Christine Jones Adds Plagiarism to Campaign Checklist Woes

As the late great President Reagan would often say, “There you go again.” One can hear those words ring yesterday as gubernatorial candidate Christine Jones proves her not ready-for-political-prime-time status yet again.

It all started last year with an epic failure on immigration.  She must have failed basic geography because she simply didn’t know where the Rio Grande River is located. (Hint: it’s that river that borders Texas and Mexico.)  She also goofed on the percentage of Hispanics hired by Sheriff Joe.  And she even –wrongly — praised him for placing pots of water in the desert as part of his humanitarian efforts in helping illegal border crossers find their way north into Arizona. Oh, and those gaffes didn’t evade national scrutiny as they probably should have for someone running for Governor of a border state. If she wants the job, she should at least get the facts straight or at least hire someone who can feed her the facts for political regurgitation.

Christine JonesThen earlier this year it was revealed  that, in addition to her ignorance on some basic issues, she was also a serial exaggerator.  During congressional testimony eight years ago, Jones claimed to have been a prosecutor in Los Angeles when she had never even passed the California bar exam.  When pressed why she made the claim when it clearly wasn’t true, Jones explained that she’d been
pushed around by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI). Hmmm… That’s an odd admission for
someone who really wants to be governor – that she was bullied into false statements. In a state where women governors have no problem pointing a finger at the President of the United States, Arizonans are kinda looking for someone with a little more caliber.

But wait! It gets better! Jones also misrepresented her involvement in the military when she was caught on tape stating that when her husband got in, she got out [of the US Air Force].  The fact is, she was never actually in. Another fact check strikes again.

Fast forward to Wednesday in Tucson when Jones announced her new plan for developing Arizona’s economy. Instead of the historical Five C’s she unveiled borrowed the Five “T’s” — transportation, technology, tourism, training, and taxation.  Borrowed? You see the five T’s aren’t anything new.  Back in December, 2013, liberal Tucson city Mayor Jonathan Rothschild sorta kinda already threw the five T’s into political play.  The first three Tucson “T’s” are identical — transportation, technology, and tourism. Tucson used trade and teaching instead of training and taxation, but seriously, could there be a more flagrant, obvious rip-off of someone else’s ideas than this? At least she could have been more original by picking another letter in the alphabet to alliterate her ideas.

Who knows what political mine field Christine Jones will stumble into next? If we’re keeping track we can check off the boxes of ignorance, resume embellishment, and plagiarism. The way things are going she may even earn a spot on Saturday Night Live?

Mike Polak Wins Republican Primary for Tucson City Council in Ward 5

Mike Polak Republican Candidate excited to give Ward 5 a choice for a better Tucson

TUCSON, Ariz. — Tuesday August 27th, Tucson City Council Candidate Mike Polak won the Republican Nomination for Ward 5. In the city of TucsonWard 5 is one of the poorest areas and right now is in desperate need of real leadership. Citizens all over Tucson will have the chance to vote for Mike Polak on November 5, 2013 when the election is held for the general election. For Mike’s part he is excited to give Tucson residents a choice for a better Tucson. Mike now faces incumbent Richard Fimbres in the general election, which switches to a citywide vote.

“I would like to thank the voters of Ward 5 who voted for me in the primary election,” Mike stated. “I would like to also thank James Kelley for his efforts up to the primary, and I look forward to working with my new team for the general election,” Mike continued.

About Mike Polak: Mike is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, an aerospace engineer with 20 years experience, a multi-national, multi-modal transportation expert and a small business owner. He currently lives with his wife and daughter in Tucson’s south side.

The learn more about Mike Polak visit his website at

Teacher John Ward Needs Our Support In His Stand Against La Raza!

John Ward was right! Now you have an opportunity to help him!

John Ward is the teacher who alerted us to the Raza studies program (now suspended!) at the Tucson Unified School District. The District and its Raza program are now retaliating against him.

Special Guests

AZ Attorney General Tom Horne
State Representative Steve Montenegro, LD12

Please join us on Tuesday, April 17, 2012

5:30 to 7 p.m. at Dillon’s Top of Central

8525 N. Central Avenue
Phoenix, 85020

Donations of $50 or more will be collected that evening at door


may be mailed to

John Ward Litigation Trust
c/o Law Offices of Armand Salese
184 S. Stratford Drive
Tucson AZ 85716

Assorted Hot & Cold Hors d’oeuvres and dessert to be served

Please RSVP to by April 16, 2012.

Read John Ward’s guest opinion - Guest opinion: “Raza studies gives rise to racial hostility

Frank Antenori Overwhelmingly Wins Vote After CD-8 GOP Debate

Frank Antenori

TUCSON – In a straw poll of attendees following last night’s debate in Oro Valley, State Senator Frank Antenori was selected as the preferred candidate for the Republican nomination for Congress in CD-08 with more than 40% of the vote.

The winner of the poll, largely decided by voters who indicated at the beginning of the debate that they had not yet selected a candidate, was announced this morning on KVOI’s Wake Up Tucson program.

“There is a difference in this race,” Antenori said. “The other candidates all say nice things but not one of them has actually had a measurable impact on improving the economy by reducing the size and cost of government like I have.”

Antenori says he has “proven” his ability to “earn the support of Republicans, Independents, and conservative Democrats through his blunt spoken style, relentless advocacy for government reform and liberty. He was re-elected in the last election by over 60% of the vote in a district with only 43% Republicans.

“In America, one earns the right to be promoted based on performance. I am asking the voters for a promotion based upon my performance,” he said. “The other option is to pass over someone who has delivered for one who just walked in off the street.”

The results of the straw poll are as follows:

Frank Antenori – 48 Votes – 40%
Martha McSally – 30 Votes – 25%
Dave Sitton – 22 Votes – 18%
Jesse Kelly – 19 Votes – 16% 

Early voting is underway now and in-person voting for the primary will occur on April 17th.



All Four Republican Candidates Seeking to Fill Gabrielle Giffords’ Seat Attending 

(Tucson, AZ) The Pima County Young Republican Club in partnership with the Legislative District 26 Republican Party is proud to announce a Congressional Candidate Debate tonight, Monday, March 26 from 7:00-9:00 pm in the auditorium of Canada del Oro High School (CDO).

All four Republican candidates running to fill the open CD-8 seat previously held by Representative Gabrielle Giffords will be participating. This includes State Senator Frank Antenori, Jesse Kelly, Colonel Martha McSally, and Dave Sitton. The CD-8 Special Election will be an important bellwether with national implications going into the 2012 Presidential Election.

The debate will be simulcast live on radio station KVOI 1030 AM The Voice. Joe Higgins will act as debate moderator. Mr. Higgins is a local Republican entrepreneur, a former candidate for County Supervisor in District 1, and the host of “Wake Up Tucson,” a radio program on The Voice.

Other special debate sponsors include the Oro Valley Republican Women’s Club and the Pima County Tea Party Patriots.

The Young Republicans will conduct a Congressional Candidate Straw Poll at the debate for $2 per entry with a strict limit of one entry per person. Straw poll results will be announced the following day on the Pima County Young Republican blog at The Young Republicans will also be collecting early ballots for people who want to turn them in at the debate.

CDO High School is located at 25 W Calle Concordia, Tucson, AZ 85704. The auditorium holds up to 650 people, and a full crowd is expected. Doors will open at 6:00. Early arrival is suggested to ensure a seat.


Intimidation by traffic camera profiteers won’t stop reforms

Reposted from Arizona Daily Independent

A Tucson “newspaper’s” trumped up Ticketgate won’t stop Frank Antenori from reforming traffic camera enforcement.

State Senator Frank Antenori told the Tucson listening audience of the popular Jon Justice radio show last week, that legislators are now backing away from traffic camera enforcement reforms in order to avoid being targets of smear campaigns conducted by reform opponents.

The news of Antenori’s red light ticket made headlines in a local paper, at the same time Antenori was pushing his popular legislation to reform traffic camera practices.

Antenori told Justice’s listening audience that he “screwed up” when he tried to claim legislative immunity for a red light traffic ticket he received in 2009. Antenori called the push for the news story by the profiteers of the traffic cameras, the worst form of intimidation of legislators he had seen.

Antenori said he spoke to a reporter who confirmed that the story’s timing was intentional.

Just this week, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted 8-4 on HB 2557. The law changes the broader definition of intersection to one that says the intersection starts at any painted “stop” line or at the first crosswalk line. This will most likely result in fewer tickets and less revenue for the camera operators.

HB 2557 would bring Arizona into conformance with 38 other states.

The hard hitting, investigative reporters of the Star ignored the tickets of his opponents in their CD8 Ticketgate, and focused solely on the tickets of Antenori. For the record:

Sep-04 Tucson Local charge
May-99 Tucson Failure to produce evidence of financial resp, expired registration
Feb-04 Tucson Local charge
Dec-05 Tucson Local charge
Nov-06 Phoenix Local Charge
Oct-07 Tucson Local Charge
Aug-08 Tucson Fail to stop for red light (photo radar)
Feb-09 Tucson Local charge
May-09 Tucson Failure to stop for red light (photo radar)
Jun-09 Tucson Local charge
Jul-09 Eloy More than 65 mph in 55 mph urban area
May-10 Tucson Local charge
May-10 Tucson Local charge
Mar-11 Tucson Local charge

Sep-05 Tucson 1) Local Charge, 2) Registration in a county other than residence, 3)Emissions violation
May-10 Marana Speed excess 15mph in a school zone
May-10 Marana Local charge
Jul-10 Marana Local Charge
Dec-10 Tucson Failure to stop for a red light (photo enforcement)

Aug-99 Santa Cruz County Sued for annulment
Apr-02 Tucson Improper light on license plate, red tail lamps required (fix-it ticket)
Jul-02 Tucson Local Charge

Sep-03 Tucson Local Charge
Oct-04 Tucson Driving without registration
Aug-10 Tucson Local Charge

Jun-06 Tucson Local Charge
Jun-07 Tucson Local Charge
Apr-08 Tucson Local Charge
Feb-12 Scottsdale Local Charge

Arizona House Ethics Committee to take up Rep Daniel Patterson Investigation

196 days ago, Sonoran Alliance called for the Arizona State House Ethics Committee to conduct an investigation on the behavior of LD-29 State Representative Daniel Patterson. That hearing will finally take place next Tuesday – exactly 200 days from our initial call. (Read Agenda)

Not knowing who finally conceded to this request for the investigation, this blog expresses its appreciation to that person for finally allowing these hearings to take place.

Where this will lead, is still to be determined but we believe that an indictment is likely to ensue by law enforcement authorities any day.

The frustration in all of this should be obvious. Everyone was quick to jump on Republican State Senator Scott Bundgaard over an incident that took place alongside State Route 51 last February, but no one dared raise the same complaint (except this blog and The Three Sonorans) over State Representative Daniel Patterson.

There was a blatant double standard.

Next Tuesday, Daniel Patterson will finally be in the hot seat and if Republicans want to be intellectually consistent in their practice of governance, they will need to prove to Arizona that justice is not only blind but that it’s courageous.

Jeff Rogers on Daniel Patterson

Here’s the text from an email that made the rounds among Democrats. Pima County Democrat Chairman Jeff Rogers authored the email which addresses the domestic violence problem with State Representative Daniel Patterson. 

From: Jeffrey Rogers [​]
Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2010 9:43 AM
To: -X-
Subject: Patterson

-X-, I would truly appreciate it if you would not engage in any negative statements about Daniel. We already have a “safe” Dem seat in play in LD 28 because of Ted Downing’s move. We can’t afford to have another “safe” seat in play. This is not a primary. We most hold the seats we already have – especially since we have a legitimate chanced to pick up a Senate seat in 26 & 30 and a house seat in 30.

So, even if you have strong opinions about this and a strong friendship with his soon to be ex-wife, please don’t stir this up any more than it already has been.

Thank you.

It’s Too Late for Representative Daniel Patterson

For months, Sonoran Alliance has demanded ethics hearings into the behavior of Southern Arizona Democrat State Representative Daniel Patterson.

For months, no one in the Legislature has had the guts to hold hearings.

Last week, Democrats finally accepted the reality that Daniel Patterson is dangerous to their party and began calling for his resignation.

This may be a first for Sonoran Alliance and Democrats to agree on.

But it may be too late for Daniel Patterson.

Insider sources have revealed that Daniel Patterson will be indicted this week (probably Thursday) on several charges including domestic violence.

So again, we DEMAND that Daniel Patterson resign from the legislature and prepare to face the impending criminal legal case building against him.

Time’s up for Daniel Patterson and perhaps the courts will finally punish him and force him to own up to his anger problem.

Tucson Launches!

This was too good to pass up and I especially appreciate the creative snarkiness to it all!

Potholes, potholes, potholes. You simply cannot drive anywhere in Tucson without hitting one. But don’t get mad. Instead, embrace your favorite local pothole and share it with everyone.

We are pleased to announce a new social media website for the greater Tucson area. It’s aptly titled, You can upload your favorite pothole picture and give it a name. You can rate your pothole and other people’s potholes. Your best snarky comments are always welcome. View the Google Potholes map to see the “red dots” grow and grow. Read some of the serious commentary on the blog side, too.

The goal? To bring Tucson’s pothole plight to “center stage” and hold the Tucson City Council and the Pima County Board of Supervisors accountable for their failed leadership in keeping our streets safe and usable.

Thank you for your interest and we are looking forward to seeing your favorite pothole on

Rep. Paul Gosar Statement on One Year Anniversary of Tucson Tragedy

CONTACT: Apryl Marie Fogel

PRESCOTT, AZ –U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar, D.D.S (AZ-01) released the following statement today on the one year anniversary of the horrific shootings that killed six people and wounded 13 others at a “Congress On Your Corner” meet-and-greet hosted by Congresswoman Gabby Giffords for constituents on January 8, 2011. Gosar said:

“On the one year anniversary of the tragic events that took place at public event hosted by Congresswoman Gabby Giffords I would like to express my deepest sympathies to all of those affected. My thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives or were injured on that day.

I continue to marvel at the resolve of Congresswoman Giffords and her husband for their strength and positive outlook through her recovery.

On this anniversary of this tragedy we should be reminded throughout our state and nation to recognize the importance of identifying and treating those with severe and persistent mental illness. It is my hope that we do not allow this event to further stigmatize those who are in need of or are currently receiving treatment but instead see it as an opportunity to bring attention to this important health issue which affects approximately 60 million Americans.

We must be vigilant and recognize the early warning signs of those who are in need of intervention and crisis treatment before a crisis occurs.”

Additional resources are below:

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Public Awareness & Support:
National Institute of Mental Health:
National Alliance on Mental Illness:



Rep. David Schweikert Remembers Tucson Shooting Tragedy

CONTACT: Rachel Semmel

Scottsdale, Ariz. – Congressman David Schweikert (R-AZ) made the following statement in remembrance of the one year anniversary of the Tucson tragedy:

“A year ago today, an assault on our democracy and those participating in it, left our Arizona community with deep wounds. 

“But Arizonans have turned our sense of grief into a sense of resolve. We will continue the work of our democracy, moving forward with the memory of those we lost and gratitude for those who are still with us. 

“Joyce and I are grateful for the progress Rep. Giffords has made thus far. Though still with heavy hearts, we join hands in continued prayers for healing for the families of those we lost and we urge all Arizonans and Americans to do the same.” 



Phoenix, Tucson, Recall Elections: Predictions Anyone?

Here’s your chance to make predictions regarding the outcome of the elections. (Please keep it civil!)

Worth Repeating: Pima GOP on Jonathan Rothschild

“Rick accuses me of not telling the truth when I said my family business hadn’t taken any new cases for the City of Tucson. Of course I was telling the truth; our firm has not taken a new case from the City in the last year or two. We have given legal advice – but legal advice is not a case.”   Stated Jonathan Rothschild.

Mr. Rothschild is trying to draw a distinction between giving legal advice and taking on a new case. Regardless of semantics, Rothschild’s firm was being paid by the city. How disingenuous – not taking “cases” just taking our money and no reasonable person sees a distinction between taking on new legal matters and new legal cases.  He is intentionally deceiving the public. Our city deserves a mayor who doesn’t parse his words. When our next Mayor looks people in the eye, the people of Tucson deserve to know that he isn’t trying to trick them with word games.  We’re seeing the real Jonathan Rothschild. Our city deserves a leader who shoots straight and tells the truth. Mr. Rothschild has just proven he isn’t that person.

Why Isn’t Tucson Democrat Mayoral Candidate Jonathan Rothschild Telling the Truth?

Just released by Grinnell4Mayor.

YouTube Preview Image

Representative Proud Calls On The City Of Tucson To Enforce Its Laws

CONTACT: Paul Boyer

Tucson, Arizona – “I’m calling on the City of Tucson to enforce the law. Just like every other group, Occupy Tucson has a right to protest so long as their activity falls under what the law allows for. Sadly, these protesters are openly violating the law by staying overnight in Armory park, not obtaining a permit to have an event, and violating the rules by not obtaining the required insurance necessary for the activities. Since there are multiple violations, I am now calling on the City of Tucson to order them into compliance and not give special privileges to Occupy Tucson. The City would not allow this for other protests or groups, so why should Occupy Tucson receive special favors?

And now it’s being reported this same group will camp out in foreclosed homes to prevent them from being cited or removed from the parks. If protesters seek to change park regulations, there is a process they can follow. In the meantime, the City cannot allow them to openly violate the law and only enforce the regulations when they feel like it.”

# # #

Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup: The Public May No Longer Criticize City Officials

Mayor Walkup, in sum and substance: “The Public May No Longer Criticize City Officials at Council Meetings.”

By Roy Warden

On September 07, 2011 the Tucson City Council fired City Manager Mike Letcher, whom Councilwoman Karen Uhlich called a “man of integrity” who was “hired to bring more transparency and openness to city government,” ushering in a new era in Tucson City Politics.

Regarding “transparency and openness to city government,” it only took a week for this new era’s true character to reveal itself.

In a breathtaking usurpation of power, Mayor Walkup, using terms such as “civility in public discourse,” effectively announced on September 13, 2011 that city policy now bans the public from offering any future criticism of Tucson City Officials at city council meetings, effectively suspending the First Amendment.

And 20 minutes later the Tucson Police Department enforced the new policy when, upon Mayor Walkup’s direct command, they stopped the public address of Tucson Activist Roy Warden, arrested him, and removed him from the council chamber.

“It is shocking, stunning,” said Warden afterwards in an interview with KGUN News.

“In one fell swoop, Mayor Walkup overturned 235 years of law, the First Amendment and the fruits of the American Revolution.”

On September 13, Warden began his address by reminding the council of the lawful relationship between government and the people, as set forth in the Arizona Constitution, with the purpose of government being to protect the individual rights of the people.

Warden then turned to the issue of City Manager Richard Miranda, City Attorney Mike Rankin, and the theft of more than half a million dollars of public funds to pay the punitive damages awarded by a federal jury against three Tucson City Officials, including Richard Miranda, in 2006.

It was at this point that Mayor Walkup cut him off.

When Warden tried to read the punitive damage standards set forth in Arizona case law, Mayor Walkup had the police arrest and remove him from the city council chambers.

Outside, TPD Officer Couch aggressively confronted Warden and told him: “Get out of here! You’re just a troublemaker!”

Warden says whether or not the Mayor and City Council has the authority to prohibit public speech they deem to be “uncivil” will be resolved via a Special Action he intends to file in Pima County Superior Court.

Then Warden plans to file a action against Mayor Walkup and Tucson City Attorney Mike Rankin in US District Court on the issue of civil rights violations, and damages.

“It’s remarkable,” Warden says.

“The Mayor had me arrested to prevent me from bringing to public view the theft of half a million dollars of public money,” Warden says.

“Now, by his own arrogance and outrageous conduct, he’s given me the power to make a federal case out of it.”

And now the video:

YouTube Preview Image