Hayden Police Chief Antcliff keeps job after Rios attempts to have him fired

A few weeks ago, we carried a post about Pinal County Supervisor, Pete Rios getting busted speeding. He tried to pull a “well officer don’t you know who I am?” but ended up getting a ticket anyway. That led to some politically incestuous dealings resulting in the police chief of the small rural town of Hayden having his job put on the line.

Earlier tonight, the mayor and council met to discuss the fate of Chief Monty Antcliff who was represented by local attorney, Chris DeRose.

Here is some media coverage by the ABC affiliate out of Tucson, KGUN-9, and a call-in by Sheriff Paul Babeu to the Mike Broomhead show this afternoon:

Mike Broomhead interview with Sheriff Paul Babeu.

Pete Rios is no stranger to threatening people who challenge him. As we noted in the earlier post, Rios threatened to punch fellow blogger Greg Patterson for exposing the scam he had going on his reimbursement for mileage to a property Rios owns but does not actually communte to. All I have to say is that it’s a good thing Sheriff Babeu didn’t pull him over that night!


Democrat Pete Rios in trouble with the law again

Well, this isn’t the first time longtime Democrat and Pinal County Supervisor Pete Rios has been belligerent.

You may remember when the former State Senator threatened fellow conservative blogger, Greg Patterson. Straight from the archives of EspressoPundit

Criminal Allegations Against Chairman Pete Rios Sent to the Arizona AG to Investigate

CONTACT: Tim Gaffney

On January 27th, 2011 the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office received the attached letter from a “Concerned Citizen.” The Pinal County Attorney’s Office received the same letter. According to the letter, it was also sent to numerous media entities. The individual has raised issues regarding the residency and reimbursement requests for travel by Pinal County Board of Supervisor Chairman Pete Rios. If the allegations are true, they would be Theft and Fraudulent Schemes both of which are felony offenses.

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office and County Attorney’s Office agreed the investigation would best be handled by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office. On February 9th, 2011 Chief Deputy Steve Henry forwarded the investigation to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office has received media inquiries regarding this case as well as calls from citizens with information pertaining to this case. I am asking that all media inquiries and individuals wanting to forward information related to this investigation to please contact the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

Sheriff Paul Babeu stated, “These are serious allegations against a well known political leader and Chairman of our Board of Supervisors. The allegations are best investigated by a neutral outside authority. Transparency will prove to be the best manner in which to overcome the past reputation of corruption in Pinal County.”


February 9, 2011

Arizona Attorney General
Attn: Mr. Tom Horne
1275 West Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Dear Mr. Horne,

Attached is a citizen complaint letter which was submitted to Sheriff Babeu and Pinal County Attorney James Walsh by a citizen requesting an investigation into Pinal County Board of Supervisor Chairman Pete Rios. The Letter alleges Mr. Rios does not reside within the boundaries of his supervisory district. It also alleges Mr. Rios has submitted fraudulent travel vouchers and received payments from the county and also the state.

As you may be aware, Mr. Rios is currently the Chairman of the Pinal County Board of Supervisors and has also served in both the house and state Senate, where he served as Senate President. If the allegations are true, this will certainly prove to be a high-profile public corruption case, due to the significance of the criminal allegations and the political standing of Mr. Rios.

Attached are photos which have been forwarded to my office of these properties in question and some of his past reimbursements. Also attached are letters that have been submitted in the past to the media regarding this same issue by concerned citizens.

To avoid any possible conflict, I am requesting your assistance in investigating this matter to determine if it is credible. If the investigation supports the claims by this citizen, I ask that appropriate charges be filed


Steve Henry, Chief Deputy
Pinal County


January 24th, 2011

Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Sheriff Paul Babeu
971 Jason Lopez Circle
Florence, Arizona 85132

Pinal County Attorney’s Office
Attn: James Walsh
30 North Florence Street
Florence, Arizona 85132

Re: Chairman Peter Rios


During the past two decades, Peter Rios has committed theft and fraud from Arizona taxpayers and it is time he be held accountable. Peter Rios lives at [redacted] East Mesquite, Apache Junction. I know this because neighbors who live next to him have confirmed he has lived there full time for many years. On the Pinal County website Mr. Rios says he lives in Dudleyville and has a temporary residence in Superior. Although Apache Junction is in Pinal County it is not in District One which he was elected to represent.

Mr. Rios commits theft and fraud each and every month when he submits paperwork to Pinal County for reimbursement. He lists his travel from the residence in Dudleyville ( [redacted] Malpais Road) or Superior ([redacted] West Palo Verde Drive). Both Dudleyville and Superior are within District One which he represents.

  • The miles according to Mapquest from his home in Dudleyville to Florence is 83 miles.
  • The miles according to Mapquest from his home in Superior to Florence is 30 miles.
  • The miles according to Mapquest from his home in Apache Junction to Florence is 32 miles.

Although living in Apache Junction Mr. Rios has claimed mileage reimbursement from Dudleyville during his time in the State Legislature and now for the past several years with Pinal County. Not only does Mr. Rios not live in the district he was elected to represent but he has stolen tax payer money with his fraudulent mileage reimbursement. This fraudulent practice has cost the state of Arizona taxpayers thousands and thousands of dollars.

If there is any doubts as to his residency, just ask the neighbors who live in his Apache Junction neighborhood and they will confirm he lives there full time.

As a Pinal County taxpayer, I demand an investigation into this manner. Pinal County is hurting for money just as every other county across our state. Why should an elected member sworn to represent us be allowed to steal from us.


Fed Up With Pinal County Corruption


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