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Supervisor Pete Rios’ Popularity Death Spiral

Supervisor Pete Rios’ Popularity Death Spiral

At the close of the Board Meeting last week, a Pinal County citizen stood to address the Board of Supervisors. As usual, Supervisor Rios told the citizen that he had only three minutes.

 The Pinal County citizen began by mentioning that over a year ago, State budget cuts and cost shifts could be anticipated. The citizen continued to respectfully address the Board of Supervisors. Suddenly, Pete Rios and fellow Supervisor David Snider started laughing and smiling at some inside joke, totally ignoring the citizen speaker. It was a display of utter contempt to and for a citizen of Pinal County.

Finally, the Pinal County citizen addressed Supervisor Rios directly: “Supervisor Rios, do you want to share with us what is so funny?”

Pete Rios immediately grabbed the gavel, pounding it furiously on the desk, yelling,” You’re out of order,” repeatedly. Spittle could be seen on Supervisor Rios’ quivering lips. Rios lost control. His behavior was bizarre and reflected badly on himself, the Board of Supervisors and Pinal County.

The Pinal County citizen stood his ground proudly. He had not disrespected the Mr. Rios or the Board. It was Pete Rios who brought disgrace upon himself and his fellow Board Supervisors.

Almost immediately, the Board of Supervisors meeting degenerated to a close and fellow citizens rush to congratulate not Pete Rios but Vince Leach, the honest citizen who called Pete Rios on his disrespectful behavior.

Leaving the Supervisors’ meeting room, I overheard a disgruntled citizen commenting about Pete Rios and his behavior, ‘These guys think they walk on water . . . until you flush it.”


  1. Anybody but RIOS for Pinal County says

    Pete Rios is a scoundrel of the highest accord. A liar with the utmost contempt for the taxpayer!

    He is a blustering, clanging, caliguous, clattering, cacophonous, calamity of useless human space.

    His daughter was summarily put to the curb by the voters last Fall.

    Daddy needs to get a boot to the curb, at his Apache Junction address, in the next election.

    Wake up voters and take back your local government.

  2. Nordine Crub says

    Does Anyone really care about Penal county news?

    • Little Bug says

      Nordine, if you didn’t care about Pinal County news, why did you read it. Anybody but….we’ll make sure he goes to the wayside in 2012, if he’s not in jail before that 🙂

  3. In Mohave County, they arrest you if you don’t obey their dress code. Seriously. What is wrong with politicians who get so full of themselves.

  4. Pete Rios says

    I never read this blog, but one of my conservative, Republican friends told me to take a “gander” at this garbage! Obviously the author of this article was not at the meeting, but he is sure a good fiction writer. What a vivid imagination………….

    • RD Brinkley says

      I was at the meeting and there are plenty of witnesses, to include members of the Pinal County Citizens for Excellence in Government, who were also at the meeting. The description is factual.
      Facts are sticky things, Pete. They always get in the way of those don’t want to hear them.

    • Vince Leach says

      Actually the writer of the blog was at the meeting. The writer had almost the same view as me as I was at the podium trying to do some business with the BOS and the writer was sitting just to my right in the 1st chair of the first row. He probably was in a better position to view the display than I as he was an observer while I was a participant.

      Mr Rios continuously displays a ‘holier than thou’ attitude at BOS meetings and when I called him on it this time, his simply erupted. This is not the first time he has put on such a display and probably won’t be the last.

      The taxpayers Pinal Co. can only hope that the Chairman of the Board Pete Rios gets his facts straight working with the budget. Hammering the gavel and shouting”out of order” will not get the Co. back on firm financial ground.

  5. Little Bug says

    He’ll be gone none too soon Mr. Leach 🙂

    And for the record, it doesn’t matter what crap Rios spews trying to defend his self-important, disrespectful self. Anyone who’s been to a BOS meeting has been witness to his pitiable self. Recall the day that, during a CLOSED DOOR MEETING with the ridiculous hoard of feds he called in, when Rios came flying out of that meeting making a giant scene so Sheriff Babeu wouldn’t get the TV reporter’s full attention. All the while not knowing that some folks knew this was a diversion tactic to sneak those slinky Feds out the other door. I took pics of them slithering out and away. Rios isn’t smart enough to outsmart a snail, let alone any humans. One down-one to go.

  6. Read the transcript of the meeting and get the facts…..Rios was smiling when Leach was whining about the Board only laying off two training workers instead of three and howling about how dare the supervisors go against a county manager with 15 years experience. HELLO, Rios alone has 30 years experience doing budgets. Supervisor Snider has almost as many and THEY are ELECTED by the people of the county to make these decisions—–not the county manager, who serves at the Board’s pleasure.

    • Vince Leach says

      That’s what I like about transcript–the written word jumps off the page and become real, like in sound and emotion. Another drink of Kool Aid please. Why, you can even see the smile in the transcript.

      Pete and Dave have not made one recommendation for budget cutting this year. The entire responsibility has fallen to the Co. Mgr only to have the fearless duo try to block even the smallest of moves.

      This current FY the residents are living under a property tax increase pushed thru by these two and a 10% general fund increase. This pair is going to delete the rainy fund ~$8 million for the next FY. And the way they are going, another $8 Million in the year they will be voted out.

      This will leave the new Republican majority on the new 5 person board to clean up the same mess that Sen. Pearce is cleaning up after Rios 1, Rios 2, and Nappy left Phoenix.

      Fortunately, they will be up to the task. Please attend the 6/8 BOS meeting to see the dynamic twosome shuck and jive around the latest attempt to be financially responsible to the resident of Pinal Co.

      The word on the streets of Florence is that the budget cuts for next year will start early as in the start of FY 12, 7/1/11. Not any to soon.

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