Pierce, Parker and Brown nominated to fill vacant House seat in District 19

It took four rounds of balloting tonight before the final name was nominated by the precinct committeemen in Arizona’s 19th legislative district. On Friday, Maricopa County Supervisors will conduct private interviews with the three Republican nominees before making a final appointment decision at the regularly scheduled board meeting to be held next Monday morning.

The meeting was well attended by the party faithful with over 270 PC’s in attendance or voting by proxy.

All week long, the candidates had been calling and meeting in person to collect ballots or promises for votes. By the time the meeting was called to order, 11 names were ready to be placed into nomination. In the order of nomination and placement on the ballot were: Dave Johnson, Linda Stapley-Williams, Justin Pierce, Charlie Brown, Barbara Parker, Jackie Wick, Paul Petersen, Rex Griswold, Tom Wilkinson, David Farnsworth and Ron Bailly.

Each candidate gave a three minute speech. It was apparent from the applause that Justin Pierce was the clear favorite as he wrapped up his speech.

The first round of voting began with Justin Pierce prevailing and meeting the 50%+1 requirement (137) votes. Dave Johnson ran a close second place but did not receive the minimum votes to avoid the next round.

In the second round, Barbara Parker won the next spot on the list being sent to the Supervisors. Dave Johnson again, came close to the minimum required (136 votes) but was pushed into a third round of voting.

At this point it was clear that voting was following a slate of Pierce, Parker and Brown and as each round progressed, Johnson was the target to knock off. Each round of voting also saw other candidates drop out of the balloting.

During the third round of balloting, no one candidate met the minimum threshold to make the list but the gap between Brown and Johnson was closing fast. That led to the fourth and final round.

When the fourth round arrived there was an exodus of candidates from the ballot leaving Brown, Johnson and Petersen. At the last minute, Paul Petersen withdrew leaving the race to a Brown vs. Johnson bout.

It wasn’t until after 10:30 that the final name for nomination was made known. As the name Charlie Brown was announced, the crowd erupted in cheers. The final result confirmed that voting behavior was motivated by an anyone-but-Dave-Johnson vote matching the slate that had been making the rounds among the PC’s.

My predictions were off by one as I assumed that Dave Johnson had racked up all the proxies he needed to make the final cut. Nevertheless, two out of three ain’t bad when it comes to political observations and I’m willing to put it all on the table when it comes to the final appointment. Justin Pierce will be the next Representative from Legislative District 19 so I congratulate him in advance.

I’m sure that my fellow PC’s who also attended, have something to add so here’s your chance to chime in!

Congratulations to the winners!

The Race for LD-19

This is a brief request for information on all the individuals seeking to fill the House seat in Legislative District 19. Anyone interested in being included in a post on Sonoran Alliance, please send candidate info to sonoranalliance@gmail.com. Thank you!


Justin Olson Resigns from ATRA to Run for the Legislature

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Justin Olson, a Senior Research Analyst for the Arizona Tax Research Association (ATRA), recently resigned from ATRA to pursue a seat in the State House of Representatives from legislative district (LD) 19.

Olson said, “After many enjoyable years at ATRA, it was with mixed emotions that I recently cleaned out my office and shut off the lights for one last time. I will miss the daily interactions with ATRA’s wonderful staff and members; but at the same time, I am very excited and passionately motivated to run for the open seat in my district.”

Olson continued, “These are critical times for our state and our nation. I am running for the legislature to help defend Arizonans against excessive taxes. I will be a voice for fiscal responsibility. And I will work to remove the government induced barriers to job creation so Arizonans can get back to work.”

“Justin is the right choice,” U.S. Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) said regarding Justin’s announcement. “The Democrats in Washington have launched a full-scale assault on the limited-government principles that have made our nation great. We must elect experienced conservatives like Justin to our state legislature to defend the state’s rights and protect our freedoms.”

State Senator Chuck Gray from LD19 also had a reaction to Justin entering the race. “Justin is exceptionally well prepared to serve in the legislature,” said Senator Chuck Gray. “Justin has spent years on the front lines defending the citizens of Arizona against government intrusion and excessive taxes. He is an expert on public finance and the state budget,” Gray continued. “With the state’s ongoing structural deficit as the major crisis of our day, legislators with Justin’s knowledge and experience are needed now more than ever!”

Rusty Bowers, a current congressional candidate that spent nine years representing much of the area included in LD19, also expressed strong support for Justin. Rusty said, “Justin has my full support and confidence. Voters deserve a principled leader of his caliber.” Rusty continued, “Justin is trustworthy, honest, and well-respected. He has the character and experience to make a real difference in state politics. Mesa will be well-served with Justin in the legislature.”

In addition to Congressman Trent Franks, Senator Chuck Gray, and former Mesa Legislator Rusty Bowers, Justin’s campaign is also endorsed by State Representative Laurin Hendrix, State Senator Sylvia Allen, State Senator Linda Gray, State Representative Judy Burges, LD19 Republican Chair Pat Oldroyd, Former LD19 Republican Chairman Chuck Daggs, LD19 Republican State Committeewoman Deborrah Miller, LD19 Republican 2nd Vice Chairman Dan Grimm, LD19 Republican 3rd Vice Chairman Bill Whitehead, and LD19 Republican 3rd Vice Chairman and State Committeeman Brandon Trichel.

To read more about Justin’s views on issues go to www.votejustinolson.com.