Rep. Schweikert: Two types of people in Washington: Those who do math and those who don’t

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 22, 2011
CONTACT: Rachel Semmel

Scottsdale, Ariz. – Congressman David Schweikert (R-AZ), member of the House Financial Services Committee, went on Fox News’ Happening Now to discuss the failure of the Supercommittee and what can be done next. Below is the video and excerpts from the interview:

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“If you spend a little time there, you start to realize Congress seems to breaking into camps, and the camps aren’t necessarily conservative or liberal. It’s those that do math and those that don’t. And I’m realizing right now a lot of our brothers and sisters on the other side of the aisle don’t own calculators.” 


“We are becoming a country that is, basically, a health insurer with a shrinking army. Medicare is consuming us as a people.” 


“We can save Medicare. We can save these programs, but you have to do something that puts market forces into them. You have to understand, Democrats changed Medicare as you and I know it a couple years ago when they did the healthcare takeover law. It is going to look very different. It’s moving into a rationing model, but it still consumes every dollar of the federal government.”


“Very simple. How do you have a spirit of bipartisanship if you’re going to have one side that won’t do real math? At the end of this decade, almost all federal spending is in the mandatory category. It consumes everything we are. Yet, when was the last time you saw a Democrat politician, someone on the Left, get up in front of their own constituents and tell them the truth and tell them that?”


Gosar’s Statement on Failure of Supercommittee: America is Disappointed and Frustrated

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 22, 2011
CONTACT: Apryl Marie Fogel

Gosar’s Statement on Failure of Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction: America is Disappointed and Frustrated

WASHINGTON, DC –U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar, DDS (AZ-01) released the following statement today upon news that the 12 person Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction was unable to successfully present Congress with a plan to reduce $1.2 trillion over the next decade.

“As we go into the holiday season, hardworking Americans are hoping that the New Year will bring new opportunities and new success for our nation’s economy.

As an outsider sent to Washington to bring a new perspective, I am frustrated that politics as usual has gotten in the way of such a solution being offered. Too many in the federal government have lost sight of the real problem. The problem is the continued business as usual mentality, and many in positions of power in the federal government are to blame.

The answers to our problems are not more government picking of winners and losers, more government bureaucracy, or more government spending.    The solution requires government to get out of the way of Main Street America and to tighten its own belt.

I’ve repeatedly said that tough decisions would have to be made and meaningful reforms brought to the table to solve our current spending crisis.  I am disappointed that this group was not able to meet this challenge.

Despite today’s setback for our country, I remain as committed as ever to fighting the Washington machine and advocating on behalf of my constituents for real, common-sense solutions that will restore fiscal sanity and ensure prosperity for future generations.


Wil Cardon: In Crucial Economic Times, President MIA on Super Committee Negotiations

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 21, 2011
CONTACT: Katie Martin

Phoenix, Arizona – The deadline for the Super Committee to reach a deal in cutting $1.2 trillion over ten years in an effort to avoid across the board cuts of $1.2 trillion is looming over Capitol Hill while members of the Super Committee and Congress are starting to fall apart at the seams. In all of the Super Committee discussions, one key component, President Barack Obama, has been missing in action.

Mesa businessman and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Wil Cardon issued the following statement in regards to the President’s lack of ability to lead the Super Committee negotiations:

“While our country is facing a financial crisis and on the brink of implosion, where is the President during all of the Super Committee negotiations? He is off campaigning around the country and taking vacations instead of leading the debate. The President should be ashamed that he has let another financial crisis hit a boiling point without even once intervening. Why isn’t President Obama being held accountable for not doing his job which is leading the nation?

“President Obama may think it is politically smart to stay out of the debate but in reality it will be disastrous if our country is forced into $1.2 trillion in across the board cuts to programs like defense. It is critical for the United States to get its fiscal house in order but it is unacceptable to put the financial burden on our defense department when there is wasteful spending taking place in other departments within the government.

“The President has once again neglected his leadership role and failed to stop the partisan politics and do what is best for the American people. Our country can’t afford his unwillingness to put politics aside anymore.”


Rep. Schweikert: ‘It’s a spending problem, not a revenue problem’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 15, 2011
CONTACT: Rachel Semmel

Washington, D.C. – Congressman David Schweikert (R-AZ), member of the House Financial Services Committee, went on CNBC’s The Kudlow Report with Rep. Charlie Rangel to discuss entitlements and the latest coming out of the Supercommittee. Below is the video and excerpts from the interview:

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“Unlike Charlie, who has been here four decades, I’ve been here 11 months. So maybe I am still pathologically optimistic. I did get to spend some time with Senator Toomey today. He’s grinding it out trying to, as he said, “talk to members of the committee and see if there is movement.” He has also made it clear this isn’t what he would do if he were dictator. But he gets what he gets. Many of us are hopeful we’ll get a package. I think if we don’t, we’ll see a true reaction in the markets out there.”


“Look, it’s going to break my heart if they don’t deal with the corporate tax code to make us competitive. One thing Congressman Rangel and I disagree on, is I believe if you look at the portion of our budget that is in entitlements, that is exploding in growth, it is consuming us as a people. Our government quickly is becoming a health insurer with a shrinking army. That’s the spending cuts. It is a spending problem. It is not a revenue problem.”