Swearing Off Earmarks

Gila Courier has a brief post on those members of the Arizona Congressional delegation who have sworn off earmarks. That list is brought to us by the Club for Growth.

Currently, there are 41 members of Congress of which Arizona has four members. Here are those elected officials from Arizona who have sworn off earmarks and are listed on the Club for Growth website. 

  • Trent Franks
  • John Shadegg
  • Jeff Flake and,
  • John McCain

Not listed on the Club for Growth website are:

  • Jon Kyl
  • Rick Renzi

NOT listed and NOT committed to refusing earmarks are:

  • Harry Mitchell
  • Raul Grijalva and,
  • Gabrielle Giffords

Sonoran Alliance is also inquiring into the Congressional candidates. Currently the only candidate who is committed to swearing off earmarks is Congressional District 5 candidate, David Schweikert.


  1. Earmarks account for about .7% of the Federal budget.

  2. The earmark debate is the dumbest debate I have ever ever heard. Come on! It is called logrolling and it is among the only ways that states like Arizona can bring tax dollars (that WE pay) back to our state.

    They make up a small percentage of the overall budget.

    In short, if you want to cut government spending, why not look at Iraq or that wasteful border wall that had holes in it all over the place.

    Right now, I would take an earmark if it would help create economic growth in our state.

    These men are worthless…totally worthless.

  3. Todd that would come to about $20 billion dollars. With an annual deficit of about $250 billion, why not reduce it by $20 billion. Sounds like a good idea to me. Think of the interest savings.

  4. Josey, my point is it is a small fraction of the budget and easy target. But in the overall scheme of things the issue gets way more coverage than some of the real pork programs out there.

  5. I should probably be turning in my Republican badge right about now, but I have to agree with Kralmajales.

    We’re not lowering the tax burden on Arizonans by refusing federal earmarks, but ensuring we don’t see the benefit of the taxes we pay in. I’d like to see that money freed up so we could properly fund law enforcement, ELL, and our other vital state programs.

  6. I’d like to see that money returned to taxpayers and/or used to pay down the national debt.

  7. The national debt that this administration and 8 years of GOP control created? I agree.

    Again, earmarks account for a small small percentage of the budget…and its not all wasteful spending.

    I have to say that the GOP does a great job of finding a few dumb ideas in government spending and then parade it out like its ALL that way…and its not.

    Have you also noticed how targeted the earmark debate is? Lets be honest. The GOP used to favor less spending overall. Now the GOP knows that it loves spending money like everyone else and is frankly better at it than Democrats in some ways.

    Its all smoke and mirrors. I will compliment you. Its brilliant. I am just not dumb enough to fall for it.

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