Arizona Conservative Party Forming?

This came across my email courtesy of the Flagstaff TEA Party. I thought it was worthy of a robust and healthy discussion…



We the People of Arizona are Grateful to Almighty God for Our Liberties. Our Mission is to Reestablish the Limits and Boundaries of Government, Local, State and Federal, those Boundaries as Framed by the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. We believe that if Our Country is to continue to set the Example of a Free Republic, We Must Adhere to Those Principles as Presented to the Country and the World in the Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, and Our Bill Of Rights.

Conservatism: “To preserve” is a Political and Social Philosophy that Promotes the Maintenance of Traditional Institutions. “Conservatism is Not So Much a Philosophy as an Attitude, a Constant Force, Performing a Timeless Function in the Development of a Free Society, and Corresponding to a Deep and Permanent Requirement of Human Nature Itself.”

The Arizona Conservative Party Says:

  • It is time for Conservatives to Have a Voice.
  • It is Time for Us to stand up and Take Back Our Country and Our State
  • It’s Time for Conservative Republicans, Conservative Democrats, Independents, and Libertarians to Depart from Their Respective Parties and Join the Arizona Conservative Party to uphold our States Rights.

The Conservative movement that is taking place all across America must provide Conservatives a strong political support base, one that will give true Constitutional Conservative candidates the confidence to run for political office in their political districts. It is for that purpose that the Arizona Conservative Party (the “ACP”) is founded.

(Read the Party Platform Articles)

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