Christine Jones Statement on CD-5 Debate

Christine Jones for Congress

(Gilbert, AZ) – Tonight, conservative business leader Christine Jones participated in a live televised debate sponsored by Phoenix PBS affiliate, KAET TV-8. Following the debate, Jones released the following statement:

“This was an important debate for citizens of the district to see because it showed a clear contrast between a proven conservative business leader and individuals who have spent their careers working in politics. Citizens should be fully informed about all the candidates when they vote in this Primary Election and I believe my qualifications, credentials and values will best serve the citizens of CD-5.”

Jones added, “On behalf of the campaign, I would like to thank Ted Simon and the team of Horizon for hosting this essential debate. I also want to thank Representative Justin Olson and Supervisor Don Stapley for taking the time to attend and engage in a healthy and informative discussion on issues important to Congressional District Five.”

Christine Jones & Ted Simon

Christine Jones & Ted Simon


Christine Jones is the former interim CEO of Great Hearts Academies. She was a Republican candidate for Governor of Arizona in 2014. Prior to running for office, Christine served as Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary of Go Daddy Operating Company, LLC for more than a decade. Christine and her husband, a retired Air Force officer, have been married for 29 years. He teaches at a high school in Chandler.

Arizona Republican Party Video: Excitement in Diverse Presidential Candidate Field

The Arizona Republican Party just released a new video showing excitement for the diverse field of Republican presidential candidates. Moreover, the video shows new youth, energy and diversity among Republican voters.

If well-produced videos like this are any indication of the year ahead, Republicans have plenty of optimism and hope to look forward to as the presidential campaign kicks into full gear in 2016.

Congratulations to Chairman Robert Graham and crew and a special thanks to Seth Leibsohn and the staff at KKNT 960 for a well produced event!

Arizona GOP Attorney General Debate Tonight!

Horne vs Brnovich

Tune in to Arizona PBS Channel 8 at 5:30 tonight as Mark Brnovich squares off against Tom Horne in the Attorney General debate.

Those watching can live tweet your thoughts, comments and cheers by using the hashtag #AZAG. And if you want to follow the candidates, their Twitter handles are @Mark4AG and @TomHorneAZ.

It’s the Morning After the First Debate, and I’m Giddy

Wow!  I’m giddy.  I was surprised and thrilled by Gov. Romney’s performance in last night’s debate (Oct. 3).  I watched the debate with 7 other Conservatives, time-delayed by a Tivo box so that we could halt the action and toss in our own comments.

Several of us were apprehensive at the outset, but by the end of the debate we had worked ourselves into a frenzy of excitement, shouting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as he pounded home those key points that free-market, limited-government, fiscal-responsibility Conservatives have been trumpeting for years.

Now I have to confess.  I had no idea that Gov. Romney had this in him.  Sure, he’d had some brief flashes on the campaign trail, and his style turned for the better after naming Paul Ryan as his VP.  But like many Conservatives, I feared the Governor was just the next-in-line Establishment Republican candidate — doomed to be another gracious loser.

I’m still absorbing what I saw & heard, and I’ll have to go through the whole debate again, but I do remember Romney’s first home run of the evening (for me) when he pointed out the immorality of the debt we are piling on the backs of our children.  As I’ve written in the past (herehere, and here for example), we are effectively selling them into a modern-day version of debt bondage.  At last we have a candidate who leads with that point against all those “compassionate” Democrats, the people who supposedly “care”.

As for Obama’s own performance, a repeated interjection among my friends was “He’s flailing, he’s flailing!”.  Time and again he reached back for his standard campaign talking points, sometimes well off-topic, and he was visibly shell-shocked when Romney put them down emphatically, with compelling refutation points, nicely bulleted and driven home like nails in a coffin (puns intended).

If you can watch the debate again, keep an eye on Obama’s upper jaw near his left ear as he stares down at his podium.  One of our friends spotted it first.  You’ll see a light spot come and go as he visibly clenches and unclenches his teeth. This man is used to adulation and acquiescence, not reasoned confrontation.  Bound up in his Leftist ideology and surrounded 24/7 by sycophants and a fawning, collaborative media, he was totally unprepared to defend his indefensible record. He spent much of the evening staring down at that podium as if being scolded by his school master.

Obama will be better prepared at the next debate, and Romney will have to guard against over-confidence.  But I’m no longer worried.  Obama’s hand is incredibly weak — almost everywhere, he’s holding a pair of deuces against Romney’s full house.  And Romney’s better at the game — much better.

Of course, the election ain’t over ’til it’s over, and the Obama machine, the Great American Left, and the Democrat Media Complex won’t go gently into the night.  But we have ourselves a candidate in Mitt Romney, and I have a new-found confidence that he and his staff might just run this campaign right across the finish line going away, and leading by several lengths.

Then, the long hard path to recovery begins.

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FreedomWorks for America Celebrates Grand Opening of Mesa, AZ Victory Office with “Presidential Debate Watching Party”

WHAT: FreedomWorks for America activists will join local Arizona Tea Partiers and other allies in the limited-government movement for a “Presidential Debate Watching Party” in honor of the grand opening of the FreedomWorks for America’s Mesa, AZ victory office on October 3rd, 2012 at 5:30pm MT. Volunteer activists will join together to watch the debate between President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney, following the debate activists will participate in voter training and planning activities to increase fiscally conservative voter turnout in their respective districts.

WHEN: Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012, beginning at 5:30pm MT.

WHERE: FreedomWorks for America’s Mesa Victory Office | 1818 East Southern Avenue, Ste. 2A | Mesa Arizona, 85204

WHY: FreedomWorks for America believes that the only sure path to responsible spending reform and pro-growth economic policy is to regain a Senate majority of fiscally conservative Republicans and to retire President Obama in November. Unlike traditional Super PACs which exist to produce expensive advertising buys, FreedomWorks for America was created to develop tools to empower local activists to create a winning ground game that will transform grassroots conservatism into lasting political change this November.

For more information, please visit


AZPBS Airs US Senate Debate between Jeff Flake, Wil Cardon, Clair Van Steenwyk & Bryan Hackbarth

AZPBS Airs CD-4 Debate Between Paul Gosar, Ron Gould & Rick Murphy

The Discussion Our Nation Needs to Have

I had “50-yard-line” seats at the Mesa Center for the Arts for the Presidential Debate this week. The conversation finally turned to a rarely discussed but very critical topic – the family and the economy.

With the eyes of the nation on the Arizona debate, the four candidates shared why our nation’s future is at risk when 40% of children are born out of wedlock.

We all must realize – this is not just a “social” issue – it’s an economic issue.

Our nation’s economy is only as strong as our families. For far too long public policy and our culture has weakened the family by attacking marriage and stifling any honest conversation about the importance of intact homes composed of a married mom and dad with children.

President Ronald Reagan described the three major interests of our nation as a three-legged stool: a strong economy, a strong foreign policy, and strong families. We need all three in order for our country to endure.

Call to Prayer

Marriage between a man and a woman is lifegiving, and a majority of Americans understand this.

Yet marriage is under constant assault. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled the California marriage amendment was unconstitutional. In Washington State, a bill was signed into law to completely redefine marriage. The New Jersey legislature passed legislation to do the same, but Governor Christie vetoed it. Maryland’s legislature recently passed similar legislation, and their governor has vowed to sign the bill.

The attacks are coming from all sides. In response, Alliance Defense Fund has called for a National Pray for Marriage Day this Sunday, February 26. This prayer guide offers suggestions to pray for a restoration of marriage in America. While there is much work to be done to protect marriage in America, we must always remember to go to the Lord first, because only He can bring us victory. Take time this Sunday to pray for marriage!

Legislative Victory! First CAP-supported Bill Heads to the Governor

SB 1047, which increases the amount individuals can receive in tax credits for donations to School Tuition Organizations to $500, and married couples to $1,000, is on Governor Brewer’s desk! These new scholarship dollars are solely designated for children on waiting lists who attend public schools and want to go to the private school of their parents’ choice.

Governor Brewer has 5 days to act on this bill. Be sure to follow our Facebook page and Bill Tracker to get the latest updates.

Have you ever been to the State Capitol?
We’ve hosted a number of Inside Looks at the Capitol since session began to give CAP supporters a peek into our daily work and how it is making Arizona a better place for families. These one-hour tours are free and allow you to interact with me and some of the other members of the CAP team. I hope you can join us and bring a friend on March 6 or March 21. The tours run from noon-1:00 p.m. You must RSVP in advance by emailing

Arizona GOP Announces Mesa Arts Center as the Location for Republican Presidential Debate

CONTACT: Mark Stanton

PHOENIX – Arizona Republican Party Chairman Tom Morrissey announced Tuesday that Mesa Arts Center will be the location for the Arizona Republican Presidential Debate featuring candidates seeking the Republican nomination for president in 2012.

The nationally-televised debate is being sponsored by the Arizona Republican Party and the Cable News Network (CNN), and will be conducted and aired live on CNN at 6 p.m. local time (8 p.m. ET) on November 30.

Mesa Arts Center, which opened in 2005, is a world-class facility well-suited to host this world-class event. The $98-million complex sits on seven acres and includes more than 212,000 square feet of theaters, studios and exhibition space.

“Mesa Arts Center is an ideal venue for the debate,” said Chairman Morrissey. “This state-of-the-art facility will be front and center as Arizona welcomes the candidates for this important event.”

Governor Jan Brewer, who played a key role in securing the debate in Arizona, called the event a critical opportunity to spotlight southwestern issues and have the candidates hear directly from Arizona voters. As Arizona’s top-elected official, she stated that this debate is very important to the state and the nation.

“This is a tremendous honor,” said Governor Brewer. “Arizona will play a key role in the coming election, and I’m looking forward to our voters getting an up-close look at our nation’s candidates for president.”

“I’m thankful to CNN and the Arizona Republican Party for their sponsorship of this important debate,” Governor Brewer added, “and the City of Mesa for its work in making this event a reality. I know the Mesa Arts Center will truly help Arizona shine on the national stage.”

Mesa Mayor Scott Smith said the national exposure of the debate will pay dividends for both the State of Arizona and City of Mesa.

“Mesa is honored to host this important event at our beautiful arts center,” Mayor Smith said. “We are confident that we can demonstrate all Arizona has to offer to both the attendees and millions of viewers.”

The Mesa Arts Center is an architecturally-stunning facility located in the heart of downtown Mesa. Arizona’s largest arts center is home to four theaters, five art galleries and 14 art studios. Guests, patrons and students come to Mesa Arts Center to enjoy the finest live entertainment and performances, world-class visual art exhibitions and outstanding arts education classes. The facility is an architectural showpiece and a destination for visitors to the Phoenix area. For a map of the facility go to The Mesa Arts Center is located at One East Main Street in Mesa, Arizona 85201.

Mesa, Arizona is home to nearly half a million people, making it the 39th most populous city in the United States – larger than Kansas City, Miami, St. Louis and Pittsburgh. The area’s economy is driven by five major industries: healthcare, education, aerospace, technology and tourism. Mesa is home to Chicago Cubs spring training, the Boeing Company’s Apache Helicopter, First Solar’s newest solar panel manufacturing plant and the Arizona Laboratories for Security and Defense Research (AzLabs), one of only a handful of high-level security facilities of its kind in the United States. For more information about the City of Mesa go to

The Arizona presidential debate will be viewed worldwide, thanks to the global, 24/7 reach of CNN and The debate will be aired live from Arizona on CNN, and globally on CNN International, CNN en Espanol and CNN Radio.


Western Free Press Poll: Who won the MSNBC Politico GOP Presidential Debate

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