President Trump Challenges Millennial’s for Twitter Crown

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Almost Two Thirds of Arizona Voters Believe Trump Tweets Too Much

Phoenix, AZ (August 4, 2017) –  As social media use continues to grow, OH Predictive Insights wanted to learn more on how Arizona voters viewed President Trump’s tweeting frequency and to gather tangible data on the overall perception behind his use of Twitter.  It is safe to say that by now in the era of Trump you are aware of his preferred social media platform Twitter.

Over 700 active registered, Arizona Democratic, Republican, Independent and non-declared voters participated in this survey, which were based on current active voter registration numbers. The results are as followed:

The question was stated, “of these 4 types of people, who would you say tweets the most in your opinion?”

“It should raise some red flags when the President is running second behind millennials when it comes to their tweeting frequency,” said Mike Noble, managing partner and chief pollster at OH Predictive Insights, a Phoenix-based leading behavioral research polling company.

OH Predictive Insights also tested Trump’s tweeting frequency. The question was stated, “how would you rate President Trump when it comes to the frequency of his tweeting?”

“If 2 out of every 3 people you meet say you should tone it down – you may want to use Twitter more strategically,” said Noble. “Especially, when 42% of your own political party believes you that are overdoing it.”

“Arizona voters are even split down partisan lines on President Trumps tweets. Democrats and Independents clearly want the President to rest his fingers while only a plurality of Republicans say ‘enough with the tweets’,” said Wes Gullett, partner at OH Predictive Insights and GOP Strategist.

Methodology: This automated survey was completed by OH Predictive Insights on July 26th, 2017, from an active Arizona registered voter sample. The sample size was 700 completed surveys, with a MoE of ± 3.7%

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Friday Poll: Do You Support/Oppose Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion in Arizona?

In case you missed it, the Arizona Executive and Legislative branches are embroiled in a battle over expanding Obamacare’s Medicaid program in Arizona. Here is the latest Friday poll gauging our reader’s position on this issue. Votes are scheduled in the Arizona House next week.

Friday Poll: Whose your pick for Tucson Mayor?

This Friday’s poll will focus on the race for Mayor of Tucson.

Tucson is a tough municipality to get elected as a conservative. The current mayor, Bob Walkup – a Republican, was elected in 1999 and won re-election twice. He will not be seeking a second term.

This leaves the field to four candidates: Shaun McClusky, Jonathan Rothschild, Ron Asta and Marshall Home. Two other candidates, Jon McLane, a Green Party candidate, withdrew and threw his support behind Republican Shaun McClusky. Another candidate, Thomas Lombardi, a Democrat also withdrew from the race.

As we go to post this poll, we have some questions regarding the credibility of Marshall Home as a candidate. If anyone knows whether Mr. Home is still in the race or is not qualified to run, please let us know.

(The poll will remain open until next Friday and will limit repeat voting.)

Friday Poll: GOP Presidential Picks

It’s mid May, 2011 and we thought it would be a good time to take the temperature of the GOP Presidential Primary race again. This time, there are officially announced candidates as well as a few who have officially bowed out.

The poll will remain open until next Friday so be sure to share it with your friends online!

To add a little wackiness to the poll, here’s a little graphic we thought we’d include.

Friday Poll: What should Republicans do on immigration reform?

Today’s Friday Poll focuses on Arizona’s immigration reform legislation. Within the last 24 hours, the Arizona Senate failed to pass legislation that further tightens immigration law. Thanks to State Senator Kyrsten Sinema, those same bills are likely to be reconsidered early next. Should they fail to pass, the bills will “die” permanently for the session.

Sonoran Alliance would like to know where our readers stand on this issue by voting in today’s poll. As you can see, the poll focuses on the Republican approach to immigration legislation at the Arizona Legislature.

The poll will run through next Friday so be sure that you vote before it closes next week. You can also share it with friends.

The poll limits votes to IP address and cookies so you should be able to vote only one time.

Start your voting!

Which Republican should run for Arizona’s newest Congressional District?

The newest Friday poll is about to go up and I want your input! Please submit your suggestion for which Republicans should run for the seat assuming that the new district will cover the far east valley down to Pinal County and even east to the Arizona-New Mexico border. I am already compiling a list of potential candidates but I won’t post the poll until tomorrow morning.