AZ Tea Party- Fair Noblemen Onto St. Crispin’s Day

By Gayle Plato

In the face of powerful men, grabbing us in fixed stares, we can get off message- become timid. The entire nation rises up but in small ripples on little ponds. The wave of discontent is not a tsunami; grassroot protests flow on to erode injustice, one piece of grit at a time.

Everyone runs to the party, drippy tea bag in hand, Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged underarm, trying to ferret out reality from talking points. Noble savages remember one thing: There are no Cliff Notes for Liberty. Thoughtful reflection seeds all clever strategy.

Rand wrote of John Galt because she questioned collectivism and loss of the individual. Has the revelation become reality? It’s hard to say. But the greatest thing you have, your number one tool when going into a battle, is your mind. Your brains are your quiver, with arrows of truth to help you see. Question Authority.

Valor and freedom rest in endless review and dissection of talking points. Look between the lines; listen to what the men of power do not say. You see Rand and Galt, but I say onto Agincourt with Fair Harry, King Henry V, of Shakespeare and the battle of St. Crispin’s Day. 

Angincourt was a real battle, fought over rights to land, taxation issues, and years of dispute.  It was already of legend in the time of William Shakespeare.  Henry was young, vastly outnumbered, and his men, sick, weak.  They were the underdog of discontent, strapped, cornered.  Yet, they did not give up.  It is said that in truth of history, Henry V gave a rousing speech, of which Shakespeare dramatically wrote. In my mind and many others, the greatest piece of writing, drama, and historical perspective all rolled into one.  We, fair citizens for freedom, can also rally.  Onto Agincourt! 

Please see the best redition of the great Kenneth Branagh as Henry V-

St. Crispin\’s Day

more on the great battle:


Wednesday, April 15, 2009 5:30 to 7:00 pm
Where:Arizona State Capitol, Senate Lawn
Who: The AZ chapter of American for Prosperity
-Allied pro-taxpayer organizations
-Hundreds of taxpayer activists from around the state
-Arizona’s best legislators

Please let the organizers know you will attend by sending an email to