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With the official launch of radio host Alex Meluskey’s campaign and last week’s launch of KelliPAC, we’ve decided to gauge the current level of support of each of the probable AZSen candidates.

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Voting will close Sunday at 8pm.

Wes Is NOT Worthy

Anyone who thinks they will be casting a vote for a Republican if they vote for Wes Gullett for Phoenix Mayor is vastly mistaken.  Wes is a top supporter of liberal Democrats like Raul Grijalva, Harry Mitchell, Ed Pastor, Tom Daschle, and David Obey.  Wes gave Raul Grijalva $1,000 the same week Grijalva called for a boycott against Arizona over SB 1070, and Wes DID NOT EVEN DEMAND A REFUND!  (Check it out by going to the FEC website and typing Gullett in).

Well Wes, better late than never, if you are really a Republican why don’t you demand a refund of the money you gave to Raul Grijalva to help him keep his Congressional seat so he could continue his radical left-wing assault on Arizona and America??!!  All told, Wes has given nearly $20,000 to liberal Democrats in the last few years.

Wes is also a big contributor to the Arizona Democrat Party, shelling out $500 for them during Napolitano’s reign of error. (Search here). Oh, almost forgot—Wes has so many left-wing flaws that his support for Janet Napolitano almost gets lost in the shuffle.   Napolitano almost bankrupted our state, but there was Wes cheering her on.  Anyone who thinks this uberlobbyist insider will actually cut government needs to face the facts.

Gullett has also admitted working for the Service Employees International Union, which organized the 1070 boycott of Arizona.  

Gullett has also fought to maintain taxpayer funded welfare benefits for illegal aliens, as well as to keep it nice and easy for them to vote illegally (probably for lefties like Wes.)  Fortunately the voters of Arizona passed Proposition 200 in 2004, despite Wes’ urging a NO vote on this.  Wes thought that illegal aliens should be able to collect welfare from you and me, and not be bothered with things like having to show a real I.D. (NOT a matricula consular) at the polling place.

Wes should not be rewarded for being a RINO—his voter registration is the ONLY thing Republican about Wes.  There’s a word for such a shameless play–dishonesty.

Those who are tempted to vote for him should also consider what his real ambition is, and that is the Senate seat that Senator McCain will leave in 2016.  The timing would be perfect for Wes if he could just get elected Mayor—he could spend four years boosting his profile and getting good press from his left-wing buddies at the Republic, then run.

Senator Gullett would make even the most hardcore JD Hayworth supporter pine for the conservative by comparison days of John McCain as our senator.  Gullett is a VERY close confidante of Senator McCain, having worked for him and managed his campaigns. 

Let’s not kid yourselves, when we settle for RINOs we just encourage more of them.

NO Wes for US Senator, NO Wes for Mayor.  NO MORE RINO’s!

Matt Salmon’s Union Connections

By Jean Valjean

Reposted from Western Free Press.

Matt Salmon seems to be playing both sides of the political fence. Salmon apparently is a Phoenix union supporter but a self-described “conservative” in Arizona’s East Valley.

Matt Salmon’s website home page welcomes you with this quote:

“Your financial support will help ensure my message of smaller government, fiscal responsibility and less taxes reaches every voter.” – Matt Salmon

Furthermore, Salmon markets himself as a “conservative.”

If this is true, why is Salmon, a supposed stalwart of conservatism, endorsing liberal union activist Claude Mattox for Mayor of Phoenix?

Matt Salmon’s firm, Upstream Consulting, represents government unions, specifically public employee unions in Arizona. These unions endorse Claude Mattox for Mayor of Phoenix. Salmon then endorses Claude Mattox. In turn, Salmon receives money from the unions. In addition, Salmon gets more ammunition against his primary opponents, specifically Kirk Adams.

Why? One reason is the unions hate Kirk Adams for spearheading pension reform in Arizona. Adams’ pension reform was the most ambitious in the country, targeting the public safety unions that Salmon represents. In fact, Arizona is on the union’s target list of states to “fight back” against.

This provides a unique solution for the unions and Matt Salmon. Salmon gets to capitalize on privately raising money from the unions, coordinating attacks on Salmon’s more anti-union primary opponents, while claiming he has nothing to do with the unions. The unions also get a more “friendly” candidate by eliminating old enemies.

While Kirk Adams was trying to pass pension reform and getting government sector spending in control with universities and unions, Matt Salmon was lobbying against these things. During Salmon’s lobbying tenure, he picked battles with the Goldwater Institute over corporate welfare, protected government public safety unions, and fought to protect ASU’s government gravy train.

Matt Salmon is receiving money from other union players. The list includes ex-union boss Billy Shields and union spokesman David Leibowitz.

Once again, why is Salmon endorsing union candidates and receiving union money? Why is Salmon suggesting he is a symbol of “smaller government” when there is no bigger symbol of “Big Government” than public-employee unions and their political candidates? Does Salmon really believe in these union backed candidates and issues or is it just “politics?” Do we want to reward politicians who take on political risks or those who take advantage of them?

This is a big issue that deserves more transparency and answers.

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