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Key Arizona Races Could Mean Big Wins for U.S.

By Joanne Moudy

As everyone knows, November 2014 will be a crucial election if Republicans hope to gain ground against Obamacare, amnesty and the skyrocketing debt. Quite frankly, if the GOP doesn’t rally in tremendous strength, this country may never recover and our grandchildren will be asking why we led them blindly down the path to the slaughterhouse.

This means that every state is critical and every seat is a must win. There are no U.S. House or Senate seats which are unimportant or inconsequential. Every single one matters.

Arizona is no exception. Currently the state enjoys the luxury of four conservative congressmen; Trent Franks, Matt Salmon, David Schweikert, and Paul Gosar, and in all likelihood, they will all be returning to Congress in November, which suits their districts just fine.

But there remain three additional U.S. House seats which could easily be gained out of the nine total in Arizona. And wouldn’t it be nice if solid Republicans picked these seats up? Nice indeed, because it would completely change the complexion of the current liberal leaning envoy from the 5-4 (D/R) to 7-2 (R/D). But the time is now or never, because even moderate, independent voters are mad about Obamacare, illegal immigration, and bad federal economic decisions, all of which are destroying this state.

On the liberal Democrat side, Reps. Krysten Sinema, Ann Kirkpatrick, and Ron Barber have experienced declining popularity because of their unwavering support of Obamacare, amnesty, and proposed Medicare cuts. At one point, Sinema knew she was in so much trouble she seriously considered switching districts to run in D-7, the heavily populated democratic region, which Ed Pastor is vacating. That would have been a much safer run for her, especially given the angst of voters over her open support of Obama’s liberal agenda.

What’s refreshing to see are three, relatively new faces entering the arena to fill these slots and all appear to be strong contenders working relentlessly to gain enlightened voter support across the state. Meet Andrew Walter, Adam Kwasman, and Chuck Wooten, all of whom bring unique talents to the fray and have excellent chances of success.

Although Andrew Walter isn’t known as a seasoned politician, he does have a familiar face around the state and country, and he’ll need it in the general race against liberal incumbent Sinema. His only opponent in the primary is Wendy Rogers, who’s run twice and lost twice. Many voters in the district are looking for a fresh candidate with a can-do attitude and believe that Walter is the person to do it.

Walter first earned his local reputation as ASU’s star quarterback and later as a 2005 draft pick for the Oakland Raiders, followed by the New England Patriots. After his football career he earned his MBA and worked in the banking industry, which gives him an in-depth business perspective on the state of our economy.

Aside from her radically liberal voting record, Sinema is a pathetic excuse for a member of congress and recently stepped in it, by taking advantage of the horrific death of 40 veterans. Sinema was quick to send out an email expressing her disappointment at the VA in one sentence, while she asked for campaign contributions in the next. When she was called out by Walter, she wasted no time in blaming a staffer. Really? How unusual for a liberal member of congress to feign ignorance, and blame someone else.

As Walter exclaimed, “Exactly how low can a person go? This is the ugliest display of political opportunism I’ve witnessed in a very long time. Not only should she accept responsibility and apologize to the entire district, she should also refund all the money, and make a donation to a veterans association – equal to the amount donated due to that email.”

Walter sees three top issues as his priorities. “One, we must unleash the American economy to create jobs by restoring basic free market principals. Two, we must repeal and replace Obamacare because nothing else will suffice, and three, we must, absolutely – not consider amnesty.” One more point worth mentioning, is that Walter does not see himself as a career politician. “I’ve signed a pledge to author an Amendment that limits the terms of members of congress. I want to help the 2014 Congress gear up and turn this country around, so that regular folks can get back to living the American dream.”

Adam Kwasman is a rising star in the largest geographical district in Arizona, and has the credentials to back up his claims of fiscal conservatism. After earning his B.A. (Cum Laude) from Tulane University, he went on to earn his M.A. in Economics from George Mason University. Before entering the Arizona state House of Representatives, his fight for constitutional liberty began when he worked at the Cato Institute in Constitutional Studies.

Kwasman’s doesn’t mince words. “I’m a Hayekian economist. Either we cut government spending, secure the borders without exception, repeal Obamacare and get the EPA out of our lives, or we lose this country.”

The incumbent, Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, has the opposite view and works tirelessly promote the liberal agenda of amnesty, Obamacare and an increased EPA.

In District 1, two hot topics are the Navajo Generating Station and the Kayenta Mine which create over 1,100 jobs, mostly for Native Americans. The EPA wants to shut them down and/or levy heavy fines which would put them out of business. Instead of standing strong for the NGS, Kirkpatrick seems more interested in clean air than crucial jobs.

Kwasman doesn’t agree and wants the EPA brought under control. “They are about to shut down the Navajo Generating Station, which is completely unacceptable. The EPA is working against the people of the state of Arizona and must be stopped.”
And finally, down in the far southeastern corner of the state comes Chief Master Sergeant (Ret.) Chuck Wooten. Prior to retiring from the USAF, he held the prestigious position of 19th Air Force Command Chief, overseeing the training, morale, and welfare of 14 unit locations and 17,000 subordinate troops. After retirement, he became the V.P. of Federal Business Development for SoxedoUSA, a 20 billion/year global corporation. Today he is the founder/owner of Corona Consulting Corporation and works extensively with contractors engaged in acquisition support directed at the U.S. Government, NATO, and other cabinet-level federal agencies.

When asked why he decided to take on Barber to represent the folks in District 2, Wooten said, “I looked around at the other GOP candidates and didn’t see anyone viable. We’ve got Shelley Kais who’s background is in education and personal training, and Martha McSally who lost twice in this same race.” According to votesmart, McSally refuses to disclose her positions on key issues, making her positions suspect to voters.

“I commend her military service,” says Wooten. “But if she isn’t willing to tell voters where she stands on key issues, how can they make an educated decision at the polls?” According to public records, her mentor and primary financial backer is Senator Jon Kyl. “I don’t like how Kyl voted, and if he’s her mentor, I’m concerned she’ll ignore the root problems and just be another mouthpiece for the RINO contingency.”

“For me, I’m not afraid to say I love God, our constitution and our Judeo-Christian heritage. I’m not afraid to tell voters that we must secure and close the borders – which is a separate and distinct issue from amnesty. We must enforce immigration laws, completely repeal Obamacare, eliminate burdensome government agencies like the EPA, protect our military, and defend life.”

“Let’s face it, we’re in a war in America,” Wooten says. “A war of principals and convictions we cannot avoid. The time is now and either we turn back Obamacare and the economy, and reverse the damage that’s been caused by the liberal agenda, or we accept defeat and allow ourselves to become slaves to socialism.”

These races in Arizona aren’t unique. Take a look around your own community and state – and get involved – today. There’s no time to waste, because come November, if you haven’t gotten involved and helped candidates just like these, we may all be staring down the barrel of ruin. It is an absolute guarantee that if Arizona turns blue, Texas will be next, and then all will be lost.

My money’s on Andrew, Adam and Chuck – our next best hope for a return to a constitutional America.

Joanne Moudy is the author of “The Tenth,” a supernatural thriller exploring the very real trauma of abortion in a fictional realm. She proudly served as an officer in the military for nine years, before specializing in emergency nursing until retirement. She’s currently an Ambassador for Alliance Defending Freedom, a member of ASU’s Advisory Board for the Center for Political Thought and Leadership, and regularly speaks about the impact of abortion, liberalism, and secularism on all of humanity. You can follow her on Twitter @composedof1

Sedona Republican Men’s Club Endorses Adam Kwasman for Congress in CD-1

Adam Kwasman press release


In a near unanimous vote of its membership, the Sedona Verde Valley Republican Men’s Club has endorsed Adam Kwasman for U.S. Congress from Arizona’s First Congressional District.

Club President, Charles “Charlie” Christensen had this to say about Kwasman:

“Adam’s proven conservative record combined with his excellent knowledge of the issues and his positive demeanor and energy are exactly what we need to defeat Ann Kirkpatrick in the House.”

Christensen continued:

“Sedona Verde Valley Republican Men’s Club urges AZ-01 voters to support Kwasman, and looks forward to working for his campaign and putting AZ-01 back in the Republican column.”

For more information about the Sedona Verde Valley Republican Men’s Club, feel free to contact Dwight Kadar at 281-610-0725 or dwightkadar@yahoo.com.


Adam Kwasman, Ann Kirkpatrick Tied in Congressional Race

Incumbent dangerously below 50% 

Oro Valley – State Representative and congressional candidate Adam Kwasman commissioned McLaughlin and Associates to survey likely general election voters in Arizona’s First Congressional District.  A summary of the results can be seen below.  

TO:           Interested Parties

FROM:     John McLaughlin and Rob Schmidt

RE:          Arizona CD 1 Survey – Key Findings

Date:        December 12, 2013_____________________________________________________________________

Key Findings

1.     State Representative Adam Kwasman is statistically tied with the incumbent, Ann Kirkpatrick, who is dangerously far from the margin needed for re-election. 

Among those most likely to vote, 42% preferred Kwasman and 41% selected Kirkpatrick. Overall, 42.7% of all likely voters chose Kirkpatrick to 40% who preferred Kwasman, a statistical tie, with eleven months remaining in the election.  42.7% is a dangerously low level of support for any incumbent.

2.     Kwasman has nearly unlimited room to grow; Kirkpatrick, with 92.7% name identification, is unlikely to increase her numbers.

Kirkpatrick is nearly universally known after her three races for Congress.  Notably, she has fallen far from the 48% share of the vote she won in 2012.  Kwasman is known by only 23.7% of the voters.

3.     Kirkpatrick’s core support is anemic

After three elections for Congress, only 23.7% of the voters will definitely support Kirkpatrick.

4.     Voters overwhelmingly prefer a Republican check on the president to a Democrat who will hand the president a blank check. 

By a margin of 53.3% to 37.7%, voters selected a Republican member of Congress who would serve as “a check and balance to President Obama” versus a “Democrat who will help President Obama pass his agenda.”  This is unsurprising, in light of the President’s 40.7% – 56.7% job approval/disapproval rating.  Kirkpatrick, who famously said that she would not second guess this President, has positioned herself sharply at odds with her constituents.

The Bottom Line 

Ann Kirkpatrick is in greater jeopardy of losing her seat than previously thought.  Though nearly universally known, her support is far from what is necessary to secure another term.  All of this is predicated on the same turnout model that elected Kirkpatrick in 2012. If Republican turnout increases as a share of the electorate, as it has in previous midterm elections, then the above numbers grow considerably worse for Kirkpatrick.


Demographic Breakdown:

Republican 36% Under 40 23%
Democrat 39% 41 – 55 21%
Independent/Other 23% 56 – 65 29%
IDEOLOGY % Over 65 26%
Liberal 23% GENDER %
Moderate 27% Male 47%
Conservative 45% Female 53%
White 65% Apache County 10%
Hispanic 21% Phoenix Media Market 71%
Native American 5% Pima County 19%
OBAMA JOB RATING % Kwasman (LD 11) 32%
Approve 41% Rest of District 68%
Disapprove 57%

*Totals may not add up to 100% due to rounding

Methodology: This survey of 300 likely 2014 general election voters in Arizona’s first congressional district was conducted on December 9th and 10th, 2013. All interviews were conducted via telephone by professional interviewers. Interview selection was random within predetermined election units. These units were structured to correlate with actual voter turnout in a general election. This poll of 300 likely 2014 general election voters has an accuracy of +/- 5.7% at a 95% confidence interval.
For more information about Adam Kwasman’s campaign for Congress, please visit www.AdamKwasman.com.

Yavapai County Supervisors Endorse Andy Tobin

Andy Tobin

Cite Tobin’s Fight for Jobs and Economic Growth in Rural Arizona

As Andy Tobin continues to campaign in every corner of the vast 1st Congressional District, his campaign is building support, momentum, and energy. Three County Supervisors in Tobin’s home county announced their support for his campaign today, citing his focus on job growth and growing the economy.

“I have been waiting for a candidate like Andy Tobin to enter the race for Arizona’s 1st Congressional District,” said Yavapai County Supervisor Rowle Simmons. “It is my sincere pleasure to endorse such a proven leader who has constantly delivered on his promises to rural Arizona. From his success in delivering historic budget cuts in Arizona, to his support of the community of Yarnell and the fallen Granite Mountain Hotshots, I am confident that Andy Tobin will take Arizona’s fight to Washington. Andy will need all of our help to succeed.”

“As a Yavapai County Supervisor, I see the impact this economy is having on rural Arizonans everyday,” said Yavapai County Supervisor Jack Smith. “Andy Tobin has always been very accessible to my office and to the good people of Yavapai County. That is why I am endorsing him for United States Congress in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District.”

“Andy Tobin has always been a champion for quality of life in rural Arizona,” said Yavapai County Supervisor Thomas Thurman. “From our roads to our water supply, Andy Tobin has always been focused on the needs of Yavapai County and its residents. Andy knows that rural Arizona doesn’t rebound until all of Arizona rebounds. That is why I am endorsing him in his campaign for U.S. Congress in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District.”

“It has been my honor to represent the people of Yavapai County in the Arizona Legislature for the last six years,” said Tobin. “Much like the rest of rural Arizona, Yavapai County residents want to replace ObamaCare and want the federal government to stop unnecessarily regulating agriculture, business, and manufacturing. With the support of the County Supervisors from my legislative district, we can replace Kirkpatrick again and take rural Arizona’s fight to Washington. Yavapai County Supervisors Simmons, Smith and Thurman are an integral part of my campaign team. I value their experience, advice and the organization they will bring to my campaign as we continue to visit all of the counties in Arizona’s First Congressional District.”


Andy Tobin and his wife of 27 years, Jennifer, are the proud parents of five children- three daughters and two sons. Tobin is a small business owner who has devoted his life to positively affecting his community through job creation, public service and advocating for conservative principles. Tobin’s focus has been on creating sustainable jobs, helping small businesses succeed, building a stronger middle class and putting Arizona back on track. While serving as Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, Tobin drastically cut government by 25 percent, balanced Arizona’s budget and presided over the largest tax cuts in Arizona’s history, saving Arizona taxpayers millions of dollars.

Tobin has fought for your family’s freedoms, your prosperity and your community for the past six years while serving in the Arizona Legislature. He continues to lead the fight to stop the implementation of the disastrous ObamaCare. As your Representative in Congress, Andy Tobin will represent your voice, and lead the charge in fighting for you against the wasteful spending, government intrusion, and out-of-touch insiders that are taking away your freedoms.

Join Andy Tobin today!

Page Mayor Bill Diak Endorses Andy Tobin

Andy Tobin

Another Canyon Community Mayor Endorses Speaker Andy Tobin for Congress

Community was impacted by Grand Canyon closure, calls Tobin the proven performer we need in Congress

Energy and enthusiasm for Andy Tobin’s congressional run continues to build with Page Mayor Bill Diak — another elected official whose community was negatively impacted by the Grand Canyon closure — throwing his support behind Tobin.

Mayor Diak’s endorsement follows one earlier this month from Williams Mayor John Moore. Both communities were deeply affected by the Grand Canyon closure. Mayor Diak’s endorsement comes at the end of a week which also saw the announcement of Tobin’s campaign finance committee, a powerhouse of Arizona conservative community and business leaders who are dedicated to the fight against Washington and ObamaCare.

“Arizonans need a good pair of ears and a voice in Congress,” said Page Mayor Bill Diak. “We need someone who knows and understands the issues affecting rural Arizona. Andy Tobin has been exactly that in the Arizona Legislature. He listens to rural Arizona and knows how to speak for rural Arizona. Andy is the proven performer we need in Congress. I know he will take his record and values to Congress, and that is why I am endorsing Andy Tobin for United States Congress.”

“During the government shutdown and the Grand Canyon closure, I traveled to the Grand Canyon and its surrounding communities to understand impacts of the closure first-hand,” said Tobin. “Mayors like Bill Diak are still trying to figure out how they will rebuild their tourism industries. While Ann Kirkpatrick voted to keep the canyon closed, people like Mayor Diak were fighting for their community’s economic survival. As I travel the district to meet voters, it is becoming clearer with every mile that Arizonans are fed up with Washington.”


Andy Tobin is a dad, husband and small business owner who has devoted his life to job creation, public service, and advocating for conservative principles. Tobin has built successful careers in the real estate, banking and insurance industries, creating jobs and helping small businesses grow and expand.

Tobin has been elected four times to represent rural Arizona in the Legislature since 2007. As Speaker of the House, he has overseen the largest budget reductions in the history of Arizona and led the fight against ObamaCare in Arizona.

Tobin and his wife Jennifer have five children.

Andy Tobin Announces Formidable Finance Committee

Andy Tobin

Tobin Assembles Top-Notch Campaign Finance Team 

Andy Tobin today announced a powerful campaign finance committee that includes top conservative and business leaders from every corner of Arizona.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the powerful team we’ve built,” said Tobin. “This is the kind of powerhouse it’s going to take for us to defeat Ann Kirkpatrick and Nancy Pelosi, who are prepared to spend millions buying this district. With the help of this dynamic team of business, community and conservative leaders, we are ready to take this district back.”

Finance committee co-chair Jim Click added: “I’m proud to be part of this great team. Andy Tobin is the only candidate in this race who can defeat Ann Kirkpatrick, and we are ready to ensure he has the resources to take on the Washington, D.C. special interests who are hoping to buy this seat once again.”

Finance Co-Chairs

Wendy Briggs
Jim Click
Kevin DeMenna
John Kaites
Jim Norton
Steve Twist

Finance Committee

Michael Bidwill Lanny Hair Jeff Sandquist
Eric Crown Randy Kendrick Mark Smith
Marcus Dell’Artino Michael Low  Bobbi Sparrow
Tom Dorn Norm McClelland Marc Spitzer
Walter Dudley  John Munger Don Tapia
Kate and Dick Foreman Cody Ritchie Marilyn and Douglas Wall
Deb and Wes Gullett Ed Robson Barry Aarons


Jim Click Jr. is Chairman of the Board of Jim Click Automotive. Click started his work life selling cars for his uncle in Los Angeles where he was promoted to Sales Manager within 2 years. In 1971, Jim Click bought his first dealership in Tucson.

Click graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1966 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business. He was a scholastic All-American football player in 1966. He also was Tucson’s Man of the Year in 1982. President Bill Clinton honored him with the Presidents Award for the development of LINKAGES in 1999.


Andy Tobin is a dad, husband and small business owner who has devoted his life to job creation, public service, and advocating for conservative principles. Tobin has built successful careers in the real estate, banking and insurance industries, creating jobs and helping small businesses grow and expand.

Tobin has been elected four times to represent rural Arizona in the Legislature since 2007. As Speaker of the House, he has overseen the largest budget reductions in the history of Arizona and led the fight against ObamaCare in Arizona.

Tobin and his wife Jennifer have five children.

NRCC To Ann Kirkpatrick: Now It’s Your Turn to Apologize


Time For Kirkpatrick To Apologize For Continued Support Of Failed Law

WASHINGTON – Last night, President Obama finally apologized for promising Americans could keep their insurance plans, if they liked them. But that’s not the only apology that is necessary. It’s time for Ann Kirkpatrick to apologize for continuing to support a law that is hurting Arizona families.

Because Kirkpatrick is blindly standing with Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi on ObamaCare, she is ensuring that Arizona families see higher premiums and may even lose their current insurance.

“Ann Kirkpatrick should join the president in apologizing for the disastrous effects of ObamaCare,” said NRCC Communications Director Andrea Bozek. “Her support of this failed law has cost Arizona families dearly and it’s time she apologized.”

Ann Kirkpatrick Voted Against Repealing ObamaCare. (H.R. 45, Roll Call Vote #154, 229-195, 5/16/13)

President Obama Apologized Yesterday For His Misleading Healthcare Promise. “President Barack Obama offered an apology Thursday to those Americans who have been told they’re losing their health insurance plans, contrary to his promise that no one would be forced off a plan they wanted to keep.” (Jennifer Epstein, “President Obama: ‘I Am Sorry’,” Politico, 11/7/13)

President Obama: “Obviously, We Didn’t Do A Good Enough Job In Terms Of How We Crafted The Law.” (YouTube.Com, Accessed On 11/8/13)

Americans for Prosperity Launches Ads Criticizing Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick’s ObamaCare Support

Americans for Prosperity launched a massive television and radio ad campaign today targeting Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick over her support of  Obamacare. The $450,000 ad buy will run on both broadcast and cable in the Phoenix market and will ask viewers to tell Kirkpatrick to “exempt them too” from Obamacare.

“‘Not perfect’ not good enough for Arizonans,” says director Jenney.

PHOENIX — Americans for Prosperity-Arizona is launching radio and television ads across Arizona’s first congressional district, criticizing Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick for supporting ObamaCare.

The television ad can be seen here and will run in the first district on broadcast and cable for three weeks. It also promotes the hashtag #ExemptMeToo, referring to the special treatment received by the well-connected.

Kirkpatrick voted to enact ObamaCare in 2009 and has since admitted the law is “not perfect.”

“”Not perfect’ is a tremendous understatement, and it’s not good enough for Arizonans who are facing higher premiums and fewer health care choices,” said AFP-Arizona State Director Tom Jenney. “These ads are allowing our activists to voice their frustration over legislation that is wreaking havoc on the economy, forcing reduced hours on many in our work force, and failing to deliver sensible health care solutions.”

AFP-Arizona has been traveling the state talking to activists about the problems inherent in ObamaCare on a tour called “Sick & Sicker: Preparing for ObamaCare” with stops including Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff. Americans for Prosperity has consistently opposed the legislation since its inception. Hundred of thousands of the group’s activists have already signed the Exempt Me, Too! petition at justexempt.me, asking for the same special treatment provided to Big Business, Congress and the well-connected.

Here is a copy of the ad:

YouTube Preview Image

Graham County Supervisors Endorse Andy Tobin for Congress

Andy Tobin

Leaders cite his proven record of experience and leadership

Citing his record of fighting for their communities and constituents, three Graham County Supervisors announced their endorsements today of Arizona Speaker of the House Andy Tobin, the latest show of support for his campaign in Arizona’s First Congressional District.

“Andy Tobin is the clear choice for U.S. Congress,” said Graham County Supervisor Drew John. “I represent a diverse district, covering both the urban area of Safford as well as the San Carlos Apache Nation. Andy has been there to help both of these constituencies time and again. This is why I’m endorsing Andy Tobin for Congress. He is the only candidate in this race with the proven experience and leadership to win in 2014.”

“Andy Tobin has always been a friend to rural Arizona,” said Graham County Supervisor Danny Smith. “He is the only candidate in this race who understands that we need farms and ranches to produce food. He understands that to have electricity, we need power plants. He understands that we need healthy forests to produce water. These are a few of the reasons why I’m endorsing Andy Tobin for U.S. Congress.”

“I’ve known Andy Tobin for a long time,” said Graham County Supervisor Jim Palmer. “It is clear to us here in rural Arizona that Andy has been fighting for us in the Arizona Legislature. I have every confidence that he will continue the rural Arizona fight in Washington. That’s why I’m endorsing Andy Tobin for U.S. Congress.”

“I’m humbled by the support of these great community leaders,” said Tobin. “All three are committed to fighting for their constituents, and I plan to take that fight to Congress. For too long, the federal government has been attacking Arizona. I’m ready to fight back.”


Andy Tobin is a dad, husband and small business owner who has devoted his life to job creation, public service, and advocating for conservative principles. Tobin has built successful careers in the real estate, banking and insurance industries, creating jobs and helping small businesses grow and expand.

Tobin has been elected four times to represent rural Arizona in the Legislature since 2007. As Speaker of the House, he has overseen the largest budget reductions in the history of Arizona and led the fight against ObamaCare in Arizona.

Tobin and his wife Jennifer have five children.

To Fix the Glitch, We Must Fire Ann Kirkpatrick!

The Web Site is Bad, But the Real ‘Glitch’ is ObamaCare Supporter Ann Kirkpatrick

WASHINGTON – While the implementation of ObamaCare has been a “train wreck” for most of the year, it wasn’t until the law’s site was overrun with technical glitches that Americans saw what a fiasco it really was.

As Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius travels to Capitol Hill tomorrow to make excuses for the failures, it’s clear there’s really only one way to fix the “glitches” once and for all. If we want to stop ObamaCare, we must start with firing Ann Kirkpatrick. Kirkpatrick supports the law that raised premiums, cut Medicare, and put bureaucrats between patients and their doctors.

“The web site is bad, but the real ‘glitch’ in ObamaCare is Ann Kirkpatrick,” said NRCC Communications Director Andrea Bozek. “Kirkpatrick voted to keep ObamaCare on the books. If Arizona families want to stop this madness, they can start with firing Ann Kirkpatrick.”

Ann Kirkpatrick Voted Against Repealing ObamaCare. (H.R. 45, Roll Call Vote #154, 229-195, 5/16/13) 

Health And Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Admitted That ObamaCare Will Raise Health Insurance Premiums. “Some people purchasing new insurance policies for themselves this fall could see premiums rise because of requirements in the health-care law, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told reporters Tuesday.” (Louise Radnofsky, “Sebelius: Some Could See Insurance Premiums Rise,” The Wall Street Journal, 3/26/13)

ObamaCare’s Exchange Website Has Been Plagued By Repeated “Crashes” and “Slow Response Times.” “The website has been mired in problems since going live Oct. 1, including crashes, slow response times and failing to allow customers to complete the online process by purchasing health insurance.” (“Administration responding to pressure for answers on messy ObamaCare site,” FOX News, 10/21/13)

The Site Has Cost Triple The Original Estimate. “The government contract for the company that built the glitch-prone website for Obamacare has ballooned to three times its original cost, and some Republicans are demanding the resignation of the cabinet secretary who oversees it.”  (Tom Costello and Erin McClam, “Obamacare Glitches: Gov’t Contract For Troubled Site Has Swelled; GOP Targets Sebelius,” NBC News, 10/18/13)

Pinal County Grassroots’ Leader Throws Support Behind Andy Tobin

Andy Tobin

President of Maricopa Republican Club says Tobin will
Continue Fighting ObamaCare and Big Government

Grassroots support for Speaker Andy Tobin’s Congressional run continues to build. Brenda Hermanson, the current President of the Maricopa Republican Club publicly endorsed Speaker Tobin at the Maricopa Republican Club’s monthly meeting late last week, citing Speaker Tobin’s conservative values and his ability to deliver on his promises as House Speaker.

“The people of the city of Maricopa care about the economy, jobs, border security and free-market health care solutions,” said Maricopa Republican Club President Brenda Hermanson. “Speaker Andy Tobin shares our values and has worked tirelessly in the Legislature to cut Arizona’s budget, shrink the size of our state’s government and fight ObamaCare. That’s why I proudly endorse Speaker Andy Tobin for Congress in Arizona’s First Congressional District. I encourage anyone with conservative values, that believes in less-government regulation on our businesses and in our lives, to stand with Speaker Tobin and help him with fundraising and grassroots support.”

“Brenda Hermanson and her husband Marty have always been strong Republicans, supporters and friends to me and to my family,” said Speaker Tobin. “Their endorsement means so much to me as we continue to travel this vast district and talk to voters about why we need new representation in Congress. I look forward to working closely with the Hermanson’s and other Pinal County leaders to take Arizona’s fight to Washington.”


Andy Tobin is a dad, husband and small business owner who has devoted his life to job creation, public service, and advocating for conservative principles. Tobin has built successful careers in the real estate, banking and insurance industries, creating jobs and helping small businesses grow and expand.

Tobin has been elected four times to represent rural Arizona in the Legislature since 2007. As Speaker of the House, he has overseen the largest budget reductions in the history of Arizona and led the fight against ObamaCare in Arizona.

Tobin and his wife Jennifer have five children.

Pinal County Sheriff, Mayors Endorse Speaker Andy Tobin for Congress

Andy Tobin

Momentum builds as Tobin Announces Key Endorsements in Pinal County

Arizona Speaker of the House Andy Tobin is proud to announce the support of three key leaders in Pinal County, the most populated county in Arizona’s First Congressional District. Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, Coolidge Mayor Tom Shope, and Eloy Mayor J.R. Nagy announced their support for Tobin, stressing his ability to take on Washington and fight for Arizona.

“Andy has a proven record of fighting to enforce the law and protect Arizonans from illegal drug cartels and human smuggling,” said Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu. “We need more people in Washington who have stood tall against illegal immigration and understand its negative effects not only on Arizona but the entire country. As the Sheriff of Pinal County, I see the consequences of the federal government’s refusal to secure our border everyday. I’m confident that Andy Tobin is the only person in this race with the experience, record and the commitment to public safety and border security. That’s why I am endorsing Speaker Tobin for U.S. Congress.”

“Andy Tobin is a no-nonsense conservative who puts rural Arizona above petty politics and works tirelessly to affect change in Pinal County,” said Coolidge Mayor Tom Shope. “Andy has demonstrated time and again that the fight for Arizona’s economy and jobs is a fight that he will take to Washington. I believe that he is the only candidate in this race with the record to affect change in Washington on behalf of rural Arizonans. That is why I am endorsing Andy Tobin for United States Congress in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District.”

“As Mayor of Eloy, it is my sincerest honor to endorse House Speaker Andy Tobin for the United States Congress in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District. Andy has demonstrated that he is a strong conservative who understands the values of rural Arizonans,” said Eloy Mayor J.R. Nagy. “During his time as Speaker, Andy has overseen historic budget cuts and stood with rural Arizona in the fight against Obamacare. I am endorsing Andy today because I believe that he is the only candidate in the race who can succeed in taking Arizona’s fight to Washington.”

“It means the world to me personally that Sheriff Babeu and Mayors Shope and Nagy have endorsed my campaign for Congress. These three leaders are on the front lines of public safety and job creation. They understand that Washington is broken. I’m honored to have their confidence and to take Arizona’s fight to the halls of Congress.”

Speaker Tobin will be addressing the Maricopa Republican Club in the City of Maricopa along with Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles at 7:00pm. Click here for more information and directions.


Andy Tobin is a dad, husband and small business owner who has devoted his life to job creation, public service, and advocating for conservative principles. Tobin has built successful careers in the real estate, banking and insurance industries, creating jobs and helping small businesses grow and expand.

Tobin has been elected four times to represent rural Arizona in the Legislature since 2007. As Speaker of the House, he has overseen the largest budget reductions in the history of Arizona and led the fight against ObamaCare in Arizona.

Tobin and his wife Jennifer have five children.

Tell Ann Kirkpatrick to Stop Playing Games!

Ann Kirkpatrick has turned her back on women, children and our nation’s veterans throughout President Obama’s Shutdown. It’s time to stop the partisan games.

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Email Ann Kirkpatrick or call her office at: 202-225-3361.

Game On! NRCC running ads in AZ-01 to expose Ann Kirkpatrick’s Obsession with Obamacare

The National Republican Congressional Committee is running ads throughout Arizona’s first congressional district exposing the hypocrisy and special treatment by congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick. Here is that ad explaining Kirkpatrick’s seeking of special subsidies to pay for her health care. This should be nothing new considering Kirkpatrick’s record in the Arizona legislature was that of a big government liberal and she voted for Obamacare. Call Ann Kirkpatrick today and tell her it’s time to put Arizona families first and stop the sweetheart deals for Congress!

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Andy Tobin: Ann Kirkpatrick Chose Obamacare Over The Grand Canyon


In announcing bid for Congress, Arizona House Speaker says: 
“The truth is, I’m just sick of Washington, D.C.”

Arizona House Speaker Andy Tobin announced his candidacy for U.S. Congress today, calling out Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick for voting to close down the Grand Canyon this week in order to protect ObamaCare (H.J. Res. 70, Oct. 1, 2013). The vote is just another example, Tobin said, of Washington’s assault on Arizona.

“There could be no harsher reminder of why we need new leadership in Washington,” Tobin said. “Arizona is under attack by the federal government, and Ann Kirkpatrick is part of the problem. Kirkpatrick is so committed to protecting ObamaCare and supporting Nancy Pelosi, she has literally voted to shut down the Grand Canyon.”

Tobin’s remarks came as he announced his candidacy for Congress in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District, launched www.AndyTobin.com and released a web video. Tobin plans to continue visiting every corner of the vast district in the days, weeks and months ahead.

“The truth is, I’m just sick of Washington, D.C.,” Tobin said. “From ObamaCare to over regulation of our small businesses and our lives, it’s clear that President Obama and Ann Kirkpatrick are totally out-of-touch with rural Arizonans. In Congress, I’ll stand for the same conservative principles I always have and fight back against Washington’s assault on our state.”


Andy Tobin is a dad, husband and small business owner who has devoted his life to job creation, public service and advocating for conservative principles. Tobin has built successful careers in the real estate, banking and insurance industries, creating jobs and helping small businesses grow and expand.

Tobin has been elected four times to represent rural Arizona in the Legislature since 2007. As Speaker of the House, he has overseen the largest budget reductions in the history of Arizona and led the fight against ObamaCare in Arizona.

Tobin and his wife Jennifer have five children.

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Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick Votes Against Funding For Cancer Patients

Puts Obama’s Government Shutdown Ahead Of Vital Medical Research

Ann KirkpatrickWASHINGTON –Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick today voted against providing immediate government funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the nation’s medical research agency tasked with making important medical discoveries and treating patients with the worst diseases. Recent media reports have said the NIH will have to turn away hundreds of patients, including children with cancer, due to President Obama’s government shutdown.

“How can Ann Kirkpatrick live with herself when she voted to keep Obama’s government shutdown and voted against funding for cancer patients?” said NRCC Communications Director Andrea Bozek. “Ann Kirkpatrick’s inexplicable decision to put Obama’s government shutdown ahead of cancer treatment for kids shows how wildly out of touch she is with everyone else in America.”

Ann Kirkpatrick Votes Against Research For Lifesaving Cures Act.
(H.J.Res. 73, Roll Call #514, 10/2/13) 

At The NIH, Director Francis Collins Said About 200 Patients Who Otherwise Would Be Admitted To The NIH Clinical Center For Clinical Trials Each Week Will Be Turned Away. This Includes About 30 Children, Most Of Them Cancer Patients, He Said. (Laura Meckler, “Shutdown Is Pain for Some, Irritant for Most,” Wall Street Journal, 10/1/13) 

The National Institutes Of Health (NIH), A Part Of The U.S. Department of Health And Human Services, Is The Nation’s Medical Research Agency—Making Important Discoveries That Improve Health And Save Lives. (About NIH, National Institutes Of Health, Accessed 10/2/13)