Lisa James is enjoying the support of some of the best the Republican Party in Arizona has to offer. It was just announced that James received the endorsement of long time Appropriations Chairman and now Senate President Bob Burns. Both are pro-life as is James. Both are fiscal and social conservatives. So is James.

Burns is also known for his “when pigs fly” attitude towards spending tax payers money. Adams came from the grassroots and as an freshman legislator assisted former Rep. Laura Knaperek in the passage of the largest income tax reduction in the history of the state of Arizona. Everyone of James’ recent endorsements has worked as grass roots workers within the Party – some for decades. Congratulations to Lisa James.


Early on in this race, the Pullen supporters counted on Lisa to run a dirty campaign full of personal attacks and mud slinging. Instead, some of those same folks have under anonymity made the race personal. Let’s stick to the issues and work on how to further the Republican Party and its principles. I expect both Lisa and Randy to live by Reagan’s 11th Commandment and to demand their supporters do the same. That is the kind of leader we should all expect. In order to win we must all rise above our petty differences and work together. Let’s remember, at the end of the day, we are all on the same side.

Press Release: Knaperek Endorsed by Rep Adams

Contact: Lauren Barnett, Phone: (602) 326-3702

Rep. Kirk Adams Endorses Knaperek in CD-5 Bid
Another state legislator announces support for Knaperek

TEMPE, Ariz. – State Representative Kirk Adams today announced his endorsement of former lawmaker Laura Knaperek in the Republican race for Arizona Congressional District 5.

“I’m honored to have Rep. Adams’ support. He is a respected conservative voice in the state Legislature and understands the need to give government back to the people,” Knaperek said.

State Representative Kirk Adams has served in the Legislature since 2006 and was named Representative of the Year for 2007 by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce. Adams is also a longtime National Federation of Independent Business member.

“As a small business owner, I know that Laura Knaperek will oppose tax increases, support the business community and fight for the American family. Laura is not only a true leader; she is a principled and proven voice of reason.” Adams stated.

Press Release: Nichols Endorses Knaperek



CONTACT: Lauren Barnett, (602) 326-3702

State Representative Warde Nichols Supporting Laura Knaperek
Nichols endorses Knaperek in CD-5 bid

TEMPE, Ariz.  – State Representative Warde V. Nichols today announced his endorsement for former lawmaker Laura Knaperek in the Republican race for Arizona Congressional District 5. 

“I’m honored and humbled to have Representative Nichols supporting my campaign for Congress,” Knaperek said. 

Nichols said, “In the Arizona legislature, Laura Knaperek demonstrated expertise on fiscal issues and, as Appropriations Chairwoman, ensured that the state budget was balanced without raising taxes.  Laura led the fight to reduce taxes on Arizona families and businesses by $390 million.  Congress absolutely needs a taxpayer champion like Laura Knaperek to get our fiscal house in order.”  

State Representative Nichols is a small business owner and since 2002 has represented District 21 in Chandler, one of the communities that falls within CD-5.

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