Superintendent-Elect Diane Douglas Endorses Robert Graham for Second Term as AZGOP Chairman

PHOENIX – Today Robert Graham, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party first elected in January of 2013, received the endorsement of Diane Douglas, who was recently elected Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction. Graham is up for reelection to be decided at the meeting of the State Committee on January 24, 2015 at the Grace Community Church in Tempe.

Superintendent-Elect Douglas, who will take the oath of office and begin a four year term in January, said,“I’m happy to support Robert Graham’s reelection as chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. Robert led the Republican team on a successful Victory Tour just days after the primary election. I know that he cared about my campaign and worked tirelessly for the election of our entire state team. Robert is committed to defending conservative principles. Robert stood up for Arizona parents by joining the unanimous vote at the Republican National Committee to oppose the federal intrusion into our state education system and our local schools through Common Core and other federal controls. I appreciate his commitment to our shared values supporting options and choices for parents for their children’s education. Join me in voting to re-elect Robert Graham as our Arizona Republican Party Chairman.”


Superintendent-Elect Diane Douglas

Graham thanked Douglas saying, “With 1.5 million voters casting a vote for Superintendent of Public Instruction, every vote mattered in a contest decided by a 1 percent margin. Diane worked with our Victory team to travel the state, work with the slate of candidates, and to hold to her solid values and opposition to Common Core. We are lucky to have her as our Superintendent.”

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