FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – August 5th, 2013

PHOENIX – State Representative Steve Montenegro today announced that the Honorable Kris Kobach, Secretary of State from Kansas, has endorsed him for Secretary of State.

“Defending the integrity of our election system requires a commitment to defending our founding principles and American values.  The people of Arizona will be well served by Steve Montenegro and I enthusiastically endorse him.” said Kobach in his endorsement.

“Being endorsed by perhaps the best Secretary of State in the country is a real honor.” said Montenegro.

Kris Kobach was elected Kansas’ Secretary of State in 2010.  Before that, he served as Chairman of the Kansas Republican Party, has been a leading national voice in the effort to enforce immigration laws, and helped to draft Arizona’s SB1070.

In March of this year, and in response to the urging of nearly two dozen conservative leaders from around the state, Montenegro formed an Exploratory Committee to consider a run for Secretary of State.  His effort has earned the endorsements of national conservative leaders like Ward Connerly and Ken Blackwell, nearly two dozen state legislators, and conservative and Tea Party leaders from around the state.

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