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Sean Noble: Trump, the greatest hoax played on the American people

Here is a great assessment by my political consultant peer Sean Noble regarding the current state of the Republican Party and what is driving the Trump faction in the GOP.

Sean recently appeared on Carey Peña Reports which is available on iTunes podcasts.

Although the interview was recorded on this last Tuesday with the prediction that Marco Rubio would mount a comeback in Florida, the rest of the assessment is spot on when it comes to what is driving the frenzy around Trump and how it will redefine or even destroy the Republican party.

I agree with Sean on this assessment and its one of the reasons why I cannot sit back and allow the GOP to be hijacked out of emotion and without a good dose of critical thinking.

Another point I agree with Sean on is that it is only about 20-25% of the population that is driving the Trump movement – a very loud and angry vocal minority.

Here’s the interview and be sure to subscribe to Carey Peña Reports via Inspired Media 360 available on iTunes.


Gilbert & Queen Creek GOP Thanks Congressman Salmon For Exceptional Public Service

Gilbert & Queen Creek GOP Also Congratulates Senate President Biggs On Congressional Run

Gilbert, Arizona – The Arizona Legislative District 12 Republican Party, representing Gilbert and Queen Creek, expresses its deepest gratitude and appreciation for the career of principled public service Congressman Matt Salmon has given to the people of Arizona. While it is sad to lose a conservative warrior, like Salmon, in the U.S. House of Representatives, we are confident that Senate President Andy Biggs will immediately take up the fight to restore fiscal sanity in Washington, protect our borders and advocate for the heroes serving in our armed forces for Arizona’s fifth congressional district.

“Congressman Salmon has been a steadfast advocate for our community and has led the fight to protect and enhance the freedoms and liberty of Arizonans,” said Arizona Legislative District 12 Republican Party Chairwoman Mickie Niland. “We are incredibly grateful for all that Congressman Salmon has done for Arizona and very excited for Senator Biggs continuing on the legacy of constitutionally rooted service.”

“The level of passion and principled conviction that Congressman Salmon has brought to the House of Representatives during his tenure is truly one-of-a-kind and will long be remembered,” said Gilbert & Queen Creek GOP Vice Chairman Jake Hoffman. “There is no better representative of the people to follow in the footsteps of Congressman Salmon than Senator Andy Biggs. Senator Biggs’ unwavering commitment to the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, free market prosperity, eradicating illegal immigration and the U.S. Constitution make him the right choice in 2016.”

The GOP’s Anti-Bailout ObamaCare Legislation Could Backfire

By Grace-Marie Turner

Conservatives who are angry with health insurance companies over ObamaCare are getting behind legislation to stop the “bailout” of the industry, but they may regret the consequences.

Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Colo., is the latest to introduce legislation, called the “No Bailouts for Insurance Industry Act of 2014,” that would repeal two sections of the ACA, Section 1341 – the “reinsurance” fund – and Section 1342 – the “risk corridor” provision. The reinsurance and risk corridor provisions were designed to help cover losses if companies found that those who had selected their plans in the health insurance exchanges were significantly more expensive to cover than predicted.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., is sponsoring similar anti-bailout legislation and wrote an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal last year explaining that his bill “would eliminate the risk corridor provision, ensuring that no taxpayer-funded bailout of the health insurance industry will ever occur under ObamaCare. If this disaster of a law cannot survive without a bailout rescue valve, it is yet another reason why it should be repealed.”

A series of worst-case scenarios is unfolding that could trigger the bailout, starting with the incredible difficulty of enrolling in exchange coverage through the botched website and significantly more older – and presumably sicker – people signing up.  The administration has been pleading with young, healthy people to enroll so they can pay more than their share for insurance to offset the more expensive older people signing up.  But they’re not buying it.

Further, the president keeps changing the law.  The companies priced their policies under one set of rules, and people now are buying policies – or not – under a very different set of rules. The president has allowed non-grandfathered plans to be extended, for example, and he has given a waiver from the individual mandate to people whose health insurance policies were cancelled last year because they didn’t comply with ObamaCare’s mandates. These and other moves draw more healthy people out of the exchange pools.

The American Academy of Actuaries has warned that such changes could destabilize the new markets and result in higher premiums in 2015.  This would trigger the risk-corridor and reinsurance provisions of the ACA, which many conservative leaders say are “bailouts” for the industry. They are supporting the Rubio and Coffman bills to protect taxpayers by repealing one or both provisions.

But every action or change can have a series of unintended reactions in this Rube Goldberg contraption of a law.  And it is important to be aware of these risks of making changes.

It is likely that insurance companies would have to increase premiums higher than otherwise if the reinsurance and risk corridor provisions were altered, as the Actuaries warned.  Republicans could be blamed for causing premiums to be even higher than they will be next year.

Also, taxpayers are on the hook either way. If premiums go up, taxpayer subsidies for policies purchased through the exchange will automatically increase as well.

Some conservatives say that a vote by the House would be safe because the legislation never would be taken up by the Senate or signed by the president.  But I’m not so sure.  The Democrats and especially the president would like nothing more than to have someone else to blame for at least some of the failures of Obamacare.  If Republicans initiate this legislation, then the White House could blame them for the higher health insurance premiums that would result.

Attacking the private health insurance companies was exactly the tactic that the Democrats used to get ObamaCare passed in the first place.  And liberals are urging the White House to revive the strategy.

An article late last year in Politico underscored this: “Democratic allies…are publicly and privately urging the White House to ramp up its attacks on insurers, arguing that the tactic shored up support as they struggled to push the bill through Congress. A group of Democratic strategists pressed senior administration officials during a conference call last week.  They’d like a repeat of 2009-10, when then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called insurers ‘the villains,’ Obama blasted their willingness to ‘bend the truth or break it,’ and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius accused them of banking excessive profits.”

And Democratic pollsters are saying the same thing: “When Obamacare got into trouble, we juxtaposed our message against the insurance companies, which are very unpopular,” said Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster who has advised her 2014 clients, including Alaska Sen. Mark Begich, to go after insurers. “We should be messaging against the insurance companies this time as well. This is not good faith. If there is a snowstorm, the insurance companies are blaming it on Obamacare.”

If we attack the insurance companies, we are playing from the liberal playbook.  We should focus on the bigger battles, like delay and ultimately repeal of the individual mandate.

While the anger over ObamaCare and its massive failures is real and legitimate, I think conservatives need to be careful with this “anti-bailout” bandwagon.  It really does play into the hands of critics of private health insurance companies who are still distraught they didn’t get a government “public option” when the law was passed.

Where else would conservatives propose that people go for health insurance?  Liberals see the government as the answer, of course. Conservatives don’t, but our free-market policy alternatives do depend upon people having choices from a range of private health insurance and health coverage options.

Further, the “anti-bailout” initiative takes time, energy, and focus away from the much more dangerous provisions of ObamaCare, especially the individual mandate, the employer mandate, new and higher taxes, and the next wave of people losing their insurance because it doesn’t comply with the law’s long list of mandates and rules.

Do we really want to invest effort in this anti-bailout bill instead of focusing on the structural damage core provisions of ObamaCare are doing to our health sector and economy?

Posted on Forbes January 15, 2014

Arizona Ron Paul Delegates Break Ranks with National Ron Paul Supporters Before Scheduled Protest

Sonoran Alliance received the following letter from an Arizona Ron Paul delegate in anticipation of a planned protest this evening at the Republican National Convention:


Open Letter to My Fellow RP Delegates,

My name is Edward Vallejo, and I am currently the Organizer of the Phoenix Ron Paul for President MeetUp Group – the first of it’s kind.  It was created in February of 2007, a full month before the good Congressman even declared, by a man named Philly Dave Gallagher, Activist in the Phoenix Area.  He created it because those engaged in the Cause of Liberty in Arizona saw what was coming, and knew that the people would need a place to gather and coordinate, for which the Internet and MeetUp were the perfect medium of communication without external control.  I began organizing the Group a couple of months later when I arrived because of my skills with coordinating efforts.

I am a United States Army veteran – and Signal Corps Honor Graduate, and my Permanent duty was with the 36th Medical Detachment (HA) out of Ft. Polk, La. as a radio-telephone operator, tasked with the overall coordination of missions, crews, and equipment for which lives depended – thus making me a natural for the position I now hold.

Being a past National Delegate for the Libertarian Party in 2008 and 2010, I am familiar with the process in which I am currently engaged here at the 2012 Republican National Convention – in this beautiful city of Tampa.

I understand there are grievances by many of my fellow Delegates that staunchly support Congressman Paul.  I understand your feelings probably more acutely than anyone present.  I ask you to hear me out.

Dr. Paul told us that the greatest good can only be done from within – that’s why he had us join the Republican Party – to spread the message of Liberty, and to not just build the Party – but become the Party.  Populate it with law-abiding, liberty-loving individuals.  Run for office.  Do as much good as you can there.  Make your Country better.

Keep it non-violent.

And that’s what you did.  You worked and fought and worked some more and fundraised, and now you are a good portion of the Republican Party – and you are everywhere.  Many of you have gone to great pains to work out relationships with many good people in the GOP.  Will you throw out all their hard efforts by airing your grievances at this time?  Will it gain you anything positive?

What would Ron Do?  Would he be out here amongst you if he were in this situation?  I think not.

I bet if I sat down and asked him, he would probably admit that Mr. Romney was nowhere near as dangerous to America as Mr. Obama sitting in the White House for another four years – especially since the ‘official nomination’.

I was the Arizona Voting Delegate at the Continental Congress 2009 in St. Charles, Illinois.  For eleven days, duly elected Delegates from 48 of the 50 states deliberated violations of the Constitution, including an Article that dealt with the Current sitting President’s failure to enforce the law regarding immigration.  I sat on that Committee and personally helped write that Article.

Being a Concerned Arizonan, I have watched closely my County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, as he has been investigating our sitting President.  He has reported back to us that his publicly released documentation of birth AND his Service Registration card are forgeries.

I could go on, but we all see it.

I am greatly distressed at the direction my Beloved Republic has been taken by this man in the Oval Office, and fear greatly for the safety of myself, my family, and my Country.  I fear the resort to the Use of Arms by American Citizens, and untold misery, heartache, and unnecessary bloodshed on American soil.

It is for these reasons that I implore my Fellow Patriots to not air your grievances at this time, publicly.  Please, go back inside the Convention hall, as one, and show some maturity and solidarity, and continue this road we have come so far on.  Let us have our grievances arbitrated either within the Party, or failing to resolute – take it to the courts.

I honestly believe that’s what Ron would do.



Ed Vallejo

Arizona Alternate Delegate



Western Free Press Poll: Who won the MSNBC Politico GOP Presidential Debate

THE NEW GOP RIGHT NOW- Embrace Global Conservatives

By Gayle Plato-Besley

In our Global World Politic, and President Obama’s Brave New World, all eyes look to POTUS for The Word. Just as candidate John McCain’s political ad told us, Obama is the biggest celebrity in the world. If only Mr. McCain had been as savvy and as hip as his great ads; we would have had a different President to be angry with about his compromising liberalism. But then, while McCain’s staffers were somewhat hip with an ear on a track of the times, candidate Obama’s team saw their guy in a totally different light. Barack Obama is the deus ex machina in the story. Obama is the surprising and unexpected event that drops in from nowhere to resolve the unresolvable. He’s the Greek God from above to save the twisted characters from death or worse—damnation.

Yet, any good writer will tell you that gods dropping in from on high just won’t cut it. It’s Bobby Ewing coming back to life in TV cliffhanger Dallas, or the dreamstate that let’s us wake up and not be in the Hell we were a few minutes ago. It’s a parallel universe where Spock has a beard.

But our POTUS is not a run of the mill liberal ‘God from the Machine’. Obama’s people and the ultra-radical shift to socialism come with the early frost. The globe may be quite hot for Barack, as he sings “Kumbaya” on Arab television. Yet, what will happen when the cameras go off, the campaign promises blow up, and the President is not invited over for tea and crumpets? Will he and his Secretary, Ms. Hillary, become Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand, singing “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers?”

Barack Obama Is KUMBAYA

Kumbaya” has controversial roots, with stories of some African spiritual as its origin. But truth be known, the song comes more from the 1920’s and 30’s American folk church-based spirituals– much like the radical socialism of America came from the union movements of the early 20th century. Joan Baez resurrected and recorded it in 1962. It became an anthem of the Civil Rights Movement. Yet the song is more about being poor and wanting God to come to the lowly; it has been mishandled as a symbolic olive branch from some phony African root. Either way though, Barack Obama’s handlers can use the theme deftly. Right now, he is the God from the Machine.

Brave New World?

I’ve noticed the fervor amongst Republicans for the RNC chairmanship- our choice of Michael Steele. The story of his election was a top headline: conservatives are looking for our God to fall in from Heaven. I think this is dangerous as we are modeling our attractions after the Obama machine. As Obama comes across as not only naïve regarding international relations, he seems a tool of the past. His team is Clintonized, including his chief of staff chatting up the likes of Paul Begala and George Stephanopoulos every day. It literally sends a tingly feeling down one’s leg, no?

We also see with this first round on Capitol Hill, how his precious jewels of the crown are securely in the palms of Nancy Pelosi. He isn’t even running his own show. Obama’s historical perspectives of American policy regarding Arab interests are just false. He sounds like a pseudo-intellectual who talks in cocktail party-lite, informational sound bites. He has a 30-second twitter, a text message-like working definition of a lot of issues. Beyond that, he’ll have to get back to ya.

Michael Steele is a great choice for the party coach, but he is not a savior quarterback with a Hail Mary pass. Get off the celebrity bandwagon, and let’s see the GOP be a team again with a strong offense and killer defense.

But at this moment in time, with Globally Organized Politics, not the Grand Ol Party, the true push, who is the conservative quarterback? It’s Likud Party leader and soon-to-be Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu. Now, I know, I’ve gushed before; I am on the record for him. But he is a winner and soon a reality, and a force to be reckoned with. Why am I on this kick again? What does an Israeli have to do with the American Conservative Movement anyway?

Benjamin Netanyahu (nicknamed BiBi by many Israelis) is the ONLY true conservative with the global relevance, clear conviction, excellent communication skills, military experience, extreme smarts with an Ivy league education, and compelling character to bring the world wide conservative agenda to the front page again. He is the quarterback, waiting to play. On February 10, 2009, Israel will elect a new leader and he’s the one.

The Bibi Gun

As our President is sending open love notes to Iran, Netanyahu concisely defines his plan: Israel will not allow a nuclear Iran. No questions and with total conviction, BiBi knows from where he sits. He was the Prime Minister before; he knows of military trenches and lost a brother in war. Yet he went to MIT and Harvard. He lived in the United States and likes Deniro films. He’s on Facebook and YouTube; he’s handsome and intense. He’s certain and defined with no wavering over his first job- to protect his people.

He’s conservative politically for a reason- he staunchly believes in freedom and sees the future of his people possibly disappearing. Netanyahu speculated about dire terrorism in New York, namely a suitcase nuclear bomb from Islamic extremists being set off in the World Trade Center: in his book frm 1995, Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies can Defeat Domestic and International Terrorism

But also know that there is organized Islamic hatred and Internet-based fever surrounding this man. Many project that he and some Jewish power hold concocted 9/11. There is a true desire to see him gone. American Republicans better do more than watch him. We need him to be understood, heard, and heard again. Our GOP teams need to read his books, watch him on TV, and learn from his tutelage. He’s right and he’s outspoken. BiBi doesn’t need to look for his jewels as he wants no crown. He wants the honor of his free-willed people. He knows his people are at risk and remembers how history played out for the Jews; back when “Kumbaya” was just a plea for God to come in.

The GOP needs a global conservative. Michael Steele and the republican Americans will benefit from sidestepping Barack Obama. Treat him as if he was not even in the room as he is treating all history of diplomacy and freedom in this country. Do not go to Hillary Clinton or George Mitchell for political dealings. Go beyond these bit players to the man with the true calling.

If Benjamin Netanyahu wins again, Conservatism will have an international face and the muscle to move the mount of liberal radicalism, and terrorist extremism back to the Dark Ages where it all belongs. 

Video of Netanyahu with Glenn Beck:

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