Obama Interior Secretary Ken Salazar Contradicts Richard Carmona’s Campaign

Jeff Flake

Carmona lacks understanding of Arizona-specific issues, geography

PHOENIX – After being questioned by Jeff Flake during a February 16 hearing of the House Appropriations Committee concerning uranium mining, U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was forced to admit that the land the Obama administration sought to ban from being mined was actually not in the Grand Canyon or within the Grand Canyon National Park.

Here’s a transcript of the exchange:

Flake: “If those of us who disagree with the decision to remove a million acres, nobody in the Department can say, or it’s not true, that we are advocating to mine in the Grand Canyon. Correct?”

Salazar: “That’s exactly correct.”

Flake: “And by the same token, none of us who disagree with the Department’s decision can be said to be advocating mining within the Grand Canyon National Park either?”  

Salazar: “That is correct.”

Watch video of the exchange here:


Despite this, Democrat Richard Carmona and his liberal PAC allies persistently and falsely attacked Flake as someone who has called for mining in the Grand Canyon. (“Flake would open Grand Canyon to uranium mining,” Carmona press release, October 20, 2012; “Flake Introduced Bill To Lift Moratorium On Grand Canyon Mining,” Carmona press release, October 20, 2012; “Why is Congressman Flake lobbying for mining uranium at the Grand Canyon,” Carmona fundraising solicitation, October 21, 2012)

Flake supports mining in the Arizona Strip – which, to anyone familiar with Arizona, is not in the Grand Canyon or within the Grand Canyon National Park. In fact, mining has already existed on the Strip for decades. Carmona and the Obama administration seek to prohibit new mining, which would cost jobs and harm the state’s economy in that area.

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