Susan B. Anthony Targets CD1 Sydney Hay as #2 Race

The prestigious pro-life feminists political action committee, Susan B. Anthony List, has placed Sydney Hay as their number two race in the country. Only Marilyn Musgrave from Colorado ranked above Sydney in terms of top races.

Here is an excerpt from SBA regarding the race:

Sydney Hay is running to fill retiring Rep. Rick Renzi’s seat in Arizona’s first district. Renzi’s recent indictments on corruption charges, however, could spark an early resignation – and a special election this summer. Hay is the GOP frontrunner, but the field remains fluid, especially if a special election arises. The leading Democratic candidate is pro-abortion State Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, who has the backing of EMILY’s List, the nation’s biggest abortion PAC. Sydney’s personal pro-life story serves in stark contrast to Kirkpatrick’s extreme abortion agenda. Sydney is already being attacked on the campaign trail for being “too pro-life” – but we hope to keep her that way! Click on the donation form to contribute to SBA.


  1. Patricia George says

    Ann Kirkpatrick might have the backing of Emily’s List, but I would not ever vote for her after hearing her say we need more prisons and prisons on the reservations. One out of one hundred Americans are in prison in this country and Ann wants to fill them up even more. She does not address the root causes of crime such as poverty, lack of a good education, liveable wages through sustainable jobs, and a hope for the future. She just wants to be tough on crime. With Yavapai County being one of the poorest economic counties in the country, she would gladly fill the jails rather than create anything other than the “service” jobs she says she will create. She has stated she is against withdrawal from the Iraq War after saying she does not have a stand on the war but is having her staff research her position on it. Then, when asked about healthcare reform she replied she is against it and later said when she gets to Washington, she will form a committee to research healthcare.

    She has stated we need to build walls to protect the border because ‘terrorists’ are walking across the desert to get in.

    She has said she supports more electric energy, along with solar and wind. But, doesn’t she realize coal and hydro-electric plants are the two leading producers of electricty in the US? She backs coal, a dirty, greenhouse producing, nasty, fossil fuel. Now that is really a great approach to global warming.

    She might be the party’s choice, but she is not the people’s choice. She is Phoenix’s choice for CD1, not the citizens of CD1.

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