Supersize Me

There’s no surprise that the pro-goverment Arizona Republic has endorsed the tax hiking Proposition 1 and the budget busting Proposition 3 in the September 11th Phoenix elections.  What is surprising is the Republic supports Prop. 2, yet another raise for the mayor and city council.

In 2005, the mayor received a 73% raise, with his salary going from $65,000 to $93,000.  The city council got a 57% raise, with their pay going from $35,000 to $61,000.  Now they want another 6% raise, billed as a “cost of living” increase.  That 6% is almost double the inflation rate, so it is a raise, not a cost of living increase.

And the Republic unquestionly cheerleads for it. 


  1. Chad.. Looks like you have a math error. I see a raise of 43 % for the mayor and 74 % for the council.

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