Vote Out Obamacare Republican Heather Carter!

Here is my message to the voters of Arizona’s Legislative District 15:

Hi, This is longtime Republican and taxpayer activist Shane Wikfors with an urgent message to voters in legislative district 15.

Last year I worked tirelessly with Americans for Prosperity and other taxpayer advocate groups to stop the expansion of Obamacare Medicaid in

We were up against the governor, all the democrats, the healthcare industrial complex and a handful of renegade Republicans.

Sadly, we lost that battle but not before warning those Republicans that they would face political discipline in the 2014 Primary elections.

Well that time has come and I’m here to tell you that your state representative Heather Carter, was one of the renegade Republicans who led the effort to embrace Obamacare here in Arizona.

This is our chance to clean house and turn away those Republicans who embraced very bad costly policy.

Heather Carters vote for Obamacare expansion will cost Arizonans hundreds of millions of dollars in new taxes.

According the the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System and the Kaiser Family Foundation, Arizonans will pay $286 Million dollars in new taxes by the end of fiscal year 2016.

Heather Carter is one of several Republicans responsible for this huge tax increase and lowering in the quality of health care.

As this election happens, I ask you to vote out Heather Carter and any of the other Republicans who voted for the Obamacare expansion.

The future of Arizona depends on it.

My name is Shane Wikfors. I wrote and produced this message and I hope you’ll share it with others.

Visit for more information about Heather Carter and the Obamacare Republicans.

Did Heather Carter Vote to Raise our Taxes?

By Jose Borajero

Heather Carter

Heather Carter

Shortly, the Arizona Supreme Court will be ruling on whether the Medicaid tax imposed by the Democrats, aided and abetted by Representative Heather Carter and eight other Republicans in the House of Representatives is really a tax or something else, like a fee. The only question that will be resolved by the court is whether that move was legal or not. It will not determine whether it was good or bad. We all know that the mere fact something is legal does not automatically make it good, or desirable.

Whether we call it a tax, or something else, like a fee, an assessment, a contribution, an investment, or any of a myriad euphemistic terms that big government advocates use to disguise taxes, the fact remains that Heather Carter voted for bills that increase the amount of money that moves from the pockets of the taxpayers to the pockets of the government.

That fact is reflected in the results of the legislator evaluations done by three conservative leaning organizations.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP): This organization routinely keeps track of how legislators vote on issues having to do with economic matters, like taxation, spending, education, etc. (scorecard)

Goldwater Institute: These folks evaluate legislator performance across a wide variety of subjects, including tax & budget, education, constitutional government, and regulation.

National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB): This is a watchdog group for small businesses, which account for the vast majority of jobs in this country. They evaluate legislators on whether or not their votes enhance small businesses ability to operate in free and open market. (scorecard)

Currently in Arizona, we have 17 Republicans in the Senate and 36 Republicans in the House of Representatives, for a total of 43 Republican legislators. Let us see how Heather Carter was scored by all three organizations.

Americans for Prosperity – 48%  or 39th out of 43
Goldwater Institute – 61% or 35th out of 43
National Federation of Independent Businesses – 75% or 43rd out of 43

Conclusion: Heather Carter is a friend of Big Government and an enemy of the tax payer. People should keep that in mind when deciding whether to vote for her or for her challenger(s).


State Representative John Allen and State Senator Nancy Barto Endorse Mark Brnovich for Attorney General

Mark Brnovich- skinny horizontal logo

State Representative John Allen and State Senator Nancy Barto Endorse Mark Brnovich for Attorney General


Today, Republican candidate for Attorney General Mark Brnovich received the endorsements of State Representative John Allen and State Senator Nancy Barto of Legislative District 15.

“Mark Brnovich brings a vast background of experience and integrity that is much needed in the Attorney General’s office.  As conservatives, it is time to elect a conservative we will be proud to have emerge victorious from the primary and fight for us in the general election. Tom Horne will be replaced either in the Primary or General Election and as conservatives, I believe we should replace him in the primary. I know Mark will make all Arizonans proud by standing up for us when it matters most.”

-Representative John Allen

John Allen is serving his second term in the Arizona House of Representatives. Representative Allen is the Vice-Chairman of the Insurance and Retirement Committee and has sponsored major legislation in the area to protect Arizona citizens. Representative Allen has also been a voice when it comes to standing up for the unborn and school choice.

“Mark Brnovich is the type of candidate all Arizonans can vote for. Mark is a man that clearly has a passion for law, order, and justice. His experience as a local, state, and federal prosecutor as well as former gaming director has prepared him to be a fantastic Attorney General. Mark is an all around good man with principles and integrity and will not waver on the tough issues like securing our border, protecting the unborn and the elderly, and will stand up for the rule of law.”

– Senator Nancy Barto

Nancy Barto is serving her second term in the Arizona State Senate after serving three terms in the Arizona House of Representatives. Senator Barto is the Chairman of the Health & Human Services Committee. Senator Barto has sponsored major health care reforms aimed at increasing affordable health insurance options, protecting patients’ fundamental privacy rights, the rights of women, and the unborn.

Both Senator Barto and Representative Allen represent the 15th Legislative District which encompasses North Phoenix and Northwest Scottsdale.

“I’m honored to have the support of John and Nancy. Both are dedicated conservatives who represent their district well. My promise to them and the voters of Arizona is that if I make headlines it will be for the right reasons,” Brnovich said.

Senator Barto and Representative Allen join former U.S. Senator Jon Kyl, U.S. Representative Trent Franks, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, Representatives Brenda Barton, Debbie Lesko, Paul Boyer, and T.J. Shope, former State Senators Linda Gray, Barbara Leff and Frank Antenori, Arizona Christian University President Len Munsil, former State Treasurer Dean Martin, Coolidge Mayor Tom Shope, Chandler City Councilman Jeff Weninger and national and local conservative leaders like David McIntosh, Shane Wikfors, and Jennifer Wright in addition to more than 35 grassroots leaders in support of Mark Brnovich for Arizona Attorney General.



Raised in Arizona, Mark Brnovich is a graduate of Arizona State University. After law school, Mark prosecuted felonies in the Gang/Repeat Offender Bureau of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and worked as an Assistant Attorney General for Arizona and as Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona. Mark also served his country as the Command Staff Judge Advocate for the 153rd Field Artillery Brigade of the Arizona Army National Guard for eight years. Mark met his wife Susan while both were working as prosecutors. They live in Phoenix with their two daughters.


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