An Open Letter from Senator Russell Pearce to Arizona Conservatives

Dear Friend,

Arizona’s schools need improvement.  We’ve increased per student spending by nearly 30% in recent years.  The result?  According to The Arizona Republic, “The Class of 2009 posted average SAT scores that are among the lowest in at least a decade.” (8/26/2009) Other measures show academic achievement in Arizona schools either flat or on the decline.

Clearly, taxpayers are not getting the value they deserve for their hard earned tax dollars, and many students aren’t getting the education they’ll need to succeed in the workplaces of tomorrow.

I believe State Senator John Huppenthal is the leader we need to bring about improvement in Arizona’s schools, and I’m urging Arizona conservatives to support his candidacy for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

I know John well.  We’ve served side by side in the Arizona legislature for many years, fighting on behalf of taxpayers and the law-abiding citizens of this state.

Improving Arizona schools is John’s life’s work.  He is a respected expert on the topic, having served 17 consecutive years on the State House and State Senate education committees.  Some of John’s legislative accomplishments to improve the quality of education include:

  • Lifting the caps on charter school enrollment, dramatically increasing school choice
  • Passage of Arizona’s Tuition Tax Credit Law, enabling thousands of students attend the school of their choice
  • Supporting English language immersion for students who can’t speak English
  • Passing legislation to stop non-resident illegal aliens from attending Arizona schools, a major problem at schools along the Mexico border and a drain on taxpayer funds
  • Providing the very best computer technology for our students in our schools for the deaf and blind
  • Establishing a model summer school for children with autism; bringing the best research to Arizona for educating these special children
  • Developing best practices in the discipline of special needs students
  • Improving assessment data and the measurement of academic gains of students and districts
  • Increasing vocational education opportunities for students
  • Developing and passing the “best home school laws in the nation,” according to Tom Lewis, President of Arizona Families for Home Education

I believe that with John Huppenthal’s leadership as Arizona’s next Superintendent of Public Instruction, Arizona schools will be well positioned for steady improvements in academic achievement.

John is strongly opposed to bi-lingual education and supports English immersion for students who can’t speak English.  He is committed to ending “social promotion” and will demand accountability and higher standards.

In addition to his conservative track record on education issues, John has proven himself to be a leader Arizonans can trust on other issues as well.

John has worked hard to stop illegal immigration, protect life and marriage, secure our Second Amendment rights and fight wasteful spending.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Len Munsil, Congressman Trent Franks and other conservative leaders across Arizona have endorsed John and are helping the campaign.

Now, John needs conservatives like YOU to help spread the word.

Please take the time to tell your friends and neighbors about John Huppenthal’s campaign for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

I’ve been in some tough campaigns myself, facing off against some of the same liberal groups that are sure to come after John.  I know from experience that word of mouth advertising is more powerful than television or piece of mail.

As conservatives, we fight to  preserve Faith, Family, Freedom and Country.  I’m grateful you’ve taken the time to read this letter.  Thank you, and may God bless you and may God continue to bless this great Republic.


Russell Pearce
State Senator