Komen Foundation Waffling

The drama surrounding the Komen Foundation’s announcement they would cut off funding to Planned Parenthood continues to develop, even as I write this.

On Tuesday, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which works to cure breast cancer, announced a change in their policies that would exclude any organization under congressional investigation from receiving funding. This decision meant that Planned Parenthood, which is currently under investigation by the House Oversight and Investigation Committee, would no longer receive hundreds of thousands of dollars annually from Komen.

While pro-life advocates praised Komen, and showed their support by increasing donations to the organization by 100% over two days, Planned Parenthood lashed out against them. The reaction from the pro-abortion crowd has been outrageous. It can only be defined as bullying at its worst. Komen’s website was hacked and Planned Parenthood led the attacks.

Then this morning Komen released this statement, creating confusion regarding the exact position Komen is taking.

While some on the pro-abortion side have hailed this as a victory claiming they have forced Komen to reverse their position, others are saying not-so-fast. Komen’s statement is not necessarily changing any of their original positions. Supposedly, if Planned Parenthood is found guilty of any of the charges in the Congressional investigation, they will not fund the abortion giant.

My message to Komen is “fish or cut bait.” Komen has a clear right course of action – deny Planned Parenthood funding because they are not in the business of saving lives, but destroying them.

Planned Parenthood has activated their base and is in full attack mode. We need to send a positive message to the Komen Foundation and pray they have courage and boldness during this time.

Not Standing Idly By
The Obama administration’s announcement that all employers must cover birth control in company health insurance plans, regardless of any religious beliefs underscores the very real threat in our nation today to the First Amendment’s free exercise of religion guarantee. It’s simply outrageous and very wrong to put a woman’s so-called right or even need for an employer to pay for and provide birth control pills above a religious group’s or individual’s religious beliefs. Thankfully, religious leaders and elected officials are speaking out.

Phoenix Diocese Bishop Thomas Olmstead sent a letter to be read at all Masses in the Diocese of Phoenix saying the diocese would not “comply with this unjust law” and that “people of faith cannot be made second class citizens.”

In D.C., Florida Senator Marco Rubio introduced the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to stop the Obama administration from forcing a number of organizations to make the false choice to either compromise their religious beliefs or face persecution from the government.

Wait No More Just a Week Away
Over 350 children in Arizona today need a forever home. Perhaps you or a friend is interested in adopting a child in need. I urge you today to plan to join CAP on February 11 at Scottsdale Bible Church for the Wait No More Conference. This conference is a great first step for anyone thinking about blessing a child with a permanent home. Click here for more details!

Promoting the Propaganda


Promoting the Propaganda

The spin is in full effect surrounding Arizona’s new law establishing a marital preference in adoption. From the time the CAP-supported SB 1188 was introduced, opponents have gone out of their way to distort the intention and effect of the bill – and the media has happily gone along with their story line.

SB 1188 is based on a simple principle: children deserve the opportunity to have a married mom and dad. Study after study shows that the best environment for a child is an intact home with a married mom and dad. SB 1188 requires that marital status is considered in adoption placements and establishes a preference for children to be adopted by a married man and woman when all other relevant factors are equal.

For months, there have been news stories and blog posts from our opponents – especially the homosexual lobby – saying this bill will decrease adoptions by discouraging single parents to adopt.

Let me be clear: the implementation of Arizona’s new law does not prohibit single individuals from adopting or becoming a foster parent. The new law does not mean that any child should be left in the state foster care system waiting for a married mom and dad when a single individual qualifies as an adoptive parent. CAP Communications Director Aaron Baer discusses a recent misleading story on the Foundations blog.

Positive Trend Towards Abstinence

A recent study from the Center for Disease Control reports a steady increase in teenagers abstaining from sex over the last 22 years.

In 2006-2010, about 57% of never-married female teenagers, and about 58% of never-married male teenagers, ages 15-19 years, have never had sex. For younger teens, ages 15-17 years, 73% of girls and 72% of boys have not had sex.

Abstinence until marriage remains a critical issue for our culture. For example, eight in 10 abortions are performed on unmarried women and four of 10 children are born to unwed mothers.

Strong Marriages and Economies

Everyone has their theories about the factors behind the current economic crisis in America. Many, however, refuse to consider the severe impact the breakdown of the family contributes to the nation’s economic woes.

Strong families are at the center of a strong economy and nation. The data backs this up. Dr. Brad Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, has conducted in-depth studies on the important role families play in our society.

In a recent editorial, Dr. Wilcox wrote “children are more likely to acquire the human and social capital they need to thrive in the modern economy when they are raised in an intact, married family. In the U.S., for instance, children are more likely to graduate from high school, complete college and be gainfully employed as young adults if they were raised in an intact, married family.”

What does this mean for public policy? It means lawmakers should only support legislation that promotes marriages and strong families. State and federal laws should not attack or weaken marriage or the traditional family.

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