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Arizona Chamber of Commerce

‘MAILER’ UPDATE: AZGOP Stands With Diane

Yesterday roughly 30,000 Republicans in Arizona received  an AZGOP mailer promoting the GOP slate but many activists quickly noticed that the mailer did not include Jeff Dewit (who is running unopposed) and pro-local control of schools candidate Diane Douglas.  After the Chamber of Commerce’s declaration of war against the Tea Party plus the local chamber’s endorsement her pro-Common Core opponent, many interpreted this as an intentional slight of Diane Douglas by an AZGOP hijacked by ‘The Chamber’ — however we are happy to report that is not the case.

AZGOP Executive Director Chad Haywood tells ArizonaInformer that the AZGOP is 100% behind the Republican candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas.  In fact, AZGOP has sent out ‘slate’ mailers which feature Diane Douglas along with Tom Forese, and Doug Little (see below) and has consistently made calls promoting Diane’s candidacy since August’s Primary. Diane is also scheduled to appear alongside other candidates on the GOP slate, including Republican gubernatorial Doug Ducey in the run-up to Election Day.

A recent AZGOP featuring Diane Douglas for Superintendent

A recent AZGOP featuring Diane Douglas for Superintendent

The explanation for the sans Douglas mailer is that the AZGOP is one of logistic instead of opposition, corruption, or malice.  By law, the AZGOP must send out ‘slate’ mailers with a minimum of 3 candidates (Arizona has seven candidates on the slate)  and often there is not enough space due to pictures and text to place the entire slate fit onto one mailer.  Thus, the slate mailers is often broken up into two to make room for messaging and picture and the ‘splitting’ of the mailer allows for strategic targeting of certain voting districts.   This ‘splitting’ was the source of the confusion for yesterday’s mailer.

The AZGOP attempted to assist Diane’s campaign in addition to the mailers and robocalls but are hampered by ‘Clean elections’ regulations in what they can and cannot do but are putting their full weight behind every candidate.

“We would love to be able to respond by mail to attacks on Diane. She is a great candidate. Unfortunately we are not allowed to do a piece about 1 candidate because of slate laws and clean elections. Clean elections also prohibits us from donating directly to her campaign. She is at the top of our slate calls and will be included in all of our pieces disseminated to election day voters this weekend.” ~ AZGOP, Executive Director Chad Heywood

Heywood states the AZGOP is looking forward to a clean sweep on Tuesday and after a lengthy discussion with him, we at ArizonaInformer find him to be sincere and have no reason to doubt him or the AZGOP’s efforts to ensure Diane Douglas becomes our next Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Now that we’ve had this question asked and answered, there are only 2 more things that need to be done:
1. Defeat the Democrat Ticket Tuesday
2. Recharge for 2016


Rep Michelle Ugenti Proposes County Regulatory Reform

Scottsdale, AZ (Dec 16th, 2013) – In an effort to reduce the regulatory burden and reduce costs on Arizona businesses, Rep. Michelle Ugenti, R-Scottsdale, has introduced legislation that will create greater accountability of county government.

House Bill 2013 is loosely modeled after the Arizona Administrative Procedures Act which governs the process state agencies must follow when creating rules and regulations they impose on Arizona businesses.

Ugenti first introduced this legislation in 2012, at the request of many members of Arizona’s business community, to provide them with more certainty and greater input in the development of county regulatory policies.  As a result of that effort, in 2013 Maricopa County in conjunction with various stakeholders made several modifications to its regulatory process resulting in greater transparency, additional stakeholder input and expedited processes.

Last session Ugenti sponsored legislation to apply the model created by Maricopa County to the other 14 counties in Arizona.  Businesses all across the state should benefit from a process that is less complicated, less costly and more predictable.

“I am appreciative that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors recognized the merits of what was being proposed and acted to improve their regulatory process for Arizona’s business.  They recognized the value in working with the regulated community to improve transparency, reduce costs and increase accountability.  This legislation is worth fighting for so that businesses all across the state receive those same benefits,” Ugenti said.

Many in the business community agree with her. The National Federation of Independent Business, a voice for small business, gave Ugenti’s voting record on business issues the highest score possible in 2011 and 2012, the most recent years available.  Others who have supported this legislation include the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, and the Arizona Chapter of Associated General Contractors.

Proposition 116’s Fate Awaits Election Day


Facebook: Vote YES on 116

Twitter: @VoteYESon116

As the VoteYESon116 campaign heads into the home stretch, small business job creators are optimistic that Arizona’s voters will pass Proposition 116, the Small Business Job Creation Act. The unanimously-passed referendum would create new jobs in Arizona by rolling back the burdensome annual equipment and machinery tax that’s levied before a small business hires its first worker, makes its first sale or even turns a profit. To keep up on developments with the campaign, visit these sites and share them with your family, friends, neighbors and anyone who values your opinion: 


VoteYESon116 – visit the official “yes” campaign website to learn more about the referendum

“What’s on My Ballot? – Proposition 116, Arizona’s General Election Guide 2012” – an official publication of the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office


“Voters to decide fate of tax exemption for businesses” – newspaper coverage by the Arizona Republic’s Ryan Randazzo

“Proposition 116 supporters say it would spur hiring” – Cronkite News’ Sarah Pringle explains Proposition 116’s impact on job creation

“Prop. 116 supporters: Lower business property taxes would spur hiring” – wire service coverage at KTAR radio’s website from the Associated Press

“Prop 116: Business tax exemption on ballot” – newspaper coverage in the Yuma Sun by Capitol Media Service’s Howard Fischer


“Our position… Proposition 116: Support”Arizona Republic, October 18, 2012

“Courier: Yes on Proposition 116”Prescott Daily Courier, October 20, 2012 

“Proposition 116 — Yes”Casa Grande Dispatch, October 24, 2012 

“Vote for the good of business”Inside Tucson Business, October 12, 2012

“Proposition 116 would stimulate state economy”Yuma Sun, October 4, 2012



VoteYESon116 “I’ll Hire” Commercial

VoteYESon116 “Cupcake” Commercial

“Vote 2012: Proposition 116” – a 7 minute 23 second video from Eight, Arizona PBS’s Arizona Horizon program on Proposition 116 with NFIB’s Farrell Quinlan

“Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett’s 2012 Ballot Measure Town Hall. Proposition 116 – Taxes on Business Equipment & Machinery” – a two-minute video on why voters should pass Proposition 116 featuring NFIB/Arizona’s Farrell Quinlan

“Proposition 116 increases tax exemption for businesses” – a 1 minute 26 second video from Cronkite News reporter Mugo Odigwe features small-business-owner Margie Long of Hot Air Expeditions and NFIB’s Farrell Quinlan on the effects of Proposition 116 on job creation


Americans For Prosperity – Arizona
American Rental Association – Arizona
AMIGOS (Arizona Mining and Industry Gets Our Support)
Arizona Cattle Feeders’ Association
Arizona Cattle Grower’s Association
Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Arizona Farm Bureau Federation
Arizona Multihousing Association
Arizona Technology Council
Chandler Chamber of Commerce
Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce
Goldwater Institute
Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
National Federation of Independent Business – Arizona
Nogales-Santa Cruz County Chamber of Commerce
Printing Industries of Arizona
Tempe Chamber of Commerce
Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce
United Dairymen of Arizona
Western Growers

Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry Opposes Proposition 204

The Arizona Chamber has long championed the development of an education system that prepares our state’s workforce for tomorrow’s economy. Such a system may require increased funding, but it also needs greater accountability, more tools to help struggling schools and students, and clear, measurable goals. Unfortunately, Proposition 204 fails in this regard.

Vote No on 204

Vote NO on 204!

In recent years, the Chamber supported reforms that help get more science, technology, engineering and mathematics educators into the classroom; increase accountability measures to ensure better school performance; assign easy-to-understand letter grade assessments of schools; increase school choice; increase funding to ensure third graders can read; and allow high achieving students to get a jump start on their college careers.

The Chamber recognizes that a high-performing education system requires the financial resources necessary to produce a highly qualified workforce. To that end, the Chamber strongly supported Proposition 100 in 2010, which established a temporary one cent per dollar sales tax that, among other things, helped prevent deep cuts to the K-12 system during the economic downturn.

Despite what proponents of Proposition 204 might say, it is not an extension of the current sales tax that is set to expire on May 31, 2013. This is an entirely new permanent tax with new implications for policymakers and our state.

This new permanent tax does not increase accountability nor does it demand increased achievement from our education system. Arizona voters, who will commit around one billion dollars annually, deserve more.

We urge voters to oppose Proposition 204.

Glenn Hamer, President & CEO, Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Phoenix

Doug Yonko, Chairman, Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Phoenix

Arizona Chamber names Senator Pierce ‘Senator of the Year’

CONTACT: Mike Philipsen

(Phoenix, State Capitol) —-Sen. Steve Pierce, a Republican from Prescott, has been named the 2011 Senator of the Year by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Pierce is Majority Whip and has been a member of the Senate since 2009.

“Senator Pierce’s hard work in 2011 stood out. He has a strong pro-business record and this year he was focused on shepherding job-creation legislation to passage. We applaud his support of the economic competitiveness package and for his leadership within his caucus,” says Glenn Hamer, president and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“Sen. Pierce knows that doing the right thing isn’t always the popular thing. We commend him for his work to advance to the ballot a measure to eliminate public funding for political campaigns. It’s a stance that might not earn him the title of Mr. Popular among his colleagues, but we believe his leadership on this and other important issues helps make Arizona a better place to work and live,” says Hamer.

Sen. Pierce is a third-generation Arizonan, a graduate of Prescott High School and the University of Arizona. He operates the ranch outside Prescott that his father acquired fifty years ago.

The 2011 Chamber Awards Luncheon honoring Sen. Pierce and others is being held June 24 at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort.


Paycheck Protection continues toward 2012 Ballot despite Arizona Chamber’s destructive meddling


The Arizona House Government Committee on Tuesday passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 1028 which, if passed, would ask Arizona voters to amend the Arizona Constitution to recognize employees’ fundamental right to protect their paychecks from political machinations.

SCR 1028, introduced by Senator Frank Antenori and 43 co-sponsors, states:

“An employee in this state shall be free from any employer deducting or facilitating the deduction of a payment from an employee’s paycheck for political purposes, unless the employee annually provides express written permission to make the deduction.”

The language is fair, reasonable and straight-forward—precisely the qualities of a constitutional amendment that the Arizona electorate rewards with their votes. SCR 1028 places its focus where it belongs, on the right of Arizona workers to decide whether they wish to participate in political activities.

As a ballot referendum, the grassroots conservative proponents of this fundamental employee right embrace the clarity required in a single-subject constitutional proposition. SCR 1028 does not discriminate between management and labor by treating the political fundraising of each differently. Moreover, SCR 1028 does not invite the legitimate charge of political favoritism by denying this amendment’s constitutional protections to one or more groups of employees. SCR 1028 is so evenhanded and nondiscriminatory; it passed the Senate with bipartisan support.

However, special interests are trying to hijack the legislation and risk its chances of victory on the November 2012 ballot. Worse, if their actions are successful would likely invalidate the proposition and void its fitness to appear on the ballot.

The assault on SCR 1028 took the form a failed amendment crafted by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry that would make an exception for “payments to a separate segregated fund maintained by an employer.”

The Arizona Chamber’s destructive and shortsighted amendment is designed to deny corporate political action committee contributors the same rights every other employee enjoys under SCR 1028. However, in addition to carving out Big Business PACs, such “separate segregated funds” present an enormous loophole that union bosses will use to continue to spend their members’ pay for political causes the employees do not support.

On policy grounds alone, it is a bad amendment and must not be allowed to be made to SCR 1028. But the amendment’s destructiveness goes deeper.

According to constitutional law expert Clint Bolick of the Goldwater Institute, “That exception would destroy the universality of the principle at issue. It also could expose the measure to an equal protection challenge under the United States Constitution.”

Also, by accommodating this one special interest’s shortsightedness, the entire paycheck protection effort will likely founder on the rocks of a single subject challenge in the courts. Such a single subject challenge should be fresh in our minds because it derailed what would have been Prop. 108 in 2010. That troubled effort required a desperately assembled Special Session at the last possible moment in August 2010 to re-refer a valid version of the Save Our Secret Ballot Anti-Card Check Referendum (Prop. 113).

Why would legislative leadership ever entertain risking the validity of another referral on the flimsy and self-serving meddling of a special interest? If a special interest like the Arizona Chamber cannot abide SCR 1028 without their carve-out then they should oppose the measure in the light of day and allow lawmakers to discern the value of the unaltered legislation.

Grassroots conservative supporters of a viable paycheck protection constitutional amendment should contact the bill’s sponsor Sen. Frank Antenori and all members of the Republican House Caucus and support the SCR 1028 WITHOUT AMENDMENT.

Please contact the following legislators and ask them to support SCR 1028 WITHOUT AMENDMENTS.

House GOP Caucus District Email Phone
Kirk Adams (Speaker of the House) 19 kadams@azleg.gov 602-926-5495
Cecil Ash 18 cash@azleg.gov 602-926-3160
Brenda Barton 5 bbarton@azleg.gov 602-926-4129
Kate Brophy McGee 11 kbrophymcgee@azleg.gov 602-926-4486
Judy Burges 4 jburges@azleg.gov 602-926-5861
Heather Carter 7 hcarter@azleg.gov 602-926-5503
Steve Court 18 scourt@azleg.gov 602-926-4467
Chester Crandell 5 ccrandell@azleg.gov 602-926-5409
Jeff Dial 20 jdial@azleg.gov 602-926-5550
Karen Fann 1 kfann@azleg.gov 602-926-5874
Eddie Farnsworth 22 efarnsworth@azleg.gov 602-926-5735
John Fillmore 23 jfillmore@azleg.gov 602-926-3012
Tom Forese 21 tforese@azleg.gov 602-926-5168
Doris Goodale 3 dgoodale@azleg.gov 602-926-5408
David Gowan 30 dgowan@azleg.gov 602-926-3312
Rick Gray 9 rgray@azleg.gov 602-926-5993
Jack Harper 4 jharper@azleg.gov 602-926-4178
Russ Jones 24 rjones@azleg.gov 602-926-3002
Peggy Judd 25 pjudd@azleg.gov 602-926-5836
John Kavanagh 8 jkavanagh@azleg.gov 602-926-5170
Debbie Lesko (Majority Whip) 9 dlesko@azleg.gov 602-926-5413
Nancy McLain 3 nmclain@azleg.gov 602-926-5051
J.D. Mesnard 21 jmesnard@azleg.gov 602-926-4481
Steve Montenegro (Speaker Pro Tempore) 12 smontenegro@azleg.gov 602-926-5955
Justin Olson 19 jolson@azleg.gov 602-926-5288
Frank Pratt 23 fpratt@azleg.gov 602-926-5761
Amanda Reeve 6 areeve@azleg.gov 602-926-3014
Bob Robson 20 brobson@azleg.gov 602-926-5549
Carl Seel 6 cseel@azleg.gov 602-926-3018
David Burnell Smith 7 dsmith@azleg.gov 602-926-4916
David W. Stevens 25 dstevens@azleg.gov 602-926-4321
Andy Tobin (Majority Leader) 1 atobin@azleg.gov 602-926-5172
Michelle Ugenti 8 mugenti@azleg.gov 602-926-4480
Steve Urie 22 surie@azleg.gov 602-926-4136
Ted Vogt 30 tvogt@azleg.gov 602-926-3235
Jim Weiers 10 jweiers@azleg.gov 602-926-4173
Jerry Weiers 12 jpweiers@azleg.gov 602-926-5894
Vic Williams 26 vwilliams@azleg.gov 602-926-5839
Kimberly Yee 10 kyee@azleg.gov 602-926-3024
SCR 1028’s Prime Sponsor
Frank Antenori 30 fantenori@azleg.gov 602-926-5683

See who else supports SCR 1028:

AMIGOS Supports SCR 1028
Alliance for Worker Freedom supports SCR 1028
National Taxpayers Union supports SCR 1028
NFIB supports SCR 1028

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