Arizona Ron Paul Delegates Break Ranks with National Ron Paul Supporters Before Scheduled Protest

Sonoran Alliance received the following letter from an Arizona Ron Paul delegate in anticipation of a planned protest this evening at the Republican National Convention:


Open Letter to My Fellow RP Delegates,

My name is Edward Vallejo, and I am currently the Organizer of the Phoenix Ron Paul for President MeetUp Group – the first of it’s kind.  It was created in February of 2007, a full month before the good Congressman even declared, by a man named Philly Dave Gallagher, Activist in the Phoenix Area.  He created it because those engaged in the Cause of Liberty in Arizona saw what was coming, and knew that the people would need a place to gather and coordinate, for which the Internet and MeetUp were the perfect medium of communication without external control.  I began organizing the Group a couple of months later when I arrived because of my skills with coordinating efforts.

I am a United States Army veteran – and Signal Corps Honor Graduate, and my Permanent duty was with the 36th Medical Detachment (HA) out of Ft. Polk, La. as a radio-telephone operator, tasked with the overall coordination of missions, crews, and equipment for which lives depended – thus making me a natural for the position I now hold.

Being a past National Delegate for the Libertarian Party in 2008 and 2010, I am familiar with the process in which I am currently engaged here at the 2012 Republican National Convention – in this beautiful city of Tampa.

I understand there are grievances by many of my fellow Delegates that staunchly support Congressman Paul.  I understand your feelings probably more acutely than anyone present.  I ask you to hear me out.

Dr. Paul told us that the greatest good can only be done from within – that’s why he had us join the Republican Party – to spread the message of Liberty, and to not just build the Party – but become the Party.  Populate it with law-abiding, liberty-loving individuals.  Run for office.  Do as much good as you can there.  Make your Country better.

Keep it non-violent.

And that’s what you did.  You worked and fought and worked some more and fundraised, and now you are a good portion of the Republican Party – and you are everywhere.  Many of you have gone to great pains to work out relationships with many good people in the GOP.  Will you throw out all their hard efforts by airing your grievances at this time?  Will it gain you anything positive?

What would Ron Do?  Would he be out here amongst you if he were in this situation?  I think not.

I bet if I sat down and asked him, he would probably admit that Mr. Romney was nowhere near as dangerous to America as Mr. Obama sitting in the White House for another four years – especially since the ‘official nomination’.

I was the Arizona Voting Delegate at the Continental Congress 2009 in St. Charles, Illinois.  For eleven days, duly elected Delegates from 48 of the 50 states deliberated violations of the Constitution, including an Article that dealt with the Current sitting President’s failure to enforce the law regarding immigration.  I sat on that Committee and personally helped write that Article.

Being a Concerned Arizonan, I have watched closely my County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, as he has been investigating our sitting President.  He has reported back to us that his publicly released documentation of birth AND his Service Registration card are forgeries.

I could go on, but we all see it.

I am greatly distressed at the direction my Beloved Republic has been taken by this man in the Oval Office, and fear greatly for the safety of myself, my family, and my Country.  I fear the resort to the Use of Arms by American Citizens, and untold misery, heartache, and unnecessary bloodshed on American soil.

It is for these reasons that I implore my Fellow Patriots to not air your grievances at this time, publicly.  Please, go back inside the Convention hall, as one, and show some maturity and solidarity, and continue this road we have come so far on.  Let us have our grievances arbitrated either within the Party, or failing to resolute – take it to the courts.

I honestly believe that’s what Ron would do.



Ed Vallejo

Arizona Alternate Delegate



Ron Paul Supporters Now Eating Themselves

Interesting video by a Ron Paul supporter in which he calls Rand Paul a “Scumbag” in his YouTube title.

Not surprised.

Every day the Ron Paul faction takes on the disturbing characteristics of a political cult. This is what happens when you put all your faith into one man.

The Ron Paul Revolution is O-V-E-R and even the son of the movement’s leader know it.

Watch as the Paulistinians further self-destruct as the General Election nears.

A word of advice to the Ron Paul followers. Get with the program!

The survival of the Republic depends on it.

Ron Paul Revolutionaries Chaotic Takeover Attempt of Arizona Republican Convention

Guest video:

Here’s the video of Saturday’s Republican Party Convention where Ron Paul fanatics caused chaos and havoc in an attempt to take over the convention. Keep in mind that the woman who they attempted to elect as National Committeeman is a 911 Truther.

Zany band of Paul supporters plan revolution

Reposted from the Arizona Daily Independent

zany : comical in an endearing way; imaginatively funny or comical, especially in behavior 

Jeff Bales, a Ron Paul supporter and Member at Large of the Pima County GOP has called for the resignation of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. Bales is alleging that Priebus is showing favoritism towards Mitt Romney, and claims that Ron Paul is still in the race.

“Due to an alleged violation of the national GOP’s Rule # 11 (bans favoritism of one candidate while more than one candidate exists), an Executive Committee member within the GOP calls for the resignation of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus,” writes Bales.

Bales, who describes himself as a “simple” man, hopes to win the Ron Paul revolution through Facebook and other social networking sites including CNN ireport. Bales is being supported by a fringe group. The GOP has been under attack by many fringe elements including failed Tucson mayoral candidate Shaun McClusky who now claims to control the url of the Pima GOP.

One Paul supporter, who asked to remain anonymous, has come forward with concerns about the group’s bigger plan for this weekend, as a result of what she believes are “less than honorable tactics” employed by her fellow Paul supporters. “Their lack of intellectual contribution to the GOP has begun many to speculate there may be Dems in their midst,” she told the ADI.

The stealthy Paul contingent plans to nominate Ron Paul delegates at this weekend’s Arizona Republican Party Convention to send to Florida this summer. They have quietly arranged for Republican delegates for Paul to act like Romney supporters in order to be elected by their unsuspecting fellow Republicans to attend the Republican convention in Florida this summer.

One Paul supporter, Rachel Owen Tyson, claims that “Romney people that have been dressing up as Paul supporters and passing out fake slates of delegates to vote on.”

Tin foil hats are soon to be in short supply in the Paul ranks.

According to various sources, the Paul supporters intend to invoke “Rule 38” which states that States and Congressional Districts cannot “bind” their delegates in the case of a second ballot.

Bales posted on Facebook a video of a news report in which “Rule 38″ is discussed, and wrote “sshhhh” to his “friends.”

The Ron Paul contingent includes over 100 Arizona Republican delegates. Notable Ron Paul donors and/or supporters include:

  • Azita Afsharimehr, Scottsdale
  • Alan Albert, Gilbert
  • Cheri Albert, Gilbert
  • Jeffery Bales, Tucson
  • Loretta Hunnicutt, Tucson
  • Jennifer Reynolds, Chandler
  • Kenneth Rineer, Tucson
  • Stacey Salvaggio, Apache Junction
  • Jeremy Saxey, Mesa
  • Harold Shull, Phoenix
  • Amanda Sipes, Tucson
  • Kim Beneli, Concho
  • Gary Benkendorfer, San Tan Valley
  • Bryan Berkland, Mesa
  • Razi Berry, Scottsdale
  • Kenneth Biehl, Mesa
  • Leslie Briggs, Paulden
  • Robert Briggs, Paulden
  • Janna Campbell, Mesa
  • Ashley Carter,Tempe
  • Travis Carter,Tempe
  • John Cunningham, Phoenix
  • Beth Dean, Phoenix
  • Tony Dean.Phoenix
  • Joanne Diggins,Tucson
  • Paul Diggins, Tucson
  • Robert Doughty, Casa Grande
  • Pace Ellsworth, Mesa
  • Matthew Papke, Tempe
  • Adrian Erwin, Prescott Valley
  • Ben Fiedler, Phoenix
  • Michael Fink, Phoenix
  • David Fitzgerald, Phoenix
  • Yukari Fitzgerald, Phoenix
  • Annette Freeman, Gilbert
  • Richard Gaydosh,Tucson
  • Mark Gogan, Phoenix
  • Paul Gregory, Phoenix
  • David Guthrie, Tucson
  • Rebecca Guthrie, Tucson
  • Dory Harrington, Gilbert
  • Luara Hatton, Gold Canyon
  • Michal Haynes, Phoenix
  • William Haynes, Phoenix
  • Jill Henderson, Tucson
  • Preston Hicks, Kingman
  • Diane Holthaus, Chino Valley
  • John Huggins, Mesa
  • Benjamin Jones, Flagstaff
  • Thurane Khin, Phoenix
  • Scott Killian, Phoenix
  • Adam Koelsch, Tempe
  • John Kulak, Scottsdale
  • Anna Larsen, Florence
  • Seraphim Larsen, Florence
  • Kyle Lauing, Phoenix
  • Natasha Lauing, Phoenix
  • John Laurie, Gilbert
  • John Lesko, Tucson
  • Patricia Lewis, Kingman
  • Thomas Lindsay, Gilbert
  • Vitaliy Maksimov, Phoenix
  • Jeanne Manwiller, Phoenix
  • David Mason,Prescott Valley
  • Gloria Mason, Prescott Valley
  • Lori McKenna, Yuma
  • Cassandra Mooneyham, Lake Havasu City
  • Dragos Neagv, Surprise
  • Joseph Neglia, Tempe
  • Steven Neil, Mesa
  • Janelle Neil, Mesa
  • Karyn Nelson, Fountain Hills
  • Adam Nollmeyer, Phoenix
  • John Olson, Tucson
  • Lance Packer
  • Vinod Paul, Scottsdale
  • David Peterson, Tempe
  • Patrick Petrini, Surprise
  • Mary Ann Platt, Glendale
  • Sarah Platt, Glendale
  • Tom Platt, Glendale
  • Jill Skayfel, Concho
  • James Smith, Tucson
  • Tina Stephens, Phoenix
  • Sherri Stryker, Phoenix
  • David Tallman, Scottsdale
  • Thomasita Taylor, Phoenix
  • Brian Theobold, Peoria
  • Cassandra Tourville, Tucson
  • Catherine Vallecorsa, Glendale
  • Pamela Webe, Mesa
  • Deborah Wells, Peoria
  • Tom Westbrook, Mesa
  • Cody Whitaker, Tucson
  • David White, Paulden
  • Margot Wittenberg, Carefree
  • Russ Wittenberg, Carefree
  • Katherine Yeniscavich, Tucson
  • William Yeniscavich, Tucson

Loretta Hunnicutt contributed to this story. You may contact her at

Romney vs Paul

With the formal suspension of Santorum’s campaign today,  we are down to Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Although Gingrich has not formally suspended his campaign yet, he’s on the ropes.

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney were the only two who had a national campaign and appeared on all 50 states’ ballots.

Does the campaign now boil down to something as simple as this, the conservative underdog vs. the establishment moderate?  It seems so.

There have been a few interesting developments recently.  I came across this odd one this weekend where Russell Pearce stated that Romney and his immigrations positions are  virtually the same.    I find this hard to believe as Romney has been a supporter of the “DREAM” Act as well as amnesty:

Example 2

Example 3

That said, Pearce’s “internal enforcement” theory relies on a fundamental of Romney’s amnesty plan, that everyone has to get a national id card and workers (incl. *citizens*) cannot get a job unless the federal government first gives permission.  (Where’s THAT in the constitution?  Actually, that was the Clinton plan from 1993.)

5 term Rep. Chris Cannon (R, UT-3) was turfed out of his incumbent position by the Tea Party last cycle for just such duplicity on immigration, stating “tough” positions on immigration while promoting national id cards, federal tracking of citizens and amnesty while in DC.

Here’s Ron Paul’s position.  The irony is that Ron Paul’s (40 year unwavering) position on immigration sounds like what Russell Pearce *says* his platform is.  Except note, Ron Paul’s maintains constitutional integrity, individual constitutional rights for *citizens* while providing a zero-exception rule to amnesty, i.e. NO amnesty, no ids cards, no exceptions.

Some other information presented for your consideration.

Mitt Romney has not returned Gun Owners of America’s questionnaire–after three requests:

Here’s GOA’s evaluation of Ron Paul: GOA says Ron Paul has “guts” and is a “Second Ammendment Champion”. They give him an A+ rating.

Here are GOA’s 2012 Republican Presidential candidate ratings:
Ron Paul: A+ Santorum: B- Gingrich: C Romney: D- (based on his previous positions)

This is an interesting one.  Watch the crowds.  Watch the median age.  Look at these young Republicans who embrace individual responsibility, the constitution, the founding fathers and individual liberty.   Crowds of 8000?  See for yourself:


On the day Rick Santorum dropped out of the presidential race, it was Ron Paul — not presumptive front-runner Mitt Romney — who stole the show at the do-over Republican caucus in one of Missouri’s largest and most conservative counties.

Who Won the Arizona Republican Presidential Candidate Debate?

Here’s your chance to vote for the winner of the Arizona Republican Presidential candidate debate and tell us why:

Latest Presidential Political Ads

Ron Paul’s Big Dog!

I have to admit, I love this ad!

Well done Team Paul!

Ron Paul, The 13th floor

This was too funny but true to pass up posting! Hopefully, my Ron Paul friends will feel some comedic justice.

New Poll: Who won the Iowa GOP Debate?

Time for a brief post on my impression (and yours) of the Thursday evening Iowa GOP debate.

Mitt Romney remains the steady even-steven frontrunner. He gave the impression of being presidential, made few mistakes and had no deer-in-the-headlights moments like he did during the 2008 debates. When asked about healthcare and Romney care, his answer was still very much the government is the answer solution. He still remains committed to the concept of government-mandated healthcare which drives conservatives crazy. At least I will give him credit for being firm on an issue many believe is wrong.

Michele Bachmann again, did very well. She held her own in a field of men of which three strongly attacked her. At one point, the debate became a verbal joust between the Minnesota twins of Pawlenty and Bachmann. Michele gave very principled and committed answers on both fiscal and social issues. At one point, Byron York asked her a theological question about wives submitting themselves (Ephesians 5:22) in which she returned a very wise and personal answer. At this time, she is my favorite candidate because I identify with her positions more than any other candidate.

Let’s face it, Tim Pawlenty was a disappointment. He cannot seem to shake his passive aggressive temperament and presentation and this really became manifest when he attacked Congressman Bachmann. Pawlenty is having a tough time convincing voters that he is a fighter or has the fire in the belly to take on Obama (although I think anyone can beat Obama right now.)

In contrast to Pawlenty, Rick Santorum really stuck out as the righteous anger passionate candidate tonight. He was forceful and commanding in his arguments. He had me believing he was on the move until his anger turned on Michele Bachmann and then he came off as bitter and critical. His temperament lost me.

Newt Gingrich also stood out tonight. Just as Romney won the war, Gingrich won the battle in tonight’s debate. His answers and presentation gave the perception that his campaign may be on the road to recovery. Newt is probably the smartest guy on that stage but he does not convey executive leadership and I think almost everyone sees that clearly. After the Republicans win back the White House, Newt should be the top choice as Secretary of State or Secretary of Education, if that department doesn’t get eliminated.

Herman Cain was also somewhat of a disappointment. He had a few great answers but he did not command the stage and stand out as a strong leader contrasted to the other candidates. He seemed to get lost as an observer to the other fireworks show on stage.

Frankly, I’m surprised that John Huntsman is even running as a Republican. His presentation was extremely staged and the positions he holds and argued are more in line an Independent candidate. My guess is that he won’t remain in the race too much longer.

Then there’s the angry old man from Texas, Congressman Ron Paul. You’ll probably be surprised to know that I happen to agree with his philosophy on the role of government. (Although I am slightly torn about his position on the war and isolationism.) It’s just that the wrong Paul is running for President. Paul does not convey leadership but rather that of an alarmist. If his son, Rand Paul, were in this race, I’m sure that he would be doing much better than his father. A note to the Paulistinians out there who read this: I’ve included Ron Paul on the online poll but I would ask you not to flash mob it.

Finally, there’s much to be said in the days ahead about the Governor of Texas. Governor Rick Perry was not part of tonight’s lineup because he was probably sitting at home watching the GOP Vice-Presidential debate. No seriously, Perry has indicated that he will announce this Saturday that he is entering the race. This will have the effect of throwing a wrench into the campaign machine of Mitt Romney. Perry has every chance and likelihood of quickly overshadowing Romney in all areas with the exception of campaign cash on hand. Unlike Romney, Perry is currently serving as Governor of a state that is prospering especially in job growth compared to every other state. Perry is tremendously popular and can certainly brag about recent accomplishments that reflect the conservative agenda. And most important, Perry does not have to worry about a record of making deals with Democrats for his own political survival. When Perry enters the race, the Republican primary will essentially become a two man battle between him and Romney. At that point, Bachmann becomes the dark horse or top VP pick. All the other candidates will need to prepare their resumes for cabinet positions.

The new poll is up and we’re asking who you think won the debate. Feel free to share the poll with others but I’d also like your comments on the debate and where you think the race is going at this point in time.


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