ALRA Releases Its Primary Candidate Endorsements

MESA, ARIZONA (July 11, 2012) – In light of the unprecedented importance placed on the 2012 electoral cycle, the Executive Board of the Arizona Latino Republican Association (ALRA) decided to break with its former practice and officially vet and endorse some primary candidates.

After a review of the candidacies and political platforms of the Republicans in various key races, the ALRA Executive Board has taken formal votes to decide which candidates are most in line with our conservative platforms and values. The result of those votes is as follows:

  • Maricopa County Sheriff – Joe Arpaio
  • Congressional District 3 – Gabriela Saucedo Mercer
  • Congressional District 5 – Matt Salmon
  • Legislative District 8 Representative – T J Shope
  • Legislative District 13 Representative – Steve Montenegro
  • Legislative District 21 Representative – Rick Gray
  • Legislative District 21 Representative – Debbie Lesko
  • Legislative District 25 Senator – Russell Pearce
  • Gilbert Justice of the Peace – James Estrada

Congratulations to all on receiving ALRA’s endorsement of their respective campaigns. We look forward to working with all of them to strengthen the conservative representation that is vital to the future dignity, security and prosperity of the people of Arizona.


Arizona’s HB 2625 Does Nothing! (that the liberals say it does)

That’s right, Arizona House Bill 2625 does nothing!

HB2625, sponsored by AZ House Majority Whip Debbie Lesko, allows employers to opt-out of certain mandated benefits, based on the business owner’s beliefs. It doesn’t authorize the firing of women, it doesn’t violate the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), it won’t deprive women of health care or contraceptive choices, kill kittens, or dictate the color of your panties.

HB2625 merely lets a business owner choose what they will and won’t pay for in the reproductive health insurance area. Contrary to the ACLU’s dishonest agitprop, the bill doesn’t, “give your boss the green light to fire you for using birth control.” It does prevent employees and politicians from forcing their beliefs onto a business owner. An employer’s rights shouldn’t be any different than yours.

Sadly, there are allegedly liberated women, freaking out that the government might not use laws to take care of their tender bits. Shocking isn’t it?

This outraged woman happily shared her personal details with Arizona State Representative Brenda Barton and everyone else on Facebook. Alvin (not her real name) can’t claim privacy rights when she’s posting the details of her period for the whole world to see.

I thought most women wanted the government to stay out of their nether regions. These outraged women are unfortunately getting false information and haven’t stepped back to look at the situation. If you invite the government, and your employer, into your “women’s healthcare” issues, don’t be surprised when the government, or your boss, wants to have a say in what you do with those body parts. This bill removes your boss and your government from your reproductive organs.

If you believe contraceptive issues are your private business, please support HB2625 and don’t use the government to force other people to pay for your beliefs.

Reposted with permission from Great Satan, Inc.

Debbie Lesko: HB 2625 legislation lets employers opt out

By Debbie Lesko

My legislation to protect our First Amendment rights does one thing and one thing alone: It allows an employer to opt out of a current government mandate that forces it to include the morning-after pill and contraceptives in its insurance benefits even if it is against the employer’s religious beliefs.

Employers can opt out if, and only if, they have a religious objection. It does not authorize employers to ask or know about their employees’ contraceptive use, and it does not allow employers to fire anyone for that use.

The Catholic Church and other faith-based organizations support my legislation, and a national legal organization helped write the law.

Ironically, the controversy about my bill revolves around current law — not even anything I introduced.

In current law, the prescription is still covered if it is used for something other than contraception and the insurance company, not the employer, knows that information.

Whether my legislation passes or not, that will still be the law.

Protecting our First Amendment rights is one of the most important things we can do.  America’s future is at stake.

State Representative Debbie Lesko currently represents legislative district 9 and serves in the Arizona House as majority whip.

Additional Facts:

HB 2625 will:

  1. Allow an employer to opt out of the current government mandate that forces them to cover in their insurance plans abortion-inducing drugs and other items related to contraception…even if they must violate their religious beliefs. The mandate violates the 1st Amendment right of freedom of religion. The employer can opt out, if and only if, they have a religious objection.
  2. It does NOT authorize an employer to ask or know anything about their employee’s contraceptive use.
  3. It does NOT authorize an employer to fire an employee for that use.
  4. Was written by the Alliance Defense Fund, a national legal organization, that fights for religious freedoms.
  5. Is supported by the Catholic church and other faith-based organizations.

Friday Poll: Which Republican should run for CD-2?

This week’s Friday Poll is now up and we’re asking which Republican should run for CD-2 should Congressman Trent Franks enter the race for US Senate?

We’ve ruled out a number of potential candidates who we know have not shown any interest but we’re allowing “Other” to be an option in the poll.

Again, the poll will be open one week and repeat voting is blocked in an attempt to make the poll more accurate.

Cast your vote!

FYI – Tea Party at the Capitol on Vets’ Day

United We Stand Tea Party ( is taking place right at the Arizona Capital from 12:30 – 2:30 PM. It is located at 1700 W. Washington in Phoenix.  It is on Veteran’s Day, Wednesday, November 11, 2009.

Because it is NON-PARTISAN, the organizers have invited Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Sadly, they have not received any response from any Democrats.

Please, bring canned food for St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance.  Please, help others by bringing food for the needy. We need to help our neighbors.

All speakers will be addressing the Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

Current Speakers:

12:30-12:50 – Paul Porter –
12:50-1:00 – State Rep. Debbie Lesko (LD 9) –
1:00-1:10 – Debbie Lee – America’s Mighty Warriors –
1:10-1:20 – John Paul Mitchell, Indep. gubernatorial candidate –
1:20-1:30 – TBD
1:30-1:40 – Clint Bolick –
1:40-1:50 – Tom Horne – Arizona State Superintendent of Public Instruction, exploring a run for AG –
2:00-2:10 – Bradley Beauchamp, candidate in CD -1, running against incumbent Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D) –
2:10-2:15 – TBD
2:15-2:30 – Dean Martin – Arizona State Treasurer –