SOS Michele Reagan Refers AZGOP Complaint to AG Mark Brnovich

Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan has pushed forward a complaint to the Attorney General Mark Brnovich regarding a complaint filed by the Arizona Republican Party related to a political committee headed by former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson. The complaint alleges that Johnson’s political committee, “Open Nonpartisan Elections” or ONE, violated reporting requirements when it failed to report a $10,000 political contribution from Jeff Covill.

Secretary Reagan also did not find reasonable cause regarding other political contributions and expenditures received and made by a parallel 501(c)4 organization registered under the same name. That complaint alleged that the non-profit organization was involved in electioneering when it received a $100,000 donation from Open Primaries and hired the Phoenix-based political firm HighGround. Donations and expenditures $10,000 or greater are required to be reported within 24 hours of receipt.

The matter now proceeds to the Attorney General’s Office where it will be litigated.

To read Secretary of State Michele Reagan’s letter of reasonable cause, click here.

MCAO Bill Montgomery Debates Proposition 121 on AZPBS’s Horizon

ICYMI: Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery appeared on KAET’s Horizon Monday night to debate Paul Johnson on Proposition 121 – The “Top Two” Primary initiative.

This video presentation should give you all you need to know why you should vote AGAINST Prop 121.

County Attorney Montgomery did a fantastic job taking apart Paul Johnson’s arguments.

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Paul Johnson insults, indicts the voters of Arizona

If you’re paying attention to Arizona politics and this year’s election, you know a left-leaning committee has its sights set on turning Arizona elections on its head in the name of re-engaging so-called “independent” voters.

The chairman of the committee pushing the “Top Two Primary” aka “Jungle Primary” initiative is none other than former Democrat and Phoenix Mayor, Paul Johnson.

Thursday night, Johnson appeared on KAET’s Horizon to discuss his 2012 pet project and joust with Jaime Molera.

Johnson waxed on and on about how important it is to woo unengaged “Independent” voters back into the electoral process. But there came a moment in Johnson’s appearance where his true motivations were revealed – his utter abhorrence of conservative Republicans.

Watch in this brief clip as Johnson insults and indicts voters of Arizona for their election of “David Duke” candidates every election cycle.

Paul Johnson owes the voters of Arizona an apology for indirectly calling them racists who elect “David Duke” candidates every election season.

A conversation how this will pervert our entire primary election system is going to happen over the next few months. Republicans and Democrats and even third parties will likely all side with the status quo – which is that this is the best system we have.

One thing we don’t need is the chairman of the committee pushing this initiative to call the voters of Arizona racists.

Open Government Committee Files Initiative with Arizona Secretary of State

The following initiative has been filed with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office:

Open Elections/Open Government Act

“This measure will allow all Arizonans, regardless of party affiliation, to vote in a single open primary for the candidates of their choice. The two candidates who receive the most votes in the primary will compete in the general election. There will be a level playing field for all voters and candidates, and the current system of taxpayer-funded partisan primaries will be abolished. This reform will promote open government and encourage the election of candidates who will work together for the good of the state.”

The Committee is listed as follows:

Open Government Committee
Paul Johnson, Applicant & Chairman
5125 North 16th Street, Suite B226
Phoenix, AZ 85016
(602) 684-3143

Former Mayor Paul Johnson Endorses Wes Gullett

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 12, 2011
CONTACT: Daniel Scarpinato

Cites Gullett’s independence and experience bringing people together

PHOENIX — Wes Gullett is excited to announce that he has received the endorsement of former Phoenix Mayor and businessman Paul Johnson, adding to a broad, bipartisan coalition committed to getting Phoenix working again.

“Wes will bring a new perspective to city government, an independent leader we need to create jobs and bring Phoenicians together,” Johnson said. “Our community needs new jobs, new ideas and new leadership. Wes Gullett has a record of creating businesses and bringing people together. We need him as Mayor. I know what it takes to be Mayor and Wes can get the job done.”

“I’m honored to have Paul Johnson’s support,” Gullett said. “Paul is a successful businessman, known for his independence and his innovation. This campaign is about jobs and moving Phoenix forward, and Paul’s support is testament to that. We need Republicans, Democrats and Independents to work together in order to meet Phoenix’s challenges.”

Paul Johnson is a successful businessman, political Independent and former Democrat. He was Phoenix mayor from 1990 to 1994 and was the 1998 Democratic gubernatorial nominee. He has a record of creating jobs in the private sector and bring people across party lines together for the betterment of Phoenix.