US Senate Candidate Richard Carmona Wants More ‘Perks’

Richard Carmona Disaster

As Surgeon General, Rich Carmona Handed Taxpayers The Tab For Weekend Travel To His Home In California

‘Traveled To Vacation Home Frequently, Had Driver Pick-Up Dry Cleaning And Run Errands’

…Carmona was taking advantage of official travel…” (“Testimony: Carmona Took Advantage of Perks of Office When Surgeon General,” The Weekly Standard, 11/1/12)

…Carmona took full advantage of the perks of his job as a federal employee…” (“Testimony: Carmona Took Advantage of Perks of Office When Surgeon General,” The Weekly Standard, 11/1/12)

“Traveled to vacation home frequently, had driver pick-up dry cleaning and run errands…” (“Testimony: Carmona Took Advantage of Perks of Office When Surgeon General,” The Weekly Standard, 11/1/12)

TESTIMONY: “I was extremely concerned about the number of visits…Dr. Carmona has a summer home in Coronado Del Mar, near San Diego… conveniently, a lot of these travels would be over weekends.” (Dr. Cristina Beato, Testimony, US House Committee On Oversight, 11/2/07)

TESTIMONY: “I got word that the driver was going around picking up his [Carmona’s] dry cleaning, okay? I about fell out of my chair. And on my watch, I wasn’t going to have anything like that happen.” (Dr. Cristina Beato, Testimony, US House Committee On Oversight, 11/2/07)

“‘So these were concerns both of cost and of appearance?’ the questioner in the testimony asks Beato. Carmona’s former boss responds,‘Well, yes, absolutely. First of all, as to the budget, it’s taxpayers’ dollars.’” (“Testimony: Carmona Took Advantage of Perks of Office When Surgeon General,” The Weekly Standard, 11/1/12)

Carmona’s Congressional Motive: ‘Perks… A House And A Car’

“If a past interaction Kyl had with Carmona reveals a motive for the present, it is that the Democrat is seeking the Senate seat for the ‘perks of the office.’” (The Weekly Standard, 10/26/12)

SEN. JON KYL: “He seemed more concerned about the perks of the office…” (The Weekly Standard, 10/26/12)

SEN. JON KYL: “…he specifically asked about a house and a car…” (The Weekly Standard, 10/26/12)

SEN. JON KYL: “…he also seemed to think that it was just a lot of work for just two years… he thought, well, a position in the Senate would be a lot better to hold.” (The Weekly Standard, 10/26/12)

Carmona Spent 6 Years ‘Working’ At Luxurious Resort & Spa 

Carmona: “This was a wonderful opportunity for me.”(“Carmona To Teach, Work In Town After Job As U.S. Surgeon General,” The Arizona Daily Star, 10/2/06)

Carmona: ‘Perfect Fit’ “Carmona, who has been a long-time patron of Canyon Ranch and sometimes gave lectures there, described the job as a ‘perfect fit.’” (“Carmona To Teach, Work In Town After Job As U.S. Surgeon General,” The Arizona Daily Star, 10/2/06)

…an international crowd of well-to-do health seekers…”(Fodor’s, Website Accessed 10/24/12)

…supreme comfort.” (Canyon Ranch Website)

“…the gold standard for luxurious, healthy vacations.” (Spa Week, Website Accessed 10/24/12)

Richard Carmona’s ‘Work’ On Arizona Board of Medical Examiners Scrutinized

Richard Carmona Disaster

Rich Carmona’s Term On Doctor Review Board Marked By ‘Steady Stream Of Criticism,’ ‘Inadequate Investigations’

Carmona ‘Spoke Out Against’ Discipline

Doctor Operated ‘On The Wrong Patient’ “…Dr. Loomis for administering anesthesia to the wrong patient and to Dr. Zerella for operating on the wrong patient.” (Arizona Board of Medical Examiners, Meeting Minutes, 2/25/2001)

Carmona ‘Spoke Out Against’ ‘Discipline’ “Tim Hunter, M.D. strongly recommended discipline for both MDs… Richard Carmona, M.D. spoke out against the motion.” (Arizona Board of Medical Examiners, Meeting Minutes, 2/25/2001)

“Richard Carmona, M.D. recommended an advisory letter be given the doctors…” (Arizona Board of Medical Examiners, Meeting Minutes, 2/25/2001)

Carmona Term Saw ‘Steady Stream of Criticism’

AUDIT: “…doesn’t discipline doctors, even when its own investigators discover cases in whichdoctors violated state statutes, the audit says.” (“Medical Board Still Too Lenient,” The Arizona Republic, 10/1/99)

“…the agency has come under a steady stream of criticism from legislators, good-government groups, patients and even some doctors – all charging that the board of medical examiners, or BOMAX, has not effectively policed errant physicians.” (“BOMEX Reform Still A Bit Wobbly,” The Arizona Republic, 4/18/99)

“Even though it has been through a complete overhaul, the agency that protects Arizonans from bad doctors still is too soft on errant physicians and takes too long to handle cases, the state auditor general says.” (“Medical Board Still Too Lenient,” The Arizona Republic, 10/1/99)

“…inadequate investigations of complaints, dismissed 144 of them against doctors during a special video-conference meeting Thursday in Tucson and Tempe.” (“Medical Investigators Dismiss 144 Cases,” Tucson Citizen, 7/24/99)

Arizona Medical Association Won’t Endorse Carmona

“It goes a long way to explain why the Arizona Medical Association, of which Carmona was a board member, has failed to endorse his Senate run. When those closest to a candidate fail to endorse, it’s a signal for the rest of us.” (“Dem. Senate Candidate Carmona Failed to Keep Bad Doctors Accountable,” Breitbart News, 10/30/12)

“Dr. Carmona skipped no less than 284 votes on disciplining doctors for delivering inferior care. Worse, he completely blew off 24 meetings of the BoMEx.” (“Dem. Senate Candidate Carmona Failed to Keep Bad Doctors Accountable,” Breitbart News, 10/30/12)

“…he generally blew off this responsibility.” (“Dem. Senate Candidate Carmona Failed to Keep Bad Doctors Accountable,” Breitbart News, 10/30/12)


Richard Carmona: Wrong for Arizona!

Richard Carmona has no respect for the taxpayers and is wrong for Arizona. Learn more at

Carmona Ad ‘Backfiring’

Richard Carmona Disaster

Arizona’s Largest Paper Blasts Rich Carmona’s ‘Fake Endorsements,’ Describe Carmona Campaign Response As ‘Pure Idiocy’

EDITORIAL: ‘Is His Campaign In Such Trouble That He Needs Fake Support?’

“…we’re guessing Richard Carmona would like a mulligan for his TV ads that make Arizona’s Republican Sens. John McCain and Jon Kylappear to be endorsing… They are not.” (“Democrat might like a do-over,” Editorial, Arizona Republic, 10/30/12)

“Neither McCain nor Kyl is saying nice things about Carmona now. They’ve unveiled pro-Flakeads. Stand back. Things could get hot.” (“Democrat might like a do-over,” Editorial, Arizona Republic, 10/30/12)

“But while the ad was a gambit, the Carmona campaign’s response to McCain and Kyl’s righteousanger has been pure idiocy.” (“Democrat might like a do-over,” Editorial, Arizona Republic, 10/30/12)

“This is making-things-worse punk talk on multiple levels. For one, McCain and Kyl have been substantial figures in Congress for some time.”(“Democrat might like a do-over,” Editorial, Arizona Republic, 10/30/12)

“More to the point, if McCain and Kyl really are mere ‘career pols’ easily brushed aside by campaign spokesmen, why did Rich Carmona go to the trouble of doctoring up their testimonials?” (“Democrat might like a do-over,” Editorial, Arizona Republic, 10/30/12)

“Is his campaign in such trouble that he needs fake support… The fake endorsements were bad. The defense of the ad made it worse. Time for a do-over.” (“Democratmight like a do-over,” Editorial, Arizona Republic, 10/30/12)

“Republicans are pointing to a new editorial from Arizona Republic, the state’s biggest newspaper, as evidence that Carmona’s ad featuring past compliments from John McCain and Jon Kyl is backfiring.” (Morning Score, Politico, 10/30/12)

Richard Carmona’s “Shiny” Bio – Just Like Obama

Richard “Rubberstamp” Carmona was handpicked by President Barack Obama to run for U.S. Senate in Arizona so that he would help pass the liberal agenda put forth by the White House and congressional Democrats.


FreedomWorks Releases “Hand Picked by Obama” Ad Against Richard Carmona

NRSC Launches Volume 3 Of The Carmona Files: Richard Carmona’s Resume

Includes Bullying Colleagues, Being Fired And Suing His Former Employer 

WASHINGTON – Throughout the past year, Richard Carmona has constantly misled voters about his so-called impeccable resume, but today the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) released the third volume of the “Carmona Files,” which reveals that throughout his career Carmona has consistently bullied his colleagues, has been fired from his job and has tried to sue his former employer.

While it’s been well documented that Carmona does not work well with others and that he makes insensitive jokes towards women, it’s been forgotten that Carmona has consistently been removed from various jobs.

Carmona has been dismissed from the Tucson Medical Center, forced to resign from the Pima County Health System and was never re-nominated to be Surgeon General. And when he leaves, he has sued these healthcare facilities, which diverts millions of dollars that could otherwise be used on patient care.

“Richard Carmona loves to brag about his resume, but what he doesn’t tell you is that on numerous occasions he has bullied his colleagues, been fired for his actions and then proceeds to sue his former employer,” National Republican Senatorial Committee Executive Director Rob Jesmer said today. “This is a critical election for our country, and Arizonans deserve to know who the real Richard Carmona is.” 

The Carmona Files is an ongoing conversation and series informing voters about Richard Carmona the Democrat nominee for the U.S. Senate in Arizona. Please visit – – to view “Women in the Workplace,” and “Medical Malpractice.”


Richard Carmona Is Not A Team Player

  • “Dr. Carmona is not a team player. Dr. Carmona, within 6 or 8 months, had burned bridges everywhere.” (Committee on Oversight And Government Reform, U.S. House of Representatives, Testimony Of Cristina Beato, 11/2/07)
  • Carmona Colleague: “Never in my entire medical career have I seen such gross interference by a hospital administrator without the slightest attempt to reach a cooperative understanding.” (“Squaring Off Over Nominee,” Los Angeles Times, 7/8/02)

Richard Carmona’s Employment History 

  • Fired By Tucson Medical Center: “He was dismissed as director of Tucson Medical Center’s trauma center in 1993.” (“Bush Picks Tucsonan To Be Surgeon General,” The Arizona Daily Star, 3/27/02)
  • Forced Out Of Pima County Job: “The embattled head of the Pima health care system offered his resignation on the eve of a board of supervisors meeting at which he might have been fired.” (The Associated Press, 7/13/99)
  • Failed To Get Renominated As Surgeon General: “It is unclear who decided Carmona’s time as Surgeon General is over.” (“U.S. Surgeon General To Return To Tucson After Four-Year Term,” The Arizona Daily Star, 8/1/06)

# # #

Democrat Richard Carmona attack on women only latest in telling remarks by Arizona liberals [ @Carmonaforaz ]

Liberal Democrat Richard Carmona’s attack on a professional woman–calling 30-year journalist Candy Crowley of CNN ugly during a live debate–is only the latest in a string of incidents over the years in which liberal Democrats in Arizona have self-destructed when caught off-guard expressing their true beliefs. A Dr. Phil-type might suggest that the constant stress of pretending to be moderate when you are not might be what makes these politicians eventually snap, but putting pop psychology aside, let’s review some other examples, going back in time from Carmona’s slur against women.

Most recently prior to that, we had liberal criminal defense lawyer and Democrat District 9 Congressional candidate Kyrsten Sinema, also attacking women, in this case moms who have the audacity to work from home to raise their families. Sinema’s attack on moms is Hall of Fame outrageous:

“These women who act like staying at home, leeching off their husbands or boyfriends, and just cashing the checks is some sort of feminism because they’re choosing to live that life. That’s bulls—. I mean, what the f— are we really talking about here?”

[In fairness, Sinema has made other outrageous comments and proposed truly outrageous legislation, but we’re just sticking to one comment per candidate in this post.]

Prior to that, it was Phoenix lawyer and Democrat Steve Owens, running against JD Hayworth, who denigrated Arizona and his own Congressional District (at least the one he chose to run in) as…

“a little, rinky-dink congressional district in the state of Arizona.”

Ouch, Steve! Sorry we’re not ‘cool’ like Berkeley or Hyde Park. Arizonans rejected him that November.

And finally there was liberal Democrat Congressman Sam Coppersmith, running against now-Senator Jon Kyl in their 1994 Senate race. Coppersmith was caught on tape denigrating Arizona’s 4 C’s–cattle, citrus, copper and climate–which he deemed somehow beneath Arizona as a state. [I could not find that quote on Google because that race occurred, yes children, BEFORE there was a Google; it was even before a company called Netscape had its IPO! But trust me, he said it; I had my first political job as Research Director for Kyl’s campaign that year and I will never forget that insight into Coppersmith’s views of Arizona.]

Kyl dispatched Coppersmith easily that November.

So there you have it, a brief walk down memory lane. Four liberal Democrats pretending to be moderates. They keep their game face on as long as possible, but eventually, the mask slips, and Arizona voters see the real deal. Don’t worry, Dr. Carmona, you will have plenty of company with Sinema, Owens and Coppersmith in the private sector, and the Romney-Flake-Vernon Parker economy will enable all of you to get good jobs that are so lacking right now under Obamanomics.

Obama Interior Secretary Ken Salazar Contradicts Richard Carmona’s Campaign

Jeff Flake

Carmona lacks understanding of Arizona-specific issues, geography

PHOENIX – After being questioned by Jeff Flake during a February 16 hearing of the House Appropriations Committee concerning uranium mining, U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was forced to admit that the land the Obama administration sought to ban from being mined was actually not in the Grand Canyon or within the Grand Canyon National Park.

Here’s a transcript of the exchange:

Flake: “If those of us who disagree with the decision to remove a million acres, nobody in the Department can say, or it’s not true, that we are advocating to mine in the Grand Canyon. Correct?”

Salazar: “That’s exactly correct.”

Flake: “And by the same token, none of us who disagree with the Department’s decision can be said to be advocating mining within the Grand Canyon National Park either?”  

Salazar: “That is correct.”

Watch video of the exchange here:


Despite this, Democrat Richard Carmona and his liberal PAC allies persistently and falsely attacked Flake as someone who has called for mining in the Grand Canyon. (“Flake would open Grand Canyon to uranium mining,” Carmona press release, October 20, 2012; “Flake Introduced Bill To Lift Moratorium On Grand Canyon Mining,” Carmona press release, October 20, 2012; “Why is Congressman Flake lobbying for mining uranium at the Grand Canyon,” Carmona fundraising solicitation, October 21, 2012)

Flake supports mining in the Arizona Strip – which, to anyone familiar with Arizona, is not in the Grand Canyon or within the Grand Canyon National Park. In fact, mining has already existed on the Strip for decades. Carmona and the Obama administration seek to prohibit new mining, which would cost jobs and harm the state’s economy in that area.

For more information on Jeff Flake and why he’s running for the U.S. Senate, please visit his website at


Election Records Don’t Back Up Richard Carmona’s Claim that He Voted in 2010

Jeff Flake

Pima County Recorder says it didn’t happen as Carmona recalls

PHOENIX – The 2010 election was an important election with much at stake for the state and nation. Democrat Richard Carmona claims he voted, but election officials in Pima County say he didn’t. Indeed, records prove that he sat out both the primary and general elections.

“If you’re asking people for your vote in this election, then I think people should expect that you take your franchise as a voter seriously,” said Jeff Flake.

And records further show that Carmona has a pattern of skipping primary elections. Carmona’s response has been to say: “I think it’s very disingenuous when I’m an independent to cite me for not voting in primaries. I mean it just doesn’t happen.”

“’It just doesn’t happen?’ Apparently Dr. Carmona, who registered himself as a Democrat a year ago, remains unaware that independents have been allowed to vote in primaries since the law was changed back in 1998,” said Andrew Wilder, communications director for Flake for Senate. “It strikes me that someone seeking to serve in the United States Senate should be better informed.”

Click the image below or this link to watch the report by Phoenix television station 3TV

Stay up to date on Richard Carmona’s campaign to be a rubber stamp for Democrats’ liberal agenda in Washington by visiting

For more information on Jeff Flake and why he’s running for the U.S. Senate, please visit his website at


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