Arizona Tea Party Patriot Affiliates Gearing Up for State and National Elections

July 25, 2012- (Arizona)– Arizona Tea Party Patriots Association, the state’s largest Tea Party network, comprised of approximately 80 National Tea Party Patriots, Inc., affiliated chapters, and over 6,000 activists state-wide, are actively engaged and preparing for both the 2012 Arizona state-wide elections and upcoming Presidential elections. Activists are currently engaged in volunteering for various State Legislative campaigns, Congressional campaigns, U.S. Senatorial campaigns and the current City of Glendale, AZ elections, a crucial city election plagued with over $ 1 billion and growing city debt, and controversy over the 3 year, owner-less Phoenix Coyote hockey team which continues to add $ multi-millions each year to the cities’ growing debt problems.

Pam Stevenson, founder of the state’s very first and largest Tea Party, the East Valley Tea Party, and organizer of the first state-wide, Arizona Tea Parties rallies in April and July of 2009, stated, “ These were the first two large-scale rallies which gained state and national attention and brought in over 2,000 + participants at each event. We then founded the state’s very first large-scale Tea Party (East Valley Tea Party) in which we held regular weekly meetings to discuss state and national political events, issues, studying the U.S. Constitution, inviting state and national political leaders, political experts and book authors as guest speakers. We were in the infancy stages of the Arizona Tea Party Movement, with no rule books, organizational guidelines to follow other that promoting and focusing on the non-partisan foundational principles of the National Tea Party Movement: 1. Protection of Free Market societies, 2. Constitutionally limited governments, and 3. Government fiscal responsibility. The East Valley Tea Party grew so quickly and large, we were maintaining a membership roster of over 1,500 activists.”

One year later, in April 2010, Mrs. Stevenson was recruited by the National Tea Party Patriots, Inc. organization to be their National organization’s first State Coordinator for Arizona, and the East Valley Tea Party, then branched off into 7 individual Tea Parties in various cities in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan areas in the East Valley. These Tea Parties became the first Arizona Tea Parties to officially become affiliate members of the National Tea Party Patriots, Inc., founded by National coordinators Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin, one of Time Magazines’ most influential people of 2010. During Mrs. Stevenson’s tenure, 40 Arizona Tea Party organizations became affiliates of Tea Party Patriots, Inc. ( ).

Flying under the state radar, Annette McHugh, founder of the Glendale Tea Party Patriots in May of 2010, and Arizona then-member of the National Tea Party Federation, led member activists in the Glendale Tea Party, which engaged in tackling controversial Glendale city government issues, in addition to volunteering for many high-profile state political campaigns and worked with other West Valley Tea Party leaders in founding one of the first of 4 state Tea Party coalitions, the West Valley Tea Party Coalition. It was during this time; Mrs. Stevenson invited the Glendale Tea Party to become a member affiliate of the state-wide, Arizona Tea Party Patriots Association ( ) and National Tea Party Patriots, Inc. Less than one year of becoming active in the Arizona Tea Party Movement, Mrs. McHugh accepted the appointment to be the 2nd Arizona State Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, Inc., in April, 2011. During her tenure, 40 more Tea Party and 912 Project groups were added as affiliate members of Tea Party Patriots, Inc., bringing the total now to 80 + Tea Party Patriot, Inc. affiliated groups.

Mrs. McHugh stated, “Like many concerned citizens nation-wide, I began to pay attention to what was happening in our local, state and National governments. I was never involved, nor cared to be involved in politics. What I found inspirational in the Tea Party Movement was that everyone had the same concerns about our nation’s future, and were all very concerned about the growing national debt which our children and future generations would be burdened with. Our political leaders had failed us, we blindly trusted them. I felt betrayed and outraged by all of them. I saw ‘hope’ in what the Tea Party Movement was doing and wanted to be a part of it and help. No political background, and quite frankly had an aversion to politics, I simply jumped in, taking as many training and leadership classes, attending leadership conferences with Tea Party Patriots, Inc., as fast as they offered them. I learned quickly, pounding on many doors in the summer of 2010 for many candidates in over 100 degree Arizona temperatures. The 2010 elections were coming in November, and we all worked hard, not thinking or anticipating what the outcome of our efforts would be. To my own astonishment, and our entire nation, the Arizona Tea Party Movement and National Tea Party Movement saw the fruits of our labor in electing the largest Congressional freshman delegation to Washington, D.C. in our nation’s history. Grassroots citizens, working together made history! We never stopped working, and were even more inspired, now more politically educated, seasoned, and well-organized in communications; we’ve doubled the number of activists and Tea Party groups since 2010. We continue to focus on studying the U.S. Constitution, engaging weekly in meetings to discuss and debate political issues, we keep in constant communication with our elected leaders both on the local, state, and national level. Many of our activists now are running for and won local and state elections. We’re no longer as visible on the outside with continual rallies; we’re now working on the inside, infiltrating, volunteering for, and running for elections from district school boards, city councils, state legislators, Congressmen and U.S. Senatorial seats. 2010 election results were a ‘test drive’, now we’re now well-trained, organized, seasoned and determined to take over the conservative majority in the U.S. Senate and Presidential elections and sending more reinforcements to Congress in November of this year. Arizona Tea Party Patriot groups have doubled and memberships have grown tremendously since 2010. It became increasingly necessary to bring in reinforcements at the state level. Joanne Daley, activist and founder of the Cochise County 912 Project Tea Party Patriots and Southern Arizona Tea Party Coalition, was appointed Arizona Southern Region State Co-Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, Inc. in March, 2012. Joy Stavely, from the Flagstaff Tea Party Patriots and member activist of the Northern Arizona Tea Party Coalition, was appointed as Arizona Northern Region Co-Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, Inc. My personal goals were accomplished. In the Tea Party Movement, it’s so crucial that newer, passionate activists with fresher ideas and even higher goals always be given the opportunity to keep Arizona Tea Party Patriot affiliated activists and leaders encouraged, ensure they are provided tools, resources, training, and information to remain in constant communications, and working together.”

Arizona activist, Mr. Courtney Snell, founder of the Mesa Mountain View Tea Party Patriots has officially accepted the position of Chairman, Arizona Tea Party Patriots Association, and has stepped up to take the helm as lead Arizona State Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, Inc., effective July 30th, 2012. Mr. Snell and his amazing team will be working diligently with Arizona Tea Party Patriot activists and leaders to ensure state and national successes in the November 2012 elections.

Mrs. McHugh concludes: “I’m humbled to have worked with so many inspiring, passionate, highly educated, and phenomenal Arizona Tea Party Patriot activists, now which are #1 in the nation with the most active engaged, Tea Party Patriot, Inc. affiliated groups. WE LEFT OUT THE ‘I’ IN TEAM!!

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Glendale Tea Party Activist Asks Question in CNN Presidential Debate

I don’t know how I missed this but my friend Marcus Huey had the opportunity to ask a question during the recent Tea Party Presidential debate hosted at the Goldwater Institute (remote). For those of you who don’t know Marcus, he is one of the most humble men I know but he is also totally committed to the conservative cause. So I’m going to give him a little credit and attention by showing you this video clip. Great job Marcus! You are truly an Arizona Freedom Fighter!

Senator McCain Town Hall in Gilbert

Senator John McCain attended a town hall in Gilbert today. When asked about his recent statement on the Tea Party, this was his response:

Educational Seminar on U.S. Foreign Relations

Arizona Mainstream Project


U.S. Foreign Policy in the 21st Century: Challenges in U.S. Policy

Foreign policy in the 21st Century has been driven by forces like technological changes between, within and among nations, non-nation independent actors, power shift challenges from West to East, globalization, the changing nature of war and even statecraft. In addition, structural changes for nations posed by Islamic “theology” that are legal, social, political and religious will affect our near and long term future. These changes are happening at an even quicker pace than might ordinarily be expected. This seminar will explore the changing nature and subsequent foreign policy challenges for the U.S. in the 21st Century.

Speaker:  Professor Gene Aldridge, foreign policy expert

Date: Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Time: 6:30-8:30 PM
Location: Via Linda Senior Center
Address: 10440 E. Via Linda, Scottsdale (map)

Refreshments served

Cost: $10 per person


For addtional information and questions send email to: or call 480-659-4232


Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots, and the 912 Tea Party Project Pinal County: Deceit and Duplicity on Display

          Kelly Townsend, candidate for LD22 GOP legislator, as well as owner and founder of Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots has been the focus of some troubling ethical questions due in part, to her website.  Kelly, along with the 912 Tea Party Project Pinal County co-owners with Sassia Niederste-Hollenberg , Stephen (a candidate for Casa Grande School Board)and Melinda Kohut, have acted in ways that contradict the Glenn Beck’s 9 Principles and 12 Values prominently featured on the Pinal County website.

          On these two websites, some of the most incredible blogging activity has occurred over the past six months since JD Hayworth announced his candidacy for Arizona’s US Senate seat in Congress.  It has culminated over the past three weeks with some phenomenal attacks on numerous tea parties in our state, a blog post by a Senate candidate’s wife calling an avowed racist JD Hayworth’s “best friend’ and discovery that one of Jim Deakin’s strongest supporters, and wife of the co-owner of a Pinal County TPP website, pretending to be interested in endorsing a candidate.  Lastly we’ve discovered the completely duplicitous and hypocritical actions by two Tea Party websites and their owners.

           Beginning last April there was growing group Tea Party groups who started working together to form a coalition of Tea Parties for creating resources, sharing ideas and providing a stronger voice in Arizona.  While there was considerable difference as to the shape and form of this coalition, there was complete unanimity in recognizing the need for such an organization.  One of the key issues that developed was the recognition to determine a legal way to endorse candidates.  This culminated on August 2nd, with a group of 16 statewide and national groups endorsing JD Hayworth for US Senate as the Tea Party candidate.  You would have thought all hell broke loose among Jim Deakin’s supporters, both on the blogs and in Deakin’s campaign.  Jim and his wife Adonia began making posts, attacking all this coalition, calling them “Fake Tea Parties”.  Also Deakin sycophants began making accusations of law violations and threats to file complaints with the Federal Elections Commission.

          One such supporter, Stephen Kohut, co-owner of the 912 Tea Party Project of Pinal County website, has been extremely vociferous, threatening to file complaints with the FEC.  So outspoken has Stephen been speaking out, that you’d almost forget that, at least according to his own words, Kohut did not ‘make up my mind’ until after the July 16-17th, debates.  Stephen claimed on various Tea Party websites and in his voluminous comments on Sonoran Alliance that he was “undecided” as to his choice for the US Senate.  Kohut EVEN claimed that while his wife Melinda had decided to support Deakin, even contributing $500 to his campaign, he remained “undecided”. Yes, and I have oceanfront property in Quartzite, Arizona for bargain prices!

          With Deakin’s utter failure to garner any Tea Party endorsements, Jim has taken to condemning those Tea Parties who have endorsed JD Hayworth.  This is where it gets interesting.  Kelly Townsend’s Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots is a 501(c)4 organization, hence cannot endorse any candidates.  Also, Sassia Niederste-Hollenberg and Stephen Kohut’s 912 Project Pinal County Tea Party Patriots “claims” to be a 501(c)4 group.  ‘Claims’ is the operative word; for last March when I questioned them about a video of some Massachusetts independent ‘endorsing’ Jim Deakin prominently on their front page, and I then repeated my concerns with another question, they suspended me from the website!  Stephen recently called my questioning, “cyber-intimidation”.  Yet, since they weren’t even a 501(c)4 group, my question was irrelevant, EXCEPT they claimed then and now to be a 501(c)4 group!  Why would they make such false statements?

          Here are the facts: when I recently checked the AZ Corporation Commission’s listing of corporations, there was nothing for Kohut’s group at the time.  NOT until May 7th did a reservation for a group, “Pinal County Tea Party Patriots” appear, reserved by Melinda “Mindy” Kohut.  The reservation expires on September 5th and to date there appears that no corporation exists.  Then on June 8th, Kelly Townsend filed for a registration of trade name for “Pinal 912 Tea Party Patriots”; thereby intertwining the two Tea Party groups completely together.  Yet they use their websites to take a cheap shot at the Tea Party groups that endorse candidates.

          Both websites and the Tea Party groups’ leaders, Townsend, Sassia and the Kohuts have been solidly supporting Jim Deakin.  So imagine my surprise last week to find out that Mindy Kohut asked two months ago to join this coalition of Tea Parties.  For the last two months Stephen’s wife, Mindy a contributor to Deakin’s campaign, has been a member of the website, but failed to acknowledge her support for Deakin by joining the Jim Deakin group.  So, while being a member of the Association that was seeking legitimate avenues for endorsing candidates, Melinda’s Pinal County Tea Party Patriots is strongly opposed to endorsements of candidates.  She pretended to support the concept of endorsing a candidate, which WAS an option for Tea Party leaders for ANY candidate, as a result of the Association.  Needless to say, her membership has been terminated.  Here’s the link to their page look for their statement on endorsing candidates:

          It’s interesting that Kelly, the Kohuts and Sassia, along with Jim Deakin, want the exclusive right to define WHAT CONSTITUTES A TEA PARTY!  THEN they dare to condemn anyone or group that doesn’t fit THEIR definition!! 

          Now with Kelly Townsend working with and closely allied to the Pinal County group, it’s not too surprising to find that her actions also clearly violate the 912 standards.  For example, over the past eight months numerous groups formerly affiliated with Kelly left her organization.  In most every case she refused to let them keep their name, since SHE was the registered owner.  The key reason for leaving was simply that Kelly concentrated the control and authority in the hands of herself and the members of the board, Les White, Charles McCain, and Chris Rossiter.  For example, after a national group, Tax Day Tea Party, endorsed JD Hayworth, Kelly immediately contacted Robert Mayer, Roger Boone and Patrick Beck of the Tucson, Flagstaff and Bullhead City “Tea Party” groups and issued a press release claiming to be the four largest Tea Parties and that they were NOT endorsing JD Hayworth for the Senate seat.  This press release garnered widespread press attention, thanks to John McCain’s powerful influence.

Two interesting facts about this press release: 1. one members of Kelly’s Board at the time was NOT even informed about the press release, let alone involving her, leading up to the press release!  2. While Kelly’s and Roger’s groups could NOT endorse ANYONE due to their status, the Tucson group had made the decision NOT to endorse any candidate for any race, not just JD Hayworth for the US Senate.  Lastly, Patrick Beck did not EVEN HAVE a Tea Party group!  Sure, he had organized a rally for April 15th last year that attracted 400 attendees in Bullhead City. However, there were NO meetings, until he set up an ‘association’ last May, and THEN only ONE!  This was a concerted effort to mute the impact of any endorsements for JD Hayworth.

          Lastly, Kelly Townsend shows complete hypocrisy on her website in what she allows or censors in the discussion groups.  Specifically, when there were very heated discussions regarding the Senate race, in the West Valley and the Greater Scottsdale groups, causing several members to complain and leave the discussion pages.  Kelly rightfully set up a Senate discussion group on June 10th, and after she complained to me about ‘strong language’ (not foul, just forceful) she told me in a phone call that in the new group, “almost anything goes”.  Then on June 14th, I used the term “Deakinistas” in reference to the more rabid supporters, given to insults and personal attacks.  Kelly suspended me, and another person who used the term “Deakinasses” for 30 days.  BY contrast, Adonia Deakin post the MOST despicable of blogs, claiming that JD Hayworth asked his “best friend” David Duke to get his friends to call on his behalf!!  She also posted this on Smart Girl Politics and it was quickly deleted!  Kelly simply asked Adonia to ‘revise’ the post.  SO, Kelly doesn’t mind blatantly false and despicable posts in a completely disgusting display by the wife of Jim Deakin.  Yet she is “offended” by the term “Deakinista”!?

          You have to wonder, DO the Kohuts believe it proper to make false claims of support for the Association, or being “neutral” and criticize all Tea Parties who do not agree with them calling them “Fake”?  Does Kelly Townsend believe that it’s proper to control over 3-5,000 Tea Party members in over a dozen groups, with just 3-5 board members, not giving the leaders of the various groups say in thei leadership?  Further, does she possibly believe that no one can see through the flimsy claim that they don’t really moderate the blogs?  One thing is for certain:  the voters in LD 22 and the Casa Grande School District need to take a very close look at these candidates’ ethics.  BOTH should be subject to a MUCH closer scrutiny, based on their actions over the past six months.

AZ Tea Party- Fair Noblemen Onto St. Crispin’s Day

By Gayle Plato

In the face of powerful men, grabbing us in fixed stares, we can get off message- become timid. The entire nation rises up but in small ripples on little ponds. The wave of discontent is not a tsunami; grassroot protests flow on to erode injustice, one piece of grit at a time.

Everyone runs to the party, drippy tea bag in hand, Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged underarm, trying to ferret out reality from talking points. Noble savages remember one thing: There are no Cliff Notes for Liberty. Thoughtful reflection seeds all clever strategy.

Rand wrote of John Galt because she questioned collectivism and loss of the individual. Has the revelation become reality? It’s hard to say. But the greatest thing you have, your number one tool when going into a battle, is your mind. Your brains are your quiver, with arrows of truth to help you see. Question Authority.

Valor and freedom rest in endless review and dissection of talking points. Look between the lines; listen to what the men of power do not say. You see Rand and Galt, but I say onto Agincourt with Fair Harry, King Henry V, of Shakespeare and the battle of St. Crispin’s Day. 

Angincourt was a real battle, fought over rights to land, taxation issues, and years of dispute.  It was already of legend in the time of William Shakespeare.  Henry was young, vastly outnumbered, and his men, sick, weak.  They were the underdog of discontent, strapped, cornered.  Yet, they did not give up.  It is said that in truth of history, Henry V gave a rousing speech, of which Shakespeare dramatically wrote. In my mind and many others, the greatest piece of writing, drama, and historical perspective all rolled into one.  We, fair citizens for freedom, can also rally.  Onto Agincourt! 

Please see the best redition of the great Kenneth Branagh as Henry V-

St. Crispin\’s Day

more on the great battle:


Wednesday, April 15, 2009 5:30 to 7:00 pm
Where:Arizona State Capitol, Senate Lawn
Who: The AZ chapter of American for Prosperity
-Allied pro-taxpayer organizations
-Hundreds of taxpayer activists from around the state
-Arizona’s best legislators

Please let the organizers know you will attend by sending an email to