Friday Poll: Who should run for CD-6?

This week’s Friday poll is now up! (See the right sidebar)

This week we are polling on the race to replace Jeff Flake in Congressional District 6. On the list of candidates are a handful of legislators, prior candidates and local mayors.

Voting will go on for one week until next Friday’s poll.

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Survey Says…

Hat Tip to Mesa Issues for beating us to the punch on the poll just released by the East Valley Tribune. According to a poll conducted August 8th and 9th, Russell Pearce holds a huge lead over Kevin Gibbons in the race for the Senate in Legislative District 18. What must come as a shock to opponents of Pearce, Gibbons only polled at 13.3% compared to Pearce who holds the 51% needed to secure the Republican nomination. That left 36% of voters undecided or with no answer. (The survey asked 400 registered voters and contains a margin of error of 4.8%.)

LD 18 PollThis backs up what Sonoran Alliance predicted in an informal bloggers roundtable presented at Mesa Issues. The independent expenditures attacking Russell Pearce have backfired. Pearce has been seen as a political “rockstar” in his district for years and any attacks funded by outside opponents has been viewed as an attack on the community. Pearce’s district has also been plagued by the negative effects of illegal immigration which has also solidified his support.

To date, Nathan Sproul’s “Mesa Deserves Better” has only dropped two hit pieces attacking Pearce. The results have obviously backfired. With surveys like this, Sproul must be reconsidering any further attacks and probably thinking of taking his open-border supporters’ money to other legislative district races like LD-1, 6, 20, 26 and 30.

The other obvious blowback recipient on this poll is Kevin Gibbons whose Yuma grower’s money and support is withering fast. Even if Gibbons wrestles away the entire 36% of the undecided vote, he will never overcome Pearce’s 51%.

We predict that this race won’t even be close as Pearce continues to build momentum leading into the September 2nd Primary. Pearce’s Senate victory will also carryover to the House race where the two likely winners will be Ron Middlebrook and Cecil Ash. Often seen campaigning together door-to-door, Pearce has found a strong replacement for his House seat in Ron Middlebrook.