“Recall Douglas” Leader Exposed As Bad Leader…. And Poor Speller

Espy(screenshot: DianeDouglas.com)

  • Anthony Espinoza is the founder and leader of the RECALL DOUGLAS campaign
  • Misspelled his name on Recall Douglas PAC’s forms
  • Teaches at MC Cash Elementary School as their ‘Technology Teacher’
  • Is a Democrat Party Precinct Committeeman and Liberal Activist
  • Graduated from ‘Arizona Stare University’ (see screenshot above)
  • Allegedly fired from the Murphy School District for ‘abandoning teaching post’

Unlike Arizona Republic’s EJ Montoni, Arizona Liberal Watch has “done their homework” on the man behind the ‘RECALL DOUGLAS’ campaign.

Get your bag of popcorn ready and then click here to read the entire piece.



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LD7 Candidate Heather Carter, the AEA’s favorite “Republican”

This past week, LD7 candidate, Heather Carter, was featured in the Arizona Republic’s “My Turn” section.

“What does the future hold for Arizona? I envision a vibrant economic community, where people are employed, businesses are thriving and children are well-educated. I want a safe Arizona with a secure national border.”

(NOTE: The Republic makes it pretty clear to candidates that they will not be editing or proof-reading any candidate statements. All “My Turn” articles are published as-is and it is up to the candidate to make sure they submit only their best work. Fair enough, since the Republic interns are busy writing the news for the next day…)

“I am running for office to do the job that needs to get done – create a plan for Arizona that enables us to balance the budget, set a course for the future and focus on strong schools, strong economy and a safe community. I think part of the problem at the capital is people lose sight of the core mission…”

Now, I’m not sure what subject Mrs. Carter taught our LD7 children in school, but she must have had at least one dictionary in her classroom… Or maybe not, since she doesn’t know the difference between, “capital: as in, financial capital” and “capitol: as in the buildings making up our state capitol which Mrs. Carter wishes to serve in”. Let’s just hope she’s never taught civics/government/economics or any of the reading/English classes available to our kids.

“…get caught up in special-interest agenda items that take time and energy away from what we should be doing…”

Wait a second. I remember reading something about this… Oh yeah: Heather Carter was endorsed by the liberal AEA Union. This liberal union has been responsible for threatening legislators, protesting on the capitol lawn, holding back the budget process, as well as encouraging teachers to push Prop 100 using our kids. We’d like to know if Heather Carter was following her union boss in the picket lines last Spring. Seems like the only way the AEA union would endorse a Republican is if they knew they had her in their special-interest pocket…

Let’s make sure we support real conservatives, this August and November. Not union lackeys.