Sylvia Tenney Allen Endorses Kwasman in CD1

Supervisor Sylvia Tenney Allen – Dist 3
Former State Senator – Dist 5
Press Release –

Endorsement for Representative, Adam Kwasman for Congress

It’s time for me to speak up about who I am supporting for our Congressional District 1 race. We have three Republican candidates. It’s easy to see that Andy Tobin has been chosen by the establishment as the “anointed one,” but that doesn’t make him the “right one.” I have worked with Mr. Tobin at the capitol, and I know firsthand that he plays the political games I’m tired of.

Gary Kiehne’s background in oil and ranching gives him a good perspective on a few important issues, but my choice for our next Congressman is State Representative Adam Kwasman.

Adam is a young man, 31 years old, who is full of energy, passion and fire. He never stops, he never backs down. He believes in what he says and what he does, and he has the courage to face the beast. We need the smart, vibrant young people of his generation to save this country from the catastrophic debt that is crushing us, from the excessive regulations that kill industry, and from the unceasing attacks on our individual liberties.

Adam loves the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He loves the traditions of his fathers. His integrity and his character are rooted in a thousand years of history and a devotion to Godly principles. I have heard Adam pray, and his prayer warmed my heart.

Adam’s grandfather was the first of his family to be born in America. His great-grandparents had come from Ukraine when they arrived in America they only spoke English in their home because “now we live in America.”

Adam was born and raised in Tucson. He works as an economist, consulting for financial advisors, forecasting how our tax, regulatory, and legal framework affect economic growth. He earned his B.A. (cum laude) from Tulane University and an M.A. in economics from George Mason University. We need economists in Washington who understand the dangers of government debt and the foolishness of printing more and more money.

Adam’s fight for Constitutional liberty began while working at the Cato Institute’s Center for Constitutional Studies. He knows and loves our Constitution and the governing principles our nation was founded upon. He will not play political games. He will stand on principle.

This election cycle, I am looking for someone a cut above the typical political candidate – someone stronger, smarter, and more solid. I’m tired of the usual polished, packaged, glib candidate whom we elect over and over again and who then goes to Washington and breaks our hearts. I am looking for an Adam Kwasman.

Don’t tell me he can’t win. He can if you vote for him. Don’t tell me he can’t raise enough money. He can if you donate to him at

We can have a strong statesman in D.C. who will represent us – the people. We can have a congressman who will fight for our issues, who will uphold the Constitution, and who will resist the giddy allure of the Washington elite. We can have someone with a wise understanding of the proper role of government who will be guided by principle, not pressure from special interests. We can have Adam Kwasman. Join me in supporting Adam Kwasman, our next CD1 Congressman.



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