Student suspended over drawing.

A student at Payne Junior High was suspended over a drawing that might look like a gun (the actual image has not been released to the public.)

The details of the story are not complete because the school and district are conveniently concerned about the child’s privacy. From what the parents have said it was simply a drawing with no other threat or meaning attached to it. If that is the case we have truly arrived at the time of the thought police combined with pre-crime. Does this mean that a drawing of an ice pick now gets you a 1-day suspension, a drawing of a knife 3 days, and apparently for drawing an image of a gun (or something that might look like a gun) the school wants 5 days?

The amazing part is that, according to the article, the school took no action to ascertain if there was any threat, implied or otherwise.


  1. Iris Lynch says

    Unfortunately, too many citizens are absolutely only involved in themselves and perhaps the 3 foot circumference surrounding them. We have the Roman circuses keeping them entertained (TV) or the constant orgies that pass for being cool. And if too much reality still seeps in, there are always drugs, legal and not.

    What will it take? The end of something they can’t do without…a depression?… runaway inflation?…a serious (other than illegals) invasion? Maybe a sniper who targets the elite instead of innocent civilians? Or do we quietly succumb to a early-benevolent Dictatorship? Or is that what we have?

    Few pay attention to these outrages! You can bet the parents of this child had no idea AND know little about all that has led to their personal outrage.

    Don’t give up, but understand what we are dealing with.

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