40 Abortions Per Week

40 Abortions Per Week

Phoenix Magazine’s current edition portrays a glowing image of Valley abortionist Gabrielle Goodrick, who claims to perform, on average, 40 abortions per week. The article reads like a Planned Parenthood ad: dehumanizing the preborn and completely ignoring the considerable physical and emotional risks women face when they have an abortion.

Shane Wikfors at Sonoran Alliance blog this week wrote about what is also noticeably missing from the article. In February, Goodrick was placed on five years probation by the Arizona Medical Board. The Board said she reported she “may have a substance abuse problem,” and the Board’s Physician Health Program Contractor determined that Ms. Goodrick was “not safe to practice” and recommended “that she attend a chemical dependency evaluation.”

While not surprising, the lack of journalistic integrity is astounding. Once again, when all the facts are included, one cannot paint a sunny picture of Arizona’s abortion industry. I encourage you to pray for Goodrick and those entering her clinic. The facts are that abortion has tragic, life-altering consequences for all involved.

Leading a Family

Dad’s make a difference in our lives. They play a critical role in providing a loving, secure environment for families. A Heritage Foundation brief shows the importance for families of having a dad around:

  • Fathers’ engagement in their children’s activities is linked to higher academic performance.
  • Among adolescent boys, those who receive more parenting from their fathers are less likely to exhibit anti-social and delinquent behavior.
  • Among adolescent girls, those who have a strong relationship with their fathers are less likely to report experiencing depression.

Today, a new group of children, though, may never know their fathers. Jennifer Lahl, the executive producer of Eggsploitation, is producing a new film, Anonymous Father’s Day. The film tells the story of children conceived through sperm donation who will most likely never know their fathers and how this has impacted their lives. Click here to watch the trailer, and visit AnonymousUs.com to hear some of these stories. Also be sure to thank and love on your dad this Father’s Day! Most likely, I’ll be watching the U.S. Open with my dad and my husband.


We screened Eggsploitation twice this week – at Arizona Christian University and for a joint House and Senate Health Committee. Eggsploitation tells how the retrieval of human eggs to create embryos through in vitro fertilization carries significant health risks for women, to say nothing of the potential harm to embryos. Most who see the movie – from legislators to college-age women – say the movie is eye-opening. Click here for a copy of CAP’s overview of the issue.

If you missed the screening, and would like to see Eggsploitation, you can purchase the DVD from CAP for $17 plus $3 shipping and handling. Also, if you’re interested in hosting a screening for your church, class, or small group, we can help. Email info@azpolicy.org or call the CAP office, 602.424.2525.