McClusky Withdraws From Tucson Mayor’s Race


Based on information from a pre-trial hearing today, and at the advice of my attorneys, I am withdrawing from the race to become Tucson’s next mayor. A number of the signatures which I gathered were not properly witnessed by the gatherers, and based on that information I will not have the required number of petitions to qualify for the ballot. Therefore, as of today, I am withdrawing my petitions and candidacy for the Mayor’s race.

Unfortunately, Democratic Party Chairman Jeff Rogers and the local political machine he heads have chosen, and show every indication of continuing to choose, legal means to bully, intimidate and financially damage any and all candidates in these elections with the exception of their own hand-picked representatives, and to this point it’s clear that their tactics have succeeded admirably.

Regardless, the fact that I was not able to turn in a sufficient number of petitions is my fault. And I want to sincerely apologize to all my supporters for this mistake, I know many of you have worked hard to help my campaign, and I know this hurts you as much as it does me.

Tucson needs new leadership, and I hope that all of you will re-dedicated yourselves–as I am–to getting both Tyler Vogt and Jennifer Rawson elected to the City Council. Both Tyler and Jennifer are quality candidates who deserve your support.


Shaun McClusky

Shaun McClusky: Support Relief Efforts for Wildfire Victims




Wildfires continue to burn throughout Arizona forcing many people to flee their homes, often without knowing when or if they’ll be able to return. I would like to ask each and every one of you to take a few moments of your time, a few dollars, or a few spare items from your cabinets to support our neighbors in their time of need.

Members of Arizona Smart Girl Politics in conjunction with Sparkle Cleaners and 5 Star Termite and Pest Control are sponsoring relief efforts in the form of a donation drive for those affected. Below are a number of items that are desperately needed to help victims of this catastrophe. You can drop off your donations at my office, 3323 N. Campbell Ave, Ste 6, or at any one of the other locations listed below:

Rincon Ventures: 3323 N. Campbell Avenue, Suite 6, Tucson
5 Star Termite & Pest Control: 1002 S. Pantano Road, Tucson
Any Sparkle Cleaners Location in the Tucson Area

These are the Items needed for donation:

*Baby Food
*Baby Formula
*Pull-Ups of all sizes
*Travel sized shampoo and conditioners
*All personal hygiene items for adults and children
*Toothpaste, toothbrushes and other dental care items
*Walmart, Target or KMart gift cards in $5 or $10 denominations to be given to families in need while sheltered.

For those who would like to make monetary donations, you may do so through either Wells Fargo Bank or the National Bank of Arizona simply by dropping off cash or a check for “Cochise County Monument Fire”. Also, donations are being accepted through the Red Cross of Southern Arizona.

I know that all of us here in Southern Arizona are praying for some rain, for the monsoons to arrive and douse these fires, for as many people and homes to be spared as possible, for the brave men and women fighting these fires. I join you in those prayers, and I’m asking you to take one step further. Join me in helping to provide a displaced family with something of need.

Thank You,

Shaun McClusky


McClusky: Democrat Party Seeks to Deny Tucson Voters A Choice in Mayor’s Race

CONTACT: Sam Stone

Tucson, AZ – Yesterday, Pima County Democratic Chairman Jeff Rogers announced that he will challenge the ballot status of Republican Mayoral contender Shaun McClusky and is looking to do the same to Independent candidate Pat Darcy. Rogers clearly believes that, if successful, his challenge will clear the way for fellow attorney and Democratic candidate Jonathan Rothschild to run virtually unopposed for the position of Mayor of Tucson.

In response, McClusky has already said that he is preparing his defense in court and is confident that Mr. Rogers’ challenge will fail. “I’m getting used to being sued by Democrats in this town,” said McClusky. “I kept the citizens of Tucson from having to pay an additional sales tax and they sued me, only to have their case thrown out in court. I’m confident that the judge in this case will also rule in my favor.”

“Does the Pima Democratic Party even believe in Democracy?” asked McClusky. “They clearly want to litigate this race instead of leaving it in the hands of voters who have so far clearly been unimpressed with the Democratic Party’s chosen candidate.”


McClusky: Tucson Bureaucrats Get A Car, Close A Pool

CONTACT: Sam Stone

Get a Car, Close a Pool

Tucson, AZ — While our current Mayor and City Council claim to serve the people of Tucson, evidence continues to pile up that the only people they really serve are themselves. While we’re cutting programs and closing public swimming pools, 26 City of Tucson employees continue to drive cars, fill their gas tanks and change their oil-all courtesy of the taxpayers of Tucson.

What’s worse is that these individuals are department heads and higher-ups, most of whom already make in excess of $100,000 per year, plus benefits. Not counting the gas and maintenance, the cost to Tucson taxpayers is about $161K per year. Add in the gas and maintenance and it’s easily a quarter million.

And what would it cost these individuals if they had to drive their own cars around on city business? Nothing. That’s because any individual who uses their personal vehicle for company business can deduct their mileage when they file their federal income taxes.

“Why are we closing swimming pools and leaving our streets full of potholes instead of asking these people to drive their own cars to work?” asked Tucson Mayoral candidate Shaun McClusky. “How can they look the people of Tucson in the face and say that a car allowance is more important than giving people opportunities for recreation and clean, safe streets?


Friday Poll: Whose your pick for Tucson Mayor?

This Friday’s poll will focus on the race for Mayor of Tucson.

Tucson is a tough municipality to get elected as a conservative. The current mayor, Bob Walkup – a Republican, was elected in 1999 and won re-election twice. He will not be seeking a second term.

This leaves the field to four candidates: Shaun McClusky, Jonathan Rothschild, Ron Asta and Marshall Home. Two other candidates, Jon McLane, a Green Party candidate, withdrew and threw his support behind Republican Shaun McClusky. Another candidate, Thomas Lombardi, a Democrat also withdrew from the race.

As we go to post this poll, we have some questions regarding the credibility of Marshall Home as a candidate. If anyone knows whether Mr. Home is still in the race or is not qualified to run, please let us know.

(The poll will remain open until next Friday and will limit repeat voting.)