Harry, You’ve Got to Stop Using Veterans

With less than a week to go, Harry Mitchell continues to pretend he is a conservative. He parades examples of “sample populations” in his ads in order to trick voters into returning him as a Pelosi drone to the U.S. House of Representatives. All politicians lie to some extent, but to misuse and misstate facts is beyond belief. First, Harry let’s be clear, you cannot support the military men and women serving on the frontlines without supporting their mission. You don’t support the mission. You never have. Even when you were a member of the Arizona legislature, you voted against the military mission: i.e. the war on Islamic terrorism whose central theater is Iraq. Saul Alinsky taught you well; speak like the middle class so you can win them over and destroy them. And now, you are attempting to use the same tactics to win over the military so you can lead them to a shameful defeat by surrendering. But the worst part is to pick up the factual misstatements about the number of suicides of returning military. How shameful! Here is a quote from one of the articles published by Nancy Reyes on Blogger News Networks which throws cold water on your lies. Despite the headlines, the Army must be doing something right, because the rate of suicide is actually lower–yes, I said lower–than that of a comparable civilian population. Yes, you heard me right, I said the suicide rate is lower in the Army than in a similar civilian population.” (www.bloggernews.net/19471) Without any real legislative accomplishments to distinguish his brief time in Congress, Mitchell has to make stuff up. Harry, how dare you claim to be responsible for reducing suicide rates through your mere signature on a bill! You have not supported the military where it counts. I trust that they will return the favor and vote you out of office on November 4th.