, these are direct quotes he wants us to believe.  Keep in mind, this is a representative who earned a “D+” for his efforts in Phoenix.

The only category that kept his overall grade average out of the toilet, or out of the range of Kyrstyn Sinema, was his “A-” in Education.   But that wasn’t for reform, it was for spending big bucks.

I’m still wondering though about the “only proven” part.  Guess he’s the only member of the House that matters.  Of course his opponent Senator Sylvia Allen was chosen “Legislator of the Year” by the Arizona County Supervisors Association and “Hero of the Taxpayer” by Americans for Prosperity’s Arizona Chapter.

“his bills have helped create over 150,000 new jobs” Are those public sector taxpayer supported jobs or are those jobs generating economic growth in Arizona?  Just where are those jobs Bill?  (Let me know if he calls)

I like this one, nothing like fear and class envy to carry your message, and Bill doesn’t miss the beat; “we must have Bill Konopnicki … working for our best interests not the interests of the larger counties.”

Have you looked at his campaign finance reports?  Pretty hard to find a thousand bucks from his own district, nearly all of his money is from those “larger counties” he’s fighting to protect his rural friends from.

What Bill doesn’t understand is that money can’t buy integrity or honesty; that facts are stubborn things, and that people do pay attention.

My favorite tale of Bill’s?  That he’s going to “…continue to protect our borders”.

Seems the folks that care about that issue in Arizona have some different facts regarding Bill’s position on immigration and the border.  He’s crafted legislation to gut Arizona’s tough employer sanction laws, and he contributed serious money to defeat Proposition 200 (Voter ID and No State Benefits to individuals without proof they are here legally).

The border folks even have a committee hearing quote from 2005 in which Konopnicki asserts that Arizona’s economy will collapse without immigrant labor.

But there we go again with those pesky facts.

And for the piece de resistance his latest radio ads its been reported tell of a sinister whisper campaign against him that … well, golly gee … just isn’t true darn it!

And what could this sinister whisper campaign be all about?  Well, its being said through out his district that he’s just not a real Constitutional Conservative.

Guess folks in his District have been reading what the Goldwater Institute has been saying about him all along, Billy gets a “D” in Constitutional government.


  1. Jay Adams says

    Carol you never cease to amaze. Allen was one of eight legislators to receive the award form the Counties Supervisor and so was Konopnicki in fact he has received seven awards from the counties supervisors and four from the Associations of Counties. He has received seven awards from the league of cities and eight awards from the Friends of the Family to name only a few. The facts are that her nephew MADE the counties give her an award and then sent out a press released making it look like she was the only one to receive an award. This is her history only half truths.

    As you know Allen was appointed to the Senator by the vote of her Nephew, which was illegal but don’t let that get in her way. If you look her up on line you see that she and her husband fined for bankruptcy and stuck their suppliers with over $90,000 in bad debt. She was fined by Clean Elections and has two tickets for no proof of insurance. Did you forget to mention these facts?

    Konopnicki’s bills have provided private sector jobs! You always only deal in half truths? The Arizona Chamber has twice awarded him as the Legislator of the Year because of his work in creating new private sector jobs.

    Let’s at least get the facts correct.

  2. Bill Konopnicki is one of the most respected Legislators in Arizona! His constituents know this well.

    Facts are facts; what Mr. Adams said is all true.

    Bill Konopnicki will win this election, he will make an excellent Senator for District 5!

  3. Stephen Kohut says

    Jeff must be taking a poll of one, himself. What a hoot!

  4. broadcasting attorney says

    Actually, Bill doesn’t want anyone looking too carefully into how many times he’s been fined by the federal agency that regulates one of his business interests. And he certainly doesn’t want you to know about Navajo and Apache Broadcasting and how much it cost him to settle that little matter.

    My facts are a matter of public record, what about yours Jay? Where’s the beef?

    The facts are that Bill’s business practices are about as clean as the restrooms in his burger joints.

  5. Oh Mr. KONUT keep being your cocky self. You would be shocked if you knew what the polls said in that District…LMAO!

    And BA wait till you see the record of his opponent. Oh what fun this is going to be?

  6. Stephen Kohut says


    What ever will you do when the AZ GOP turns into a conservative stronghold? I’m chuckling all the way to the 8/24 primary when all those new conservative PCs become elected and we start leadership house cleaning in Dec 2010 and Jan 2011. Have you chosen where you will spend your exile yet?

    Elections have conserquences son and the upcoming ones will be quite a show.

  7. Broadcasting Attorney:

    Besides the cleanliness of the restroom in Bill’s burger joints, how about checking the legality of his employees!

    Especially since we now have SB 1070!

    This guy is little more that a poor man’s Magruder!

  8. Stephen KONUT says: “Elections have conserquences son and the upcoming ones will be quite a show.”

    First, you better get a better ‘spell checker’ & second, yes they do & YOU aren’t gonna like the outcomes.

  9. Look around you Tony!

    So far we’ve seen nothing but dead RINOS and libs littering the political landscape!

    What makes you think the Banana Republicans like Konopniki are going to pull through?

    Public opinion?

  10. Stephen Kohut says

    I’m shaking in my boots or is that just the ground shaking as you wander by?

    As I look around I see RINO establishment Republican bodies littering the ground. Rubio takes the FL primary by default. Bennett killed in Utah. Grayson slaughtered by Rand Paul in KY. Sue Lowden will go down in the NV Senate primary on 6/8 to Angle. I’m counting PC heads in AZ and the numbers just warm the cockles of my heart. GOP and TP conservatives are working together nicely and plotting a RINO bloodbath later this year. Exactly what is it that I’m not going to like old boy?

  11. One question for you Mr. KONUT. Where was your ‘Army’ on the vote for Prop. 100? Where were you Stephen? You Libertarians trying to take over the Republican party will fail! Stay Tuned this is just getting good….

  12. Stephen Kohut says

    Libertarian? Seems to me you don’t know what is in the Republican Platform. Typical RINO, doesn’t know what a platform Republican is. Go check it out. I’ll wait. You do read, don’t you?

    I’ll trade Rubio, Bennett, Paul, Angle and overwhelming numbers of conservative AZ PCs for Prop 100. One win does not a war make son. You might want to consider Admiral Yamamoto’s words regarding his stunning victory at Pearl Harbor. They go along the lines of, “we have awoken the sleeping tiger.” Yes, it is about to get very good indeed.

  13. RINO Hunter says

    TonyGOPrano aka Jeff Vath

    Has anyone seen the fundraiser hosted by Konopnicki asking $2500 a head for a dozen loosers in the AZ House? Oh, and Kono even is fundraising for 2 Democrats.

    Stop by the Biltmore on the 15th and watch the no-shows for the loosers led by Konopnicki.

  14. RINO Hunter says

    TonyGOPrano aka Jeff Vath … you mention some polling numbers. How old is this poll, who conducted it, and what was the margin of error?

    Oh, Bill never shared that with you did he? Didn’t think so.

    It sort of like the “experts” Bill claims have chosen him as a leader of the legislature – more Tall Tails told by the Mogul of Fast Fried Carbs.

  15. lady liberty says

    You know Mr. Jay Adams…you must have taken your comments right out of Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for radicals.” That basic rule is you never argue facts you just attack!
    And you sir, all you can do is attack his opponent and anyone else who does not support Mr.Konopnicki, because you cannot argue with the facts! The facts are true….Mr. Konopnicki is not a conservative.

  16. Oh yes Constantine (RINO Hunter) there is a poll in that race. Too bad you won’t see it.

    How was your $300.00 fundraiser for Sylvia? Heard it was a hoot! LOL!

  17. Thanks for the shout outs folks, but whoever is posting here as RINO Hunter isn’t me. It is cool that when you hear the name RINO Hunter you think of me, but so many variations of spelling my name and no one gets it right? Bummer…

    FYI – I’ve never read Rules for Radicals, so you’ll never hear me quoting from it, and I don’t have fundraisers for my clients, so you’ll have to save your “LOL” for someone else.

    Now, back to work for me. You kids have fun here.

  18. Reading Bill’s bills from this last session, I found that Bill had written three bills that called for: 1) eliminating the entire House of Reps, 2) extend terms to 4 years, 3) expand term limits from 8 years to 16 years.
    What Bill doesn’t know about the Arizona Constitution is a lot! I found it interesting that he asked Sylvia to run for his old House seat, to walk into the Senate seat, when he clearly intended a massive power grab with those bills, and getting rid of Sylvia’s seat altogether. I’ve seen raw greed of power, but this guy takes the cake!

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