Unfit for Public Office?

On Friday, May 21st, two Democrats hosted a film documentary on Senator Barry Goldwater by his grand-daughter. Current State Representative Nancy Young Wright and Senatorial candidate Cheryl Cage neither spoke at the event nor identified themselves as progressive-socialist Democrats. Both attempted to engage attendees in conversation after the film.

To the surprise and chagrin of Wright and Cage, two Republican candidates attended the event: candidate for State Representative Terri Proud and candidate for State Treasurer Barbara Leff. The SaddleBrooke Republican Club asked both candidates to comment on the bizarre behavior of Nancy Young Wright and Cheryl Cage.

 In part, Terri Proud stated, “. . . we must never lose our vigilance and get distracted by liberals or moderates who dress up in conservative values and sound bites . . . Nancy Young Wright and Cheryl Cage, both very liberal Democrats running for State office, held an event where they brought the grand-daughter of Barry Goldwater to show how conservative they are, in an attempt to appeal to a demographic they have both scorned before . . .”

 “Barry Goldwater left a legacy of true conservatism of limited government, lower taxation, and individual rights in which Nancy Young Wright and Cheryl Cage both oppose as outspoken supporters of Obama and Giffords. We must watch to make sure that those people we vote into office actually believe in his legacy as opposed to just using the sound bites and trading in on his good name.”

 Barbara Leff commented, “I thought it was odd that two Democrats, who did not live in SaddleBrooke, put on an event and did not advertise it as a Democrat event. I spoke to several attendees, telling them I was visiting SaddleBrooke, and wondered who was sponsoring the event. They all said Nancy Young Wright and Cheryl Cage. . .”

“It seemed that Nancy and Cheryl were trying to position themselves as moderates, hoping to attract a variety of people to their event by using Goldwater . . . Not mentioning that they were the Democratic candidates seemed less than honest . . . Nancy and Cheryl were not happy to see Terri [Proud] there. It was fun to see Cheryl’s face when Terri introduced herself . . . Next time they should just be honest and call it a Democrat event   . . .”

Let’s see. President Obama campaigned in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts and lost two governorships and one Senate seat.

 Seeing the proverbial handwriting on the wall with adverse poll results and angry constituents, at least four Democrat Senators and ten Democrat Representatives have announced they are not running for office in the next election.

 Now we have the likes of Nancy Young Wright and Cheryl Cage slinking in a darkened room showing a Goldwater documentary, not acknowledging their affiliation with the Democratic Party and attempting to convince attendees they are something they are not by name association. Their behavior can only be described as disingenuous and deceptive.