Sheriff Paul Babeu holds strong lead in two polls


CONTACT: Chris DeRose

Gould, Gosar effectively tied

San Tan Valley – Two polls conducted in the past week show a commanding lead for Sheriff Paul Babeu in Arizona’s 4th Congressional District.

Public Opinion Strategies conducted a survey of likely voters for the Babeu campaign, to determine their choice for Congress. The results were as follows:

Paul Babeu – 31%
Paul Gosar – 23%
Ron Gould – 19%

Of those who “definitely” know their choice, Babeu has double the support of both Gould and Gosar.

Definitely Paul Babeu – 21%
Definitely Paul Gosar – 12%
Definitely Ron Gould – 10%

“Babeu is well positioned to win this race,” said Glen Bolger, founding partner of Public Opinion Strategies. Babeu has solid leads among “very conservative voters, Tea Party supporters, strong NRA supporters, and base Republicans,” said Bolger, whose memorandum on this poll can be downloaded here.

Gosar recently announced his candidacy in a district 50 miles from his house, abandoning a district with 70% of his current constituents, citing his “base” in Yavapai County. Bolger called his support there “underwhelming.”

Babeu strategist Chris DeRose said “If this is Gosar’s base, I’d hate to see the part of the district that doesn’t like him. Voters in this new district won’t like his liberal record any more than the one he’s running from.”

These findings dovetail an independent poll published in the Arizona Capitol Times Yellow Sheet. That poll recorded 29% for Babeu, 19% for Gosar, and 17% for Gould.

Public Opinion Strategies is the most trusted name in Republican polling. Founded in 1991, it counts as clients 80 members of the House of Representatives, 19 United States Senators, and 6 governors.

Download the Public Opinion Strategies poll results here.
Download the Yellow Sheet poll results here.



Babeu raises $263,302 in 68 days from 1,100 donors

CONTACT: Chris DeRose

Has $235,072 cash on hand for Congressional campaign

San Tan Valley – Sheriff Paul Babeu today announced his fundraising totals for the first 68 days of his campaign for Congress, which included Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve and ended January 1st, 2012.

While in the exploratory phase, without a single fundraising event, and without a final Congressional district, Sheriff Babeu raised $263,302 from 1,100 donors. This represents an estimated 300 new donors. The Sheriff has over 8,000 unique donors, meaning a significant reservoir of support not yet tapped for the Congressional race.

“I’m absolutely blown away by the generosity of my supporters,” Babeu said. “People agree it’s time for a new Sheriff in Washington. I pledge to represent them with honor and integrity in the next Congress.”

Babeu officially announced his candidacy on January 4th.

Paul Babeu is America’s Sheriff of the Year, as voted by his colleagues in the National Sheriff’s Association. As Sheriff, he reduced his budget by 10% while decreasing response times to emergencies by 50%. As a police officer, he was awarded two medals for saving lives, and served as President of the Chandler Law Enforcement Association. A retired Major in the United States Army National Guard, he commanded Task Force Yuma, which reduced illegal border crossings by 94%, and served a tour of duty in Iraq. 


Ron Gould Announces Candidacy for Congress

CONTACT: Chris Baker

Rural Arizona Deserves a Conservative Leader

(Lake Havasu City, AZ) Conservative State Senator Ron Gould announced his candidacy for Congress today after a brief exploratory committee.

“After talking to residents of Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District during my exploratory phase, one thing has become clear,” said Gould. “They want a strong conservative as their next Congressman who understands rural Arizona and the issues facing it.

“Unlike my announced opponents, I am a long time resident of CD 4 and I am proud to have spent the last 7 years representing Mohave, La Paz, and Coconino Counties in the Legislature.”

During his time in the Arizona State Senate, Gould has been recognized as the top Senator for all 7 years of his tenure by the Goldwater Institute, Arizona’s leading free-market conservative think-tank. Gould also has the highest lifetime score from the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity of any State Senator currently serving.

“I have spent the last 7 years in the State Senate doing exactly what I promised to do when first elected,” continued Gould. “I have led the fight against higher taxes, I have stood firm against big government and higher spending even when doing so required me to oppose my own party, and I have consistently stood up and fought for the small businesses that provide the large majority of jobs in this district.

“This district wants a Congressman who is willing to stand up and do what’s right. Unlike some in this race, I won’t vote to increase the debt ceiling and I won’t seek out wasteful stimulus money that is nothing but an egregious waste of taxpayer dollars.”

Senator Ron Gould and his wife Janice live in Lake Havasu City Arizona. They are the parents of three grown children and the proud grandparents of two grandchildren.


Arizona CD-4 & CD-1 Ruminations: Congressman Paul Gosar Moves, Gary Pierce vs. Bill Konopnicki?

Congressman Paul Gosar announced Saturday that he will be moving into the new congressional district 4 in order to seek “re-election” now that the final congressional lines appear to be headed for final approval. This puts Gosar smack dab in the middle of a real battle shaping up between State Senator Ron Gould and Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu. Knowing the consultants behind these two candidates (Chris Baker and Chris DeRose, respectively), Gosar has his work cut out for him running against Gould, who has earned the highest ranking as an no-tax, small government conservative against Babeu, who has national name ID and a reputation for fighting illegal immigration and Mexican drug cartels.

Meanwhile in the new CD-1, former state representative and fast food magnate, Bill Konopnicki sent out these two tweets in the past week. One would surmise that he’s attempting to head off an entry into the CD-1 race by Arizona Corporation Commissioner, Gary Pierce who earned his reputation as a conservative willing to turn the lights out on Los Angeles. We’ll see if this shot across Pierce’s bow cause Pierce to puts all hands on deck.

Expect a handful of announcements and even resignations as the 2012 election officially kicks off this month!

This election season is about to get real exciting.

Sheriff Paul Babeu announces run for Congress

CONTACT: Chris DeRose

“It’s time for a new Sheriff in Washington,” says Babeu 

San Tan Valley — Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu today announced his candidacy for the United States House of Representatives, District 4.

“As a first responder, I’m trained to run toward dangers that others run away from. Right now, the biggest threats facing our country are from Washington. We have record debt and deficit spending, the biggest intergenerational theft in the history of the world. We have a system that punishes job creators and leaves many millions unemployed. We have an unsecured border that allows the drug cartels to operate freely in our country, and results in 400,000 illegal crossings into our state every year.

How have our leaders responded to these threats? This Congress approved the largest debt ceiling increase in American history. The administration transferred 2,000 high powered weapons to the most dangerous criminals in North America, punishing whistleblowers and rewarding those responsible for “Fast and Furious.” Then they sued Arizona for doing the job they won’t do. While Americans watch their savings disappear, we have credible allegations of insider trading by members of Congress.

It’s time for a new Sheriff in Washington. The American people are sounding a giant 911 call on Washington. And I’m responding.”

Paul Babeu is America’s Sheriff of the Year, as voted by his colleagues in the National Sheriff’s Association. As Sheriff, he reduced his budget by 10% while decreasing response times to emergencies by 50%. As a police officer, he was awarded two medals for saving lives, and served as President of the Chandler Law Enforcement Association. A retired Major in the United States Army National Guard, he commanded Task Force Yuma, which reduced illegal border crossings by 94%, and served a tour of duty in Iraq.


NYT: Democrat Ed Pastor Makes the Elite Capitol Hill Millionaire’s Club

Over the last 20 years I’ve worked or volunteered on several campaigns (Don Shooter, Jim Buster, Jonathan Barnert and Janet Contreras) to unseat Democrat Ed Pastor. One of the message that has been used is that Ed Pastor does not represent the values of the people who reside in his district. Although he was born in a small mining town, he’s adopted the left’s position on policy and class warfare. In essence, he’s become an elitist.

Now comes confirmation that what we’ve been preaching as populist pronouncements all these years is actually true.

Today’s article in The New York Times backs that assertion up.

According to writer Eric Lichtblau:

Today, Mr. Pastor, a miner’s son and a former high school teacher, is a member of a not-so-exclusive club: Capitol Hill millionaires. That group has grown in recent years to include nearly half of all members of Congress — 250 in all — and the wealth gap between lawmakers and their constituents appears to be growing quickly, even as Congress debates unemployment benefits, possible cuts in food stamps and a “millionaire’s tax.” 

Mr. Pastor buys a Powerball lottery ticket every weekend and says he does not consider himself rich. Indeed, within the halls of Congress, where the median net worth is $913,000 and climbing, he is not. He is a rank-and-file millionaire. But compared with the country at large, where the median net worth is $100,000 and has dropped significantly since 2004, he and most of his fellow lawmakers are true aristocrats.

Largely insulated from the country’s economic downturn since 2008, members of Congress — many of them among the “1 percenters” denounced by Occupy Wall Street protesters — have gotten much richer even as most of the country has become much poorer in the last six years, according to an analysis by The New York Times based on data from the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonprofit research group.

We decided to pull Pastor’s personal financial disclosure reports from Legistorm, a DC-based non-partisan data resource entity, to see exactly what the congressman from Arizona’s 4th congressional district claimed on his 2011 disclosures. This included earned income, assets and unearned income, liabilities and travel payments and reimbursements. You can view them as well: [2011 Disclosure] [2011_Disclosure Amended].

We also took a look at information revealed by Open Secrets which shows the political side of Ed Pastor’s congressional lifestyle. It’s not hard to see that Ed Pastor has taken a lot of money from unions and trial lawyers.

How will the so-called 99% react to this new revelation? You won’t see them protesting outside his office or shouting him down at his next public appearance (if he ever has one). No, all you’ll hear from the Occupy folks is the sound of silent sanction as Mr. Pastor readies for his next campaign for congress.

AZ Family TV-3 Interviews Sheriff Paul Babeu on Possible Congressional Run

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu has announced the formation of an exploratory committee for Congressional District 4.

Unions, Democrat Activists Up to Dirty Tricks!

Reports are coming in that Janet Contreras signs are being vandalized as quick as they go up in the Congressional District 4 race.

Could Democrats be in that much trouble that they are now resorting to attacking their Republican opponent’s signs and property?

We see it happening in CD-5 where a Harry Mitchell supporter and Democrat activist was arrested for criminal damage. We’re seeing the same thing happen in Southern Arizona where Raul Grijalva’s people are also doing the same to Ruth McClung’s signs.

Now they’re hard at work in CD-4 destroying and removing Janet Contreras’ signs.

If anyone sees anything suspicious going on please take a photo with your camera phone, call the police, and then contact the respective campaign. We will catch these thugs and make sure everyone knows whose behind it!

Please send your photos to and we’ll post them here!

Vote for Janet Contreras in Arizona’s CD-4!

A recent poll shows Congressman Ed Pastor at 41% of the vote. This includes Democrats of which over 40% remain undecided! Of all likely voters, many still remain undecided!

Janet Contreras needs our help to get the exposure she needs in the final week.

Call the radio shows and ask that they bring Janet on. Leave your comments on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and any new sites reporting on Arizona elections.

Finally, go to ¡No Mas Ed Pastor! and donate to Janet’s Moneybomb.

We can get Janet Contreras elected to Congress with your help!

Janet Contreras Launches ¡No Mas Ed Pastor! Moneybomb!

It’s time to help our incredible Republican candidate out in central Phoenix!

Janet Contreras just launched a MoneyBomb via the website ¡No Mas Ed Pastor! (

Janet Contreras is the conservative choice in CD-4. You may recall the letter she wrote that was read by Glenn Beck on his television program in 2009. Janet, the “Citizen Candidate,” in this race, is taking on a longtime incumbent who has consistently voted for more taxes, more spending and bigger government. Ed Pastor voted for TARP, the bailouts and ObamaCare. Janet will work to reverse as much of this as possible and restore our Republic.

Please visit and donate to her effort to unseat big government liberal, Ed Pastor, in the race for Congressional District 4.

Be sure to tell your friends about Janet Contreras and send them to the website. Money raised will be used to go up on radio during this final week leading up to the election.

To read more about Janet Contreras, visit her website at