Students Demonstrate Stupidity

For the second day in a row, Hispanic students from central and south central Phoenix ditched school today.

They say they were protesting but every interview I saw revealed nothing about the reason for their protest.

One student said they were there to show support for “the cause.” Another said, “they have every right to be here!”

Here was the state capitol.

Perhaps one student came closest in explaining his purpose in protesting. He said he was there “against the HR law.”

The “HR” law he was referring to is House Resolution 4437 (HR 4437) or “The Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 (link). This was what last week’s protest was all about.

I’m willing to bet that 99.99% of these students have never read this bill. I’m willing to bet that 99% of those who protested the last few days have never read the bill.

Today’s protest was nothing more than an excuse to get out of school. That’s all. No student knew why they were there other than to get out of another day of classes and spread a little rebellion.

Is that what we want our children to learn in this day and age – To skip school and get a little non-conformist by conforming to the ebb and flow of protesting the something they know absolutely nothing about? These kids didn’t even know the names of Arizona’s two Senators.

Next week they will take the AIMS test. This week they are supposed to be preparing for the test. If their answers to today’s protest are any indicator, they will fail the test and head into society ill prepared and bound to perpetuate any stereotype of Hispanic-Americans.

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