Strapped for Cash.

The presidential candidate quarterly reports are now online.

There is a good summary from the AP on Yahoo! News.

You can also see the actually reposts online. McCain is reporting cash on hand at end of quarter of $5.18 million. Romney is showing $11.86 million. A little bit of a difference there.

Update: Looks like the Senator is not getting much help from his hometown newspaper.


  1. Hometown Guy says

    Perhaps this dismal showing will give McCain the clue that the blush is off his rose?

  2. How’s Pullen’s State Party doing for cash?

  3. Keen Observer says

    Last night AZ GOP Chairman Randy Pullen presided over a well attended and successful Trunk & Tusk event, the first T&T dinner of the 2007 season. The featured guest was Georgia Congressman, John Linder, a leading national proponent of the Fair Tax. Congressman Trent Franks, Secretary of State Jan Brewer, State Treasurer Dean Martin, and House Speaker Jim Weiers, joined many state legislative leaders. Missed seeing you there, Joemama.

    AZ Sen. John McCain and former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, both invited guests, are each coordinating their schedules for headlining upcoming dinners.

    Now, exactly how does your question square with the above article on the presidential aspirants meeting fundraising goals?

    And, if you are a Republican, why is it “Pullen’s State Party” rather than “our” state party? It is well past time to pull in your talons and get behind our leadership. We are entering a crucial period for our upcoming national and state candidates.

  4. What leadership?

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Poor joemama… Another so-called Republican who doesn’t care about the party, just his/her place in it… Sad…

  6. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    So, are Romney and McCain spending the same percentage of their money or did they spend the same amount of money? It seems Romney raised twice as much and spent twice as much. McCain raised half as much and spent half as much? Romney has already been doing TV commercials, so it would make sense that his burn rate is higher…

    I guess the fiscal conservative mark goes to Giuliani who banked a lot of the money he raised.

    Let’s stay tuned to the 2nd quarter results. If you all pile too much dirt on McCain, it would only have the effect of making a good showing look that much more amazing!

  7. Keen Observer says

    JV teams usually yearn to make Varsity. With practice, diligence and dedication, they often succeed. But the plan requires teamwork. Sideline grousers become stuck in the mire of their own inability to join together with others to achieve a goal greater than themselves.

    The GOP needs you, JV. Hop aboard!

  8. Still didn’t answer me about leadership. How are the coffers looking at the state for the GOP? Not good is the answer.

  9. Sorry to disappoint you JVMama, but the state party is vibrant. The new hires have exceptional experience levels that complement those of Chairman Randy Pullen. Two Trunk & Tusk dinners (one a hold-over from the previous season)have been held and have generated a lot of enthusiasm.

    You sound disappointed that we are building a successful structure which will assist ALL Republican candidates. Volunteers are eagerly staffing headquarters again. Miss seeing you there these days. Drive down, stuff some envelopes, answer the phones, put your computer skills to work and count the money!

    A suggestion for the rest of us: Let’s stop rising to this bitter bait.

  10. gop pc mama says

    Vibrant? 3 months and a bunch of stale press releases.

  11. Versus what gop pc mama? The Salmon regime what outraised nearly 3 to 1 by the Democrats last cycle. There was no coherent communications strategy to speak of, oh wait, I forgot about stolen mail-gate. And then we saw the results – losses from Governor on down to the Legislature. I’m not saying Pullen is going to turn things around – the jury is still out there. But at least give them more than a few months.

    As for McCain, the Cash on Hand number is actually worse than it looks. It fails to take into the account that McCain has over a million in debt to vendors.

  12. Observer,

    According to year-end FEC reports, AZGOP raised a total of $1.5 million in individual contributions while AZDEM raised $2.2 million. Your 3:1 ratio isn’t at all correct. Sure, they raised $700,000 more than us, but that’s not really as drastic as 3:1, is it?

    I know where you’re getting the 3:1 number. Those numbers aren’t accurate as they include transfers from related party committees (such as RNC, NRCC, NRSC, etc) that are not home raised dollars and transfers from the non-federal account to federal. If you’ve been keeping up with AZ political dollars, you know that Pederson’s been bankrolling the AZDEM non-federal account for years.

    Hey, if you really want to compare Salmon to something, take a look at 2002’s numbers – $852,000 raised from individuals in 2002 for AZGOP!

  13. Evan,

    I am looking at individual contributions not transfers. The Dems in their non-federal account, raised $4.6 million. The Republicans in their non-federal account raised almost $1.1 million. Throw federal dollars in and what do you get? Around 3 to 1.

    As for comparing Salmon’s numbers to 2002, well I don’t know if that really says anything. It basically says that Fannin wasn’t any better and maybe Pullen won’t be either. But the general point here is that fundraising for the party is substandard in comparison to our competitors and that probably needs to change.

  14. Has anyone seen the above-the-fold headline in today’s Republic?
    Dems raise few dollars in state

    Regardless of whether it is the party apparatus or the actual candidates, it appears the Democrats are having a difficult time generating funds.
    This must break Junior Varsity Joemama’s heart.

  15. Observer,

    Sorry to burst your bubble (again). AZGOP can’t compete to AZDEM’s non-federal numbers. Have you forgotten about a very generous millionaire named Jim Pederson. In 2006 alone, he gave the Dems a total of $1.36 million dollars. Where are we supposed to get that kind of cash??? Other big contributors to the Dems were the tribes… casino money or government subsidies??

    I don’t know. Maybe we should get a rich sugar daddy or try to woo the casinos. Either way, we just can’t compare those raw numbers.

    I’d like to see an analysis of money to the Dems minus Pederson and the tribes. That would be much more accurate.

  16. Evan,

    Well, then I guess we should all go home and just hand over the reins to the Dems. After all, if we are to believe your point, we just can’t compete. An analysis minus Pederson and Tribes really doesn’t matter – their money is still green and can still be used to win races.

    You act as though the tribes and Pederson just appeared on the scene. As I am sure you know, they have been around for some time now and if we are believe your line of thinking there is nothing we can do about it. I would argue that the wise thing post-2002 after Pederson spent millions getting the Governor elected and boosting his party, would have been to recognize that the circumstances had changed. We didn’t and we lost as a result. Now, I guess we can all sit around and complain about the tribes and Pederson or we can recognize that the price of entry has changed and adjust accordingly. This is something the party didn’t do in ’06 and we paid for it with lost seats.

  17. No, what I’m saying is that we’re did pretty well considering our finances. We did more with less money! We’re conservatives after all.

    The Dems had $4.6 million dollars to spend on state races and all they did was keep the two seats they already had (we kept SOS, Treasurer, Mine Inspector, Corp. Commission, … need I go on?) and got a handful of seats in tough districts.

    I say for the money that we put in, we received a lot compared to the Dems. If we had a sugar daddy and the tribes, the whole state would be Red. But since we don’t, we make do with what we have, and we did a pretty good job under Salmon’s regime.

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